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  • רביד

    Please bring more of the green one. I really love them..... When will you have more?
  • sarah

    floral friends

    This little wedge is a mix of perfect texture (corduroy), pattern (red floral) and height (4.5") and is sassy enough for night but is sweet enough for day. Fits pretty true to size, but feels on the small side (I'm between a 9/9.5) but I think a size up would be too big all around.
  • Chia-wen

    Very satisfied

    Currently no problem
  • Helene "Hellz Bellz" Glover

    Whats not to LOVE????

    This is the most intensely flourescent shoe that I have found!!!! I am all about the "Poland"!!!!
  • Helene "HELLZ BELLZ" Glover

    What's not to LUV!!!!

    I am absolutely in LUST w/ this shoe! I'm so sorry that I can no longer find it, because I would love to have more colors. I am obsessed with neon and this shoe is the brightest and most flourescent one that i have come across. Showstopping!!!!
  • anonymous

    The corduroy is fun, playful, and light. I added a thin insole since the sole is hard with minimal squishiness and they are now my most comfortable walkable wedges.
  • Samantha

    Simple and versatile

    These shoes are so comfortable and runs true to size. The only bad thing about it is that synthetic leather... I wish I knew before I purchased these. The shoes definitely look good and goes with any outfit. I also think the height of it is perfect.
  • Caro


    These are a sweet pair of shoes, look awesome but unfortunately they are synthetic and do scuff real easy, wore them out to town the first wear and the heels have peeled off. Not sure if it's dodgy glue, I didn't mistreat them so a little disappointed but will be getting them reglued and will continue to rock them..
  • cathy yao


    it's nice shoes with good quality.
  • BreannaLee

    Lots of Compliments...

    This shoe is comfortable. Awesome color...SO bright...oddly enough, even brighter at night. It's a synthetic leather, so it's pretty cheap. If you plan on walking a lot or want to wear them out at night to bars or clubs, you will destroy them in a week. They would be terrible for shoe or rain. If you're fine with wearing them in places where you won't kicking or be kicked then I would say they're great. I have to constantly make sure I'm not scuffing anything, or they just peel up and there is an ugly white batting underneath to form the shoe's shape. If you do buy them and you happen to notice they squeak a lot (synthetic), I folded the tongue of the shoe up on both sides and they stopped squeaking...They are still super comfortable that way and you can't tell at all when you lace them up. I get compliments all day long when I wear them...from women and men (so strange). All black erraythang + these shoes = awesome, I'm just sayin'. I LOVE them...the only thing that would make these shoes ridiculously bad ass, would be if I could beat the crap out of them like a pair of Doc Martin's. Ego and Greed, get on that, would ya? I'd buy another pair just to have them that way!
  • Delia

    Gorgeous but fit small

    Just got them in pink today. The color is amazing, way more neon than the picture shows. However, it fits a bit short and narrow, so if you have wide feet like me, you might need to size up. I wear an 11 because the extra room helps, but these weren't just too narrow, they also felt a bit short as well. Anyways, beautiful shoe, it's a shame I'll have to return. Oh, and it's a synthetic leather which unfortunately sort of shows; They look a bit cheap, and as affordably as they are, they don't look like $100 shoes :(
  • Jessie

    great color

    I ordered the green ones.. the color is bright just like how the picture protrays.I feellike the shoe fits a bit small. I usually wear a size 8 or 8.5, so i ordered an 8 and my toes are tight! Shoes look good tho.. So imma just get a 9 instead.. These almost feel like a patent leather. it sort of reminds me of rainboots but only a wedge..