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  • Jazz

    I Love Them. I Haven't Wore Them Yet But I Am Very Very Very Soon.
  • Jazz

    I Love Them. I Haven't Wore Them Yet But I Am Very Very Very Soon.
  • erica

    I NEED THEEESEEE!! >_< When are they going to come back in stock?
  • Anonymous

    Why sold out ):::::::::
  • Alanna

    I love these, and I wear them all the time. look great with everything. easy to walk in. but wft, Ego and Greed? these are $119, why do they keep breaking? when I spend this much on shoes I don't like glue-ing them back together again and again.
  • Laura

    So comfortable!

    So comfortable and so easy to walk in!
  • Anonymous

    So cute!

    My favorite flatform!!! they look good with all outfits! especially with some cute cut offs!
  • Rose

    Definitely Cray~!

    These shoes are quite easy to walk in when I'm really thinking about my steps and such, haha~! The bottoms are VERY thin, and I find myself losing balance. Everything else is perfect, however~! I just have to think about my steps a bit more while I walk [:
  • Ciera

    Neck breakers

    These will definitely have heads turning!!
  • Veneno


    I'm so in love whit this shoes, and so people are, they are so confortable.
  • tiffanykou

    nice and cute

    I have got my shoes few days ago and they fit me perfect i'm size 6 sometimes 7 in heels so i order 6 and not feel any narrow from any pays maybe i got small feet , Really match my babydoll dress and leopard jeans :)
  • tiffany

    nice and fit ok

    I have got my shoes few days ago ,and they fit me perfect i'm size 6 and in heels 7 sometimes so i order 6 also not feel any narrow from any parts maybe i got small feet , and ya u need to walking carefully also . and they really match my babydoll dress and my leopard jeans :)
  • Anonymous

    Nice shoe, but be careful

    I love this shoe. Its cute on, its fairly easy to walk in and its comfortable. I wear a 10.5 and bought an 11. Fits well. The only this I would say is to be careful walking on uneven surfaces because if you fall off them, they will break. I broke both shoes (nothing a cobbler can't fix) and skinned my knee walking on cobblestones. Otherwise super cute and versatile.
  • Monet

    Edgy, cool, different

    love this shoe. i read the reviews and everyone said they fit tight so i ordered a size up. i usually wear a 9 but i ordered a 10 they fit perfectly. i love them i cant wait to wear them.
  • Monica


    Perfect fit, comfortable and good materials.u r gonna love it! they're stunning!
  • Alyse

    New hotness!

    I purchased these shoes a few weeks back, and I have to admit I've been taking every opportunity to wear these out! No problems with slippery stairs or floors, and all the studs have held up great so far! They take a few minutes to get used to walking in, but overall not a prob! Great for girls who want a shoe with height and sass, but without achy feet! A word for the wise and wide-footed, these do run a little narrow. Too bad they don't have half-sizes! D:
  • Suzanne Shuff

    Ego and Greed She Cray

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHOE!!! They are so cute and they are very comfortable! The only thing you can't do in them is walk on gravel but i don't really care! I wear them all the time and I get wonderful compliments on them! This is by far the my most favorite shoe i've ever gotten!
  • Ciara


    Look even better in person and they're very comfortable!
  • Emily B

    Absolutely Adorable!

    I bought the pink in the first pre-order and have been wearing them non-stop since I received them. I get compliments everywhere I go! Perfect shoe for a summer concert when you want to go casual but stand out from the crowd. The heel is rather narrow and I wobble if I'm not paying attention since most of my weight is distributed on the ball of my foot but otherwise this is a very sturdy, versatile shoe I would recommend to anyone.
  • Nicole E

    It's even cuter in person!

    I just got this shoe today and I wore while I was out at the mall; and after wearing it one day I have to say I'm totally in love. I got so many compliments! The only bad things I have to say are that it's a little hard to walk in on uneven pavement, and some of the studs seem to be loose and they sort of jiggle which isn't really a problem, but I'm afraid they may fall off. Overall a wonderful statement shoe and I'm surprised there aren't more reviews telling you how wonderful and fun they are!