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  • Katie

    worth the work.

    i just picked these up from the post office today. I was worried because I'm a petite girl (5'1-ish) and i have very muscular calves and legs in general. They are the bane of my existence, at least when it comes to boots. So I was SO excited to find a pair of above the knee boots with laces by JC! they are amazeballs. I've spent about an hour lacing up one to get the fit right and even though my fingers are raw its worth it. Ladies if you have big calves get these! and then be ready to spend a ton of time getting them to fit right. Tiny ankles+big calves=raw fingers. Aside from the lacing process the boots fit perfectly. I'm a size 7 and these fit like a dream. The leather is quite stiff and it hits the back of my leg when I walk so these definitely need some breaking in but I highly recommend!
  • Jwong!

    Got these today!

    Ok so confession... these were a last minute add to cart sort off buy... I got the green ones an they look super cool, sorta army military badass kinda feel to them. The only problem with the Kaki leather ones are that they are hard to get on cause the leather is so soft and you have to literally wrap your calves up in these.... even though they are annoying to put on overtime they still look great! Im 5'3 and these boots are super high on me, they go up above the knee, but even though they are super long they still look really sick! I feel like a cool military chick walking in these! These are fun shoes and I don't regret buying them at all!
  • Erin - Solestruck

    great all occasion boot

    The leather on this boot is so high quality, it is absolutely GORGEOUS. The khaki ones are softer and more weathered and the black is a little more structured and studier. Both are beautiful. This is a good choice for people with larger calves because the laces allow for size adjustments on the leg. The fit leaves room in the foot for thicker socks - slightly roomy but not a big difference.