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  • Anonymous

    Marino Is Blue

    I just got these and love them! I got the Marino color and thought they were going to be a tad more black then blue. But they are a navy blue for sure. Doesn't bother me a bit, I think they are great. Super comfy!
  • Erendirani

    In love!

    Just received the the buffalo 1310-2 in black yesterday and love it, is worth the price. Solestruck please bring more styles and measure the shoe correctly because size 10 is defenetly not 26.5 cm is more like 25.5 cm or at least 26. I'm 25.5-26 and size 10 fits perfectly! Thanks solestruck for offering this shoe in the USA!
  • Luca

    Pepsi !

    Why isn't there the Pepsi for men ? :(
  • Amy

    Love the shoes, hate the pictures

    These are quickly becoming my new favorite shoes. They're super comfy (more than most tennis shoes I've had) with tons of padding. They run a little big in length and width so I would recommend ordering down if you're a half size. They're not too hard to walk in, either, and have a lot of traction on the bottom which isn't shown in the pictures. That being said, the color "Marino" is NOT black. If you want black, look elsewhere or get the smaller platform in "Texas Oil Negro" (I wish we had that option for this style). These look black. Sometimes. In pictures. But they're blue. Very blue. The platform is bright navy while the main part is a darker navy. This is the only reason they got 4 stars. Great shoes, bad pictures.
  • Anonymous

    Dissapointed again

    Was assured these would be restocked early November, still nothing. Screwed us over yet again. #SOLESTRUCKFAIL
  • Anonymous

  • Josh


    Getting these for my girlfrienddd
  • Anonymous


  • vilma

  • vilma

    I LOVE!!!
  • Andreana

    I just received the fuchsia ones in the mail today! I was inordinately excited to receive these shoes, having set pretty high expectations for them, and I love them even more in person. The textures, colours and overall look is just superb! I could not have made a better purchase. I usually fit best in a 9.5 but often wear 10s when wearing flats. I ordered a size 10 and they fit well, but I could definitely take some extra room for socks and such. I'm not sure if I would say that they fit perfectly true to size.


    great!! im gonna wear this rock it to the school and let those bitches jealous
  • Verona

    Marino are BLUE not black

    The MARINO versions are not a little bit blue, they are BRIGHT navy. There is not question that they are blue unless you're in the dark. Dont think they are blackish blue, they are blue. REALLY BLUE. So I'm pretty bummed about that (regular colour descriptions would be cool next time around) but otherwise, HOORAY BUFFALO PLATFORMS!
  • maddie

    color difference

    not as bright pink as they appear so I'm kinda disappointed. but still cute.
  • Melissa

    Most amazing shoe EVER! They're super easy to walk in! I can't wait to have several pairs and I hope solestruck will bring out more styles!
  • Anneliese


    fit is perfect, SUPER comfy, fast postage. So easy to walk in! I LOVE THEM! and will be buying all the colours!!!
  • Becca

    Shoes from the Heavens <3!

    I saw these shoes listed on solestruck the first day they were put on the site... I almost fell out of my chair when I saw them. I panicked because I didn't think I was going to order them in time, but I did, and they are more then anything I could ever even dream they could be from the site. SO comfortable, incredibly easy to walk in.. Makes me feel like I'm back in high school wearing those big ol' monster platforms (that I always wished were from Buffalo). I couldn't ask for a more amazing shoe. I wish I could have them in every color, and sad that I missed out on the pink and cheetah. The only thing that I was thrown off by is that I thought the shoe was more of a solid black, and it appears to be more navy blue.... But they're amazing x1000000 none the less <3!! I have no idea how I have been alive for this long without these puppies!
  • Verona


    I have been wearing this style of shoe for over 10 years. THEY ARE AWESOME and I am so glad they are back after many years of being discontinued (and thus hoarding them from German eBay). Super comfortable and not at all heavy. <3 <3 <3 Now if they only have them in my size :(
  • Calla

    Flying high.

    Whoa-oh. These shoes are some serious business. Super high platform, but definitely comfy and GREAT for wide feet. Went up to a 9 and found that, while the length was just a little short for a 9 (so great for my 8.5s!), the width was perfect. So if you've been searching for some shoes over C width, I would definitely check these guys out!
  • sarah


    These platforms are force to be reckoned with! We are talkin' platform, cheetah AND hot pink goodness- you can't go wrong. They fit true to size and are ultra comfy, not to mention they bump you up more than a couple of inches to achieve ultimate SPORT and SPICE!