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  • Tania

    Having them re-soled

    I bought the mustard suedes. I am pretty happy with the shoe, no glue is showing anywhere, and the suede is fine... but the outsole has been coming off at the front after only a few wears. For it's original price, I feel the quality should be better. Aside from having to have them re-soled, they're comfortable and look very cute!
  • Bria

    It's Cute

    I haven't worn the Driver yet, so I can't really say much. There's some glue on the outside and some...faded spots, I guess, around the toe of the boot. But I didn't pay full price so *shrugs* I'm going to wear them with black cut off shorts and a black and white striped button up. They add a nice pop of color. Oh, they definitely run small (and look a little big as you size up). I wear an 8.5 typically but I got a 9 because that's all they had left. They're a little close to not fitting. I suggest buying one whole size bigger.
  • Helen

    Good to walk on

    comfortable, good to walk on.
  • Lavenda

    Beautiful But TOO Small

    This shoe is the shoe I keep reaching for to add some casual color to my wardrobe. The shoe looks so expensive and wearable in person. Love it! Unfortunately it runs almost an entire size too small. My husband bought these for me for Christmas and I am going to try and exchange them for a 7 because I am normally a 6 or in a narrow shoe- 6.5 and these are painfully small! Can't wait to actually wear these out and about!!
  • Rachael

    Not as nice as I hoped.

    After reading the other reviews I went up one full size (usually a 10, got an 11) which was a good move, as the 11s only just fit. Once on they are pretty comfortable and easy to walk in, but I am not that impressed with them. You can see bits of glue and they look a bit cheap. I'll still wear them, but I wish the quality matched the price.
  • Carson

    size up if you have a wide foot!

    I totally love the mustard yellow version of this shoe, I have totally been diggin" the revival of the 70's colors! I'm also really impressed with how comfortable this shoe is, but i DID read the reviews and because I have a wide foot I rounded up to the 8 (i'm normally a 7.5). They are a perfect fit with socks on!
  • Kenya Calderon

    Greed is now Orange

    Totally hot! Pretty comfortable.
  • kelly

    true to size, very comfy, bright red.
  • Mia Washbourne

    A bit small / tacky

    i LOVE this shoe, it looks amazing and i love the colours. BUT when i recieved them, they seemed a bit tacky looking - cheaply made. i thought hey from far away they look awesome so i tried them on. they were too small! im a 10.5 and bought size 11s... and i thought maybe they mixed up my order it was that bad! but i checked and no they are '11s' in this same inspection i found that they were 'made in china' and they look and feel like it. i will still keep them because i am used to squeezing into shoes / hopefully they will stretch enough otherwise they will turn into my mates birthday present. i would still buy these shoes, i just would not pay 100buks for them again.
  • Stephanie

    So cute!

    I got these in black/neon green and I love them. The heel isn't too high so they're walkable and comfy and the base is so bright it almost glows! Super cute style too, I really like these, no issues with quality.
  • Mixolidia

    Dark Charcoal & Beige not Black & White

    These boots are not black and white more like Dark Charcoal & Beige (or tan), I can live with that. I just wish the picture showed the color realistically. There is a BIG difference between what you see on screen & what you get in the box. I really wanted to like theses boots. They do fit true to size just a little snug. But I think that would go away once they are broken in. But the fabric does look cheap, like a bad polyester cotton blend. And it has runs in some places. I don't mind seeing glue but it's pretty bad on these. The glue is bleeding out of all the seams. At this price point, the fabric on the boots should be of better quality & so should the manufacturing of the boots. The boots I received are scuffed & look a little dirty. I think these are going back.
  • Sofiya

    Cute but cheap

    They are definitely cute, and the platform height makes the heel comfortable, but they look super cheap. The print is definitely not black and white, the "black" is more a strange faded blue and the "white" is a pinkish off-white. The material they're made of looks incredibly cheap and shows signs of wear out of the box, which is preposterous considering the price of these boots. I can also see the glue in the seams, which just makes me sad. And of course they're narrow, very very narrow. I'm not sure if the print is going to be enough to keep me from returning them.
  • Mollie

    Kitty Cat Boots

    I would agree with reviews of other similar Ego and Greed boots-- these run narrow. I have average feet and I feel some pressure along the outer side of my foot, but at least they don't feel short. As soon as I saw the kitty cat print I knew I HAD to have these, and ordered them right away. Unfortunately the first pair I received had some cosmetic blemishes (scuffs, discoloration, poor eyelets), but Solestruck's kick-ass customer service took control and exchanged them for a new pair in much better shape! The print on these is definitely not black and white.. the "white" is actually beige/off white/pale tan, so be aware. The fabric appears fairly delicate, as some small snags can already be seen. I sprayed these with scotch guard like crazy, which I'm hoping will help the fabric stay nice with wear. Overall I would say the fit is narrow, but the length sizing is true. The print is incredibly cute and very unique but the quality of the shoe seems a little low for the price.