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  • Anonymous


  • Curtis


    Ok... so i waited for way longer than i should have to receive these (but that wasn't solestruck's fault) first of all the box was amazing!!... I have been wearing them everywhere and they are super comfortable.. unless the ground is really un-even then they get a bit annoying... so glad i bought these! everyone stares when they see them, but what do you expect when you wear such fabulous shoes! aha. Cx
  • Luis S.

    Texas Oil!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    They look so f#@*ing amazing on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Cihan


    its every dollar worth it
  • Luca

    Buffalo 4 ever

    Hey A. ! Wich color did you take ? I received the red/dark. They're so amazing !! I'm in love <3. And yes it's so easy to walk in... What do you wear with Buffalos ? ;)
  • A.

    Finally mine

    I wait for them since a while! But they are finally mine. YAY, thoses shoes are just perfect! Very easy to walk in, very good design. And the box is amazing! I highly recommend them!
  • Luca


    These shoes are a bomb ! They're beautiful !! I ordered the dark/red one so I can't wait to try them !!
  • James R.


    OMG YES THEY ARE BACK ! *Ordering Now*
  • Anonymous


    Fucking luv these shoes <3 (even though i bought an entire size 2 big XP) i wear these everyday + everywhere and highly recommend them<3, except on "extreme terrane") The only down side is that they look a lil beat up and u can see the glue on the sides XP but w.e<3 they are amazing!!<3 wish they came in 6 or 8 inches<3
  • Joseph

    And they're back!

    I've been obsessed with these shoes since the 90's and I love them! They are extremely light and super easy to walk in. I have some from the 90's and since the platform is a bit more narrow they are easier to walk in. I love them so much, I can't wait until you restock so I can get different colors!
  • DavidMODA

    Mixed Emotions.

    I've been checking the site everyday for these babies to restock and when a pair of 1310-2s my size (11) was returned I took a chance. Received the package, box was in pretty bad shape and I was really surprised by the imperfections and overall quality of the shoe (discoloration, scuffing, glue marks, etc). Overall, I love the style and the fact that they are obnoxiously comfortable and easy to wear/walk in. So now I have to weigh pros and cons, which is very difficult with a shoe as bada$$ as this. Be alert, colors may vary in person! -Good luck and here's to a restock soon!!! Best! MORE MENS POR FAVOR!!!!!! ;)
  • Marcus

    Sprinter Blue

    THESE SHOES ARE AMAZINGGG!!!! super light weight, easy to walk in and super fabulous! if only my parents liked them as much as I do hehe
  • Kaiane

    Pink Buffalo

    I wanted those in 7 :(
  • Omar

    Charol Blanco

    My review for the Charol Blanco's is uploaded on youtube if interested please check it out very light weight (but I can only say that for the white ones, because I have the Marinos and those are a bit more heavy! Idk why!) Arrived with some smudges and the back of the shoe where the logo is sewn it had some cracks on the patent leather finish. But fortunately Solestruck gave me a partial refund! Would have given this shoe 5 stars if Buffalo had better QC/QA and the packaging/wrapping of the shoe was better to prevent stains on the white platform! Other than that! I LOVE this shoe! Do not regret buying it! Fortunate to have pre-ordered my size!
  • JoeyBarbieMinaj

    ComingToMyHouseSoon! :)

    I don't have these yet, but they are looked good and hopefully when I have all the money, there still up for sale cause these are the ones i want! :) Guys, please be kind and don't take them away from me loL! Thanks!
  • creighton


    Such an amazing shoe. the craftsmanship from Buffalo is once again superb.. making these little babies light and secure. So comfortable to walk in, believe it or not.
  • Ryli

    So in love with his shoe!

    I absolutely LOVE my buffalos! I wear a woman's size 9 and a men's size 8 fits me perfectly. You'll definitely get noticed wearing these shoes. Pair them with a super short and tight dress and be a Spice Girl for the night!
  • M


    Received my buffalos yesturday and absolutely love them!! The finish is fantastic, exactly as pictured. Very easy to walk in and look super cool!... Not sure about the sizing being small though but thats just me :)
  • M


    Received my buffalos yesturday and absolutely love them!! The finish is fantastic, exactly as pictured. Very easy to walk in and look super cool!... Not sure about the sizing being small though but thats just me :)
  • LeahB

    Blast from the past

    Strap these on and reinact Robyn's "call your girlfriend video"! I'm a women's 12 and bought the men's 11. they fit great. Not too big, not small at all. They're totally stable and easy to walk in. The base has a great width so you don't feel wobbly at all. I might try to add a squishy insert to help make them more comfy but they don't really need it. Think about relacing them when they arrive. They're a pain to tie right out of the box.