Multi Gem Pump

BY Haus of Price


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  • Shoe lover

    Not worth it

    Well I just got this in the mail and I can honestly say think twice before you buy. It is a different shoe but not worth the price. The actual shoes looks like its a cheaper shoe that they used. The size is tight. I would go up a size if u do buy. Now the stones... You can see the glue threw the stones and around the stones. It does seem like something you could do yourself of you took your time. I think the price is a reflection of the time it would take to put each stone on. If u got the extra money then go head and buy. But if your tore between this shoe and another get the other one you might be dissappointed because it does not look exactly like the picture.
  • jeriesha

    beautiful shoes

    I haven't wore them yet...waiting for the spring/summer. however they're awesome and I plan to wear them for graduation in May :-)
  • alex

    This heels are so cheap it's unbelievable. I paid $240 for these shoes and they are not worth the money spent, not to mention two of the plastic gems fell off already and I haven't even worn them yet.
  • anonymous

    A Slutty Kindergarten Art Project Gone AWESOME

    These shoes are AMAZING. They're really heavy, and really, really high- if you aren't comfy in Gaga-height shoes, these are not for you! They glitter and shine and they're simply amazing. Considering their heel height, they're surprisingly comfortable, too!
  • Carrie B.

    Total Disappointment

    I decided to ignore the previous reviews and try this shoe on my own - I wasn't expecting Louboutin quality - but for $250 I was expecting WAY MORE THAN I GOT!!! Completely looked like a 5th grade art project. The actual shoe did feel very cheap and the studs were plastic and gawdy. Looks so much better on the website. Im sure it would have been a show stopper - just because by it being on your foot most people can't see how cheap it actually looks - but the shoe made me feel like my foot would suffer. I contemplated keeping it for the wow factor - but I couldn't marry myself to the idea of the cheap shoe... if the shoe had been better quality - i may have been able to get over the plastic gems and glue.
  • Nicole

    Fantabulous and well worth it!

    I bought these for my senior prom and they looked FABULOUS! They did not look exactly like the picture but they were still great. The heel is acutally a bright silver. I wear an 8.5 and they felt a little bit tighter than I would have liked. Not the most comfortable shoes (may also be due to the size) but I lasted the whole night without having to take them off =) I love these shoes and got SOOO many compliments. (My mom is even trying to stealt them lol )
  • Shoefanatic

    Highly Disappointed!!!

    Don't be fooled by bogus reviews! This shoe is a CHEAP, PLASTIC MESS! The "rhinestones" in the picture are NOT the same quality of the dollar store stones they actually use to make the shoe. I THOUGHT I was going to stop the show for my 30th birthday...WRONG! I wouldn't set foot ANYWHERE in these shoes! The actual shoe (under the plastic stones) is VERY cheap... has the sticker on the bottom with the size and the seam of the cheap "pleather" is on the underside. The stones in the picture look like crystals... pretty colors, and SMALL! The actual ones on the shoe look like candy, they are HUGE, CHEAP, and A MESS!!! You can see the glue through the underside! and those "cute" looking metal pieces are huge and plastic! Please do not disregard this review (like I did the other bad one) For $240 bucks I could've gotten a bag of NICE stones, a hot glue gun and a pair of cheap shoes myself! You seriously could get a better shoe with Kim Kardashians shoe club... and they are $39! Solestruck should be ASHAMED to sell this nonsense. Haus of Price is a laughable brand, at best! Katy Perry approved? I think not! Bai Ling wouldn't even rock these... and it doesn't get any tackier! TRUST me...I thought these shoes were classy, over the top, ostentatious but fabulous! Now that I hold them in my hand....iccck! My foot is allergic to this mess! RETURN, RETURN, RETURN! This shoe is a sorry excuse for "couture"
  • Nicole Jenkins


    I got the "mutli" color over the gold, but they are not the color in the picture, they are bright silver. They look really different from what the picture shows but i still think they are amazing. An 8.5 is usually perfect for me, but these are a little tight. Could've gone with a 9 but these are good enough. The shoe is FABULOUSSSS! No one I know is going to have them. Great addition to the collection ( though a little overpriced) <3
  • Stilletos

    Hot ! Hot! Hot!

    I just got the best delivery . My shoes. These shoes r simply the " it" I haven't worn them yet, but when I do the town will go nuts. I just snagged them in the gold color as well. Anyone truly into fashion must have these in their closet. Just make sure you keep the outfit simple to allow the shoe to do the rest. Special thanks to solestuck and the shoe creater. :)
  • shoelover


    I was waiting for this shoes to be in stock for about 2 months, as soon as their e-mail got in I made the purchase. When I saw them out of the box they shocked me, they seemed a little to much, when I try them OMG SO COMFORTABLE!! This shoes are everything you will ever want gorgeous, different, impressive, nobody will be wearing it in the same room but you, spectacular show stopper, it will awake wird feelings in the people arround you. If you think of shoes as unique pieces to express your unique personality do whatever it takes to get this pair.... JUST SHOEMAZING!!!
  • Stilletos

    Desperatley in need of

    This pump is one word AMAZING!!!!!!!! , if there is anyone whom is not satisfied and wears a 7 1/2 or 8. I will gladly take them off your hands. :) the gold multi gem pump.
  • Dee


    When I got this shoe it surprised me how different it looks from the pictures. At first I wanted to put it back in the box and send it back, but when I put it on it got better and then when people saw them and complimented I couldn't see myself returning them. I'm deployed so I see myself shipping them home instead. Very fast international shipping by the way. Received in 5 days!! Every day I like them more and more. Run very true to size!
  • Juanita Green

    3 Words "I LOVE THEM"
  • Lindy

    I got the silver one, it doesn't look like the picture, it is actually bright silver. I haven't worn it out yet, but It is a very hard shoes, which stretches a little but not that much. I don't envisage it being the most comfortable shoe I have. However, it is by far the sparkliest, princess like shoes I have, and I can't wait to wear them out :) True to size.
  • Sarah

    I got my gold gem ones yesterday! Perfect true to size fit. The most amazing shoes ever! The only thing is I dont like how you can see the glue on the back of the gems, look at bit cheap but only if you look closely... Can wait to get these babies out on the town ;)
  • Lady J

    Stunting Shoes

    These shoes are gorgeous....I can't wait until they stock back up in these shoes. I really need these shoes by mid April
  • Eve

    NEED EM!

    OMG! Are you getting size 10 in stock anytime soon?? i really want these angels!! I check in twice a day hoping to see my size! Pls tell me you are getting more??!!
  • mary808


    The colors are brighter than the pics i've seen online. It's a well made shoe, I love them so much. True to size
  • Georgina

    These shoes are beautifull people love them and ask me where I got them..
  • Alex - Solestruck

    What a gem!

    ...yes, pun intended! These shoes are pretty much every little girls dream shoe! These are just pure magic! Even cuter in person! Running very true to size!