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  • Natalia

    Danger- Danger WILL ROBINSON!

    Worst flatforms ever! I don't want to hate, because I read reviews before I purchased said shoe and I didn't believe the hype. I thought, they look cool, funky, fresh. But little did I know they're actually dangerous, cartoony and a little bit cheesey. Now I love OTT shoes, I'm an epic platform fan, but these just look silly. And beyond that, there really unsafe. The platform at the bottom is far too narrow and it means there is no centre of gravity. I almost broke my ankle in them, and the fact they're so unmoving makes them more unstable. I think there should've been more product testing on these and they should be withdrawn. I'm going to return mine.
  • shonquis moreno


    Nice red color, nice sandal-y look with a little height and soft material, but because they taper from the top of the platform to the sole of the shoe, they are really unstable if the ground isn't perfectly flat. I don't really recommend these to anyone who lives in a city where you walk a lot, the streets and sidewalks are uneven. L.A., you're fine.
  • anonymous

    I love flatforms

    I'm usually a size 7-7.5 (more 7.5) and I purchased a size 8, sort of wished I purchased a size 7 because the size 8 is just slightly big.. (the strap is slightly lose) damn. Anyhow the shoe is really cute! It's a little hard to walk in at first but I think you'll get used to them the more you wear them =) They're a good price too.
  • anonymous

    oh man :[

    I had originally wanted the Jeffery Campbell "Clark"s and since they were out of stock and these were significantly cheaper I thought I'd give them a try. I wanted to ignore the first couple of reviews but these are SERIOUSLY hard to walk in. Since I don't wear heels/wedges anyways I thought I just needed practice and I stupidly wore them out so they're nonreturnable. I've turned my ankles in multiple times trying to wear these. Wish they'd get recalled so I could buy a pair of shoes I can walk in.
  • Meg

    Was so disapointed

    I was so excited when these shoes arrived to then fall into the utter pits of despair when I put them on. I felt like I was on stilts and then because the front only slopes up a little, you have to take tiny, baby steps to keep the shoe from slapping your heel every step. Not sexy. And the construction was eh, pleather and the seams not quite meeting (maybe this was mine but on the inside seam of the platform, there was a gap between the edges). Also, I wear a 6 and I still got the diner plate action in regards to how big my feet looked (I kinda' liked it in an ugly "Man-repeller" sort of way). If I never used my feet I probably would have kept them though but that's not very practical is it?
  • Francesca

    Impossible to walk in. Should be recalled

    The shoe looks great but if you plan to wear these I hope you have health insurance. I guarantee that you will fall and twist your ankle within 5 steps. I wish I would have returned them right away but I thought since I am pregnant that it was just me having an "off" day. I kept trying them each time with the same result. Finally I asked a friend of mine to try as well and she didn't even make it out of the closet. These shoes are very DANGEROUS!! Something is seriously wrong with the design and the shoes should be pulled from the shelf
  • planetqueen

    too narrow

    I so wanted to love these shoes, but they just did not work for me. First of all, they runs small. I usually wear a 5 - 5.5 in flat sandals, but based on reviews from another site I got the 6. They are the perfect length, and the straps are comfy and fit well, but the footbed and the sole are too narrow. I have average width feet, and my little toe and the outside of my foot hang off the shoe. Worse, the actual sole is super narrow, especially at the forefoot. I compared these to other tall platforms I have, and the width of the forefoot is a good half inch wider on other shoes. This, combined with the toe that turns up, is what makes these feel so unstable. It also makes them unattractive on your feet, since your feet appear to be big and wide in comparison to the narrow platform. If you have narrow feet these may work well for you, but be careful when you walk in them. And definitely go up at least 1/2 size.
  • Stefanie P

    Bad Construction

    I just got these in today. They run a bit small but thankfully i have narrow feet so if your feet are wider then definitely go a size up. I would'nt recommend buying this shoe simply because it has poor construction. The bottom of the shoe is more narrow than the top, making it impossible to balance on. Believe me i'm the queen of platforms and i can walk on anything. Not these. They look as beautiful in person as in the picture but i don't think i'll be able to go out in public wearing these without embarassing myself by falling or even worse- injuring my ankle. It's just not possible. I would understand if this shoe was cheap but for the price I would expect something more practical. I've actually never had to return something i've purchased online. Unfortunately, I think this might be my first time.
  • anonymous

    so wobbly

    I echo the sentiment of the first reviewer. These shoes are so wobbly (vertically & horizontally). I also cannot walk across the room (just inside the house) without falling or breaking my ankle (sideways). There is something fundamentally wrong with the design of these shoes. I feel that they should be recalled by the manufacturer. I wished I returned mine right away. If you want a flatform, I highly recommend getting the Subee from Jeffrey Campbell. I got the Subee in black and they're wonderful. I don't know if I'll buy Ego and Greed shoes again. :(
  • DB

    So Unstable

    I was so excited to get this shoe, but everytime I go around a corner, I nearly fall down. there is no stability as the bottoms are very narrow and the top is wide. Therefore, as nature intended, the larger part wants to head south. They are super cute, so I am very disappointed. If im going to break an ankle, it'll be in 5" stilettos. Not a flatform
  • Olivia

    These shoes are completely impractical, i almost broke my ankle just trying them on. I also thought they were satin when they are actually synthetic leather, it seems a bit flimsy as well
  • Holashopic

    Buyer Beware

    This shoe is really narrow at the base, making it very unstable to walk on. I felt like I was going to sprain my ankle with the first few steps I took. I can usually walk in flatforms, but this is a different story. The green color isn't traffic light green, but more of a yellow-tinged day-glow and looks really cheap. I will be returning them.
  • meg

    Can't walk in them

    They look amazing in the photos but walking in them isn't possible, at all. I returned mine, such a shame! Hopefully they will alter the design next year to make them wider at the bottom.
  • anonymous

    What are these like??

    Anyone actually bought this shoes?? Would love to hear other opinions.
  • anonymous

    sold out?

    how is this possible? sold out? but only one review i'm a little skeptical. i would love to purchase these shoes but clearly i cant.
  • jen

    would love to hear other opinons

    so i really wanted to love this shoe, i cannot walk across the room to save my life without falling. is it just me? i can walk in heels & 4-5 inch wedges but not these. i'm hesitant to try another flatform.