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  • Carlos


    PLEASE restock these for men. i've been checking month in and month out and nothing...i really love these.
  • Tasha


    Love the shoes so flipping much, they go with pretty much anything! I do not regret buying these shoes. However, there were some size problems when I ordered them. I'm a UK size 9, which is usually a US 11. Turns out with Shoestruck, a US 11 is a UK 8 1/2, only noticed this when I put in the order haha. Although, I wasn't prepared to wait for lord knows how long for my actual size to be made, seeing as only a few sizes are available at one time. When they arrived, they were in an EU size 41 which is a 7 1/2! So, I still don't know what the true size of my shoes are, but after a few sessions of stretching them at the shoe repair shop, they fit brilliantly. Do recommend these shoes, but wish Shoestruck would make the shoe sizes clearer, especially for us international customers.
  • Lora


    I simply love these shoes. Comfy and stylish. Perfect with anything, including dresses. And great customer service, as usual.
  • Karma

    In LOVE

    Best shoe purchase so far this year.....I am now wearing these shoes nearly everyday for work I am on my feet all day and do a lot of walking, they are moulding around my foot and getting nice and soft, at first they felt a little short for the size (10) it is totally fit true to size by the way..But I stuck with wearing them in and now I am in LOVE.....if you get a chance BUY them a must have in any persons wardrobe!!!!!
  • Anonymous

    these. look. sick.
  • Alicia

    Product information needs to be updated

    Further to what I have just written, upon looking at the official Buffalo store it appears that they have completely changed the soles of all of their sneaker lines. This is all well and good but it might be a good idea to actually update the product information so that customer's are aware of what they are purchasing. The new soles look great and have good grip but it's just unfortunate that they had to compromise on the height of them.
  • Alicia

    A little disappointed

    I was really excited to receive my second pair of Buffalo's after the first pair were so fantastic. I received them today and the heel is noticeably different to the one in the picture and on my other pair of boots. Instead of being flat they have ridges and are also an inch shorter than described which I am annoyed about because half the reason why I purchased them was for the platform. The heel is only 1 1/2" and the toe 1". Other than that they are still pretty awesome and very comfy, I hope when I purchase the 4" version that the heel is not different again.
  • Kajsa

    hope you get in these shoes asap!

    Seriously!! These shoes are most awesome shoes I've ever seen! I muuuust have them! Can't wait until you get in these shoes back in the shop! I'm completely speechless.
  • Emíl


    Love them! Need them in big sizes 12/13
  • Ryan


    I'm dying to own a pair of these! So glad to see them available after all these years. Of course, they're so popular my size is no longer available. :(