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Lindsay Degen's passion for
knitting began at the age of
three when her grandmother
gave her a set of knitting nee-
dles and taught her how to
stitch. Over the years Degen
honed her skills and made a
name for herself in her home-
town of Mariemont, Ohio, weav-
ing basic thread into unique
pieces, each telling a story about
her life and experiences.
In pursuit of mastering her
skill set, Lindsay attended
Central Saint Martins and the
Rhode Island School of
Design, where she studied
under knit master Liz Collins.
After graduating from RISD,
Degen moved to New York
City and continued her con-
cept-based binge knitting.
During September Fashion
Week 2011, Lindsay launched
a capsule collection of knit
bras, underwear and socks
under the namesake, DEGEN.
The debut collection tackled
and embraced the cultural
anxiety concerning the
human figure, and created a
dialogue that revealed the
quirky, absurd, and humorous
visual language of the body.

"My brand celebrates the human body as a work of art
and encourages expression through garments. A prod-
uct of obsession, DEGEN embodies the lover of the
handmade, general silliness, and an explorati on of
ideas through the knitted stitch,"

says Lindsay Degen.

This past Fall, DEGEN launched a full Ready-to-Wear collection that includes sweaters, dresses, leggings, and even shoes. The collection, titled ASK TELL, garnered rave reviews and solidified DEGEN as an up-and-coming designer in the New York scene.

What inspires your designs most? the most important aspect to me above all else is texture and color. I arrive at the textures and colors through my consistant interest in the body. Sometimes this inspiration is derived through its functions, social issues sur- rounding it, and sometimes it is more through its parts and components. I like looking at germs and microscopy. You seem to always "march to the beat of your own drum" so to say. Do trends ever play a part in your design decisions? Probably. I like street wear like everyone seems to right now- but also knitting lends itself well to that. I am also often on trend forecasting websites-so I must be a part of some trend. I guess everyone hopes they are trend setting and not following. I hope thats the case for me. What is your favorite part about living in NYC? Following my interest in the body-NYC has tons and tons of bodies walking around doing all kinds of different stuff. I love watching. You know- like Leaves of Grass. What do you miss about your hometown? I guess I miss the humbleness and I guess my parents and also the slow way of life. I like also that my dental insurance works there. There is not much else that is there for me. If you could make any food calorie and fat free what would it be? I dont really care about that stuff. I love doughnuts and burgers and midwestern food. I also love salads and juice cleanses and kale. It is what it is. What does your happy place look like? Pavel and Kayla and Zandy and Lexie hanging out in the mountains (which are conveniently located by a beach?) Lots of beautiful yarns also- knitting stuff for myself to wear. What animal do you most identify with? Why? My favorite animal is the hippo- but my spirit animal might be some sort of weird hedgehog. If you were a color what color would you be and why? I would hope to be an interesting plaid. What is your not-so-guilty, guilty plea- sure? I dont really have guilty pleasures because Im shameless but I guess I like it when the PussyCat Dolls come on by Britney Spears Pandora station? haha shameless. If you weren't a designer what do you think you would be doing? Id want to own a yarn store and teach people how to knit in it.

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