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  • Yerin

    These shoes are awesome

    I bought these shoes as a gift and I am super excited. Such awesome shoes. I think she will really love them. Fast shipping. Awesome service.
  • Sage

    True to size

    This shoe fits true to size. I am a 7.5 and bought the 99 Cosmic in 7.5 - fits like a glove. It is absolutely comfy and it does not feel like a 4.5 inch heel! However, it does feel tight around the ankle area (and my ankles are of a pretty average size) and the rims of the shoe keeps on rubbing against my ankle bone! Had to stretch them out slightly. The 99 turned out to be more glossy than I imagined. What I pictured in mind was something a bit more matte. BUT..... it is still an awesome shoe!
  • Gloria Clark

    OH MY GOD!!!

    Wow these shoes came back in stock in an 8.5 size and I CANNOT believe how fast the were out of stock again. Luckily I was able to snag a pair..THE LAST ONES! I'm beyond excited and I can't wait to get them!!
  • AntoniaTonex

    I bought these end of last year and are the cutest wedges ever. The blue suede is eye catching and totally brightens up any outfit you want to wear it with. A point of concern is that it was tight to zip up due to my big instep but due to the good quality leather material in the interior of the wedge, it eventually stretched to fit my feet perfectly. It's a great buy and I recommend it to anyone who just wants to bring colour to their outfit. Don't be fooled, the blue is electric and totally stunning
  • Julia Clancy


    Absolutely freaking sexy. Beautiful smooth lines, really light and easy to walk in, and overall pretty comfortable. I usually have to buy a size up when I wear heals (size 10 or 9.5 for regular shoes, 10-11 for heels), but I had no problem fitting into these. Best shoes I've ever bought!
  • Chad B


    These shoes are amazing! They fit perfectly and look great! everyone should have a pair in their closet.
  • Millie C


    I absolutely love these shoes. I never thought that I would find a heel that I can do anything in...and I found one. I wear them when I am dressing up or just an everyday occasion with jeans. THEY ARE SOOO COMFORTABLE!!!! I am in love with them.
  • Gina

    I ordered a 9.5, and it was too huge. Ive reordered the 8.5 and it just came today! The heel is a little loose, but I can make do with it. Living outside of the US so I guess I just have to sell off the 9.5!
  • Andréa

    More referrals for Jeffrey Cambell

    I honestly should get some sort of commission for all of the people I refer to Jeffrey Campbell when wearing these shoes. People just stare at them. I do live in the Colorado mountains so people aren't really used to seeing such kick-ass shoes. I am happy to oblige them! They are a little tight. I would suggest ordering a half size up if you are planning on wearing tights or socks with them.
  • anonymous

    so cute, sad re-order

    I ordered my usual size 6.5, and when the arrived they were super cute, zipper was smooth, but pretty snug. So I ordered the next size up. They just arrived today and they are too big, the leather was folded and creased, and the zipper is stuck... but they are still super adorable! Gonna try some inserts like some previous reviews suggested and just deal with the dinky zipper. the problem doesn't make the shoe less cute! the 6.5s were pretty perfect besides the size.
  • Natalie

    My Dream Shoe

    I absolutely adore my latest addition to my collection. I believe this is the start of a Jeffrey Campbell obsession. Thank you so much Solestruck for being so so helpful! They fit perfectly true to size.
  • Angela

    99 <3

    So after waiting months for this shoe to come in my size, I finally got it!! I was so happy when the UPS man came and knocked on my door. This shoe looked amazing and felt amazing, I have trouble wearing heels so I was praying to the Fashion Gods to make this shoe comfortable. And lets just say, it worked haha, these babies were comfy, beautiful, and soooo worth the wait. :)
  • Amandakitten

    Comfy Comfy wumfy

    I bought this shoe in a store, in the SUEDE. I paid 35 dollars more than they are on the website but they are worth it. I love them, I wear them with dresses, flared jeans, skinny jeans. MAKE IT WORK. And I couldn't believe how comfortable they are!
  • Sarah

    Great but small

    I love this shoe so much, but am going to have to exchange it for a 9?! I've never worn a size 9 shoe, but this is just too small for my 8-sometimes 8.5 foot. Very comfortable otherwise.
  • ANA


    This shoes, are amazing I love that they are soo ugly!! and they are not trying to disguise it.... they give you the extra inches ad they are very comfortable, I didn't find them to be uncomfortable as other reviews mention, I have worn them almost everyday !! worth every penny!! and they really get attention i a good or a bad way WHO cares i loove these!
  • anonymous

    Love at first sight

    These shoes look so great. I agree with others, that the heel doesn't fit right. I got the size 5 and my heel slips out the back. The shoes are not well made on the inside. The insole is not flush to the inside of the shoe, but I don't mind, as the shoes still look amazing. They're pretty comfortable despite the height. I plan on adding a shoe pad to make it more comfy. Great shoe overall!
  • anonymous

    Wear and tear?

    I LOVE these shoes! Super comfy. My only concern is the quality. The seam across the top is fraying and the faux leather has already worn off where the upper meets the sole in the very from. I've worn these shoes around 10 times. Anyone else had this problem?
  • Gwen P

    Love everything about these shoes except for...

    The back of them! They are so cute and I am very happy I ordered them, but the back makes it so hard to stay on your foot. I wear an 8.5 and ordered an 8.5. The front is very narrow making it so I would not be able to wear the 8, but after I went to the drugstore and picked up a pair or heel pads the fit is great! I gave it 4 stars because the back of the boot should be fixed, but these booties are too hot to pass up! Don't hesitate to buy them because you're worried about size.. Get your size and some heel pads and they will be the most comfortable wedges you will have ever worn! please get the Black Snake back in so I can have both!
  • Jessica


    These shoes exceeded my expectations. They are stunning and go beautifully with so many outfits. They fit pretty true to size, although they do slip a little in the back. I plan to wear them with tights so that shouldn't be a problem. Jeffrey Campbell never dissapoints. If only I could get my hands on the Clinic boots.
  • Miharu


    My feet are true to size but this shoe is not! I'm so disappointed. The wedge is fantastic and comfortable but with each step my heel just pops out! These were a little tight in the toe but will stretch with wear. I guess I'm going to order a half size smaller with fingers crossed.