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  • ANON

    PLEASE RESTOCK BLACK ONES SOON! Can't find these shoes anywhere and willing to buy ASAP! <3
  • Anonymous

    restock plez

    Restock the black one PLEASEEEEE
  • Keana

    Please try to restock the black colour, PLEASE. I'M DESPERATE. They cannot be found anywhere. In size us 9
  • Lin

    UK3 needed

    Hey, I'm looking for a UK3 aggy boot in BLACK. Please restock them, I've been looking for some platform docs for ages.
  • Anonymous

    please bring restock! :( I've been searching for this endlessly! You're my last hope solestruck! Oh pretty please!!
  • Anonymous


    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RESTOCK !!!!!! I've been waiting for ages !!!!
  • Anonymous

    please restock these in black
  • Anonymous

    PLLLLEEEAAASE restockk! I have been wanting Dr. Martens like these for soo long
  • Anonymous

    In LOVE!!!!

    I got these today after wanting them sooooo very badley and I love them! They are so awesome and I love the fact that they make a little taller. I want a black pair desperately. I hope this style gets remade again. I love Dr. Marten's and have been wearing them forever and I have to say by far these are the best they have designed. Love them, love them, love them.....
  • Lornna

    Please Restock!!

    I want these in black so bad, in LOVE with them and black goes with a lot of stuff in my closet! I am praying that Dr. Marten will make repeat this style and make more of them. They are way tooooo cute! Please restock.......
  • Anonymous

    Restock Soon!!!!

    I bought these too small, can not get my size out of stock! I want a pair badly in a size 7.... Please Restock in love with these they are soooo Awesome! Ln
  • Anonymous

    will they be avaible? please! i love them <3 and cant find them... TnT
  • Melanie

    RESTOCK :(((

    pleeeeeeease restock them :(( Need them in size 4 :(((
  • Alanna


    Managed to snag a pair of these on Ebay since they're out of stock everywhere. If you find a pair, GRAB THEM! they're super comfortable and a nice change from classic docs. Soooo shiny! I'm a pretty stable size 7 and the 7s I got are roomy on me. I don't recommend ordering a size down (room is good in boots), but DEFINITELY don't order a size up. They'd probably be too big. Solestruck, please restock! I want a red pair!
  • Anonymous

    PLEAS RESTOCK I'm begging T-T
  • Anonymous

    pleeeease restock!!
  • Maddie


    I finally ordered the right size in these boots after 4 tries... I wear a US8 so I ordered a UK6. They were a little loose, so I put Dr. Scholl's gel pads inside and now they fit perfectly. I have 3 pairs of Docs now, and these are by far the most comfortable--I didn't get any blisters and have worn them for a week straight. I've gotten so many compliments on them; so happy I bought these!
  • Anonymous

    please restock?
  • Betsy

    Aggy 1490s

    These boots are awesome! I fell in love the moment I put them on. You definitely make a statement when you put these on, and trust me, you'll get tons of looks. They're definitely not for everyone and are a pretty bold buy, but if you're thinking about it, definitely get them! Limited edition too, which is kinda cool. I got the boots in a little less than a week which was very unexpected since hurricane sandy was coming through around the time of the estimated delivery. Despite the weather, I got my boots ontime!
  • Lynn


    This is a beautiful boot. Sadly, my pair felt almost 1 1/2 sizes too large !