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  • Kyra

    Most comfortable shoe - EVER

    I absolutely love these shoes! They are really the most comfortable thing I have ever put on my feet - more comfortable than my Litas. They look amazing and I get compliments on them constantly. The only thing to be wary of is the silver part of the platform, the outter side is fine, but the inside by the ball of your foot will crease from everyday wear.
  • Laura

    Back Offs

    these shoes... these shoes... I waited so patiently, stalked the USPS and Parcelforce website, and finally... they arrived. They are the most beautiful shoes I have ever had. I am a UK 5.5 size, so I bought the size 9 US size, and I'd say they are about a size too big in length, but I have quite wide feet so I think any less would have been uncomfortable. The downsides to this purchase was that the box was ripped, torn and in very bad condition by the time it got to my house which was disappointing. Also after wearing them out twice they are quite creased around the ankle area and look as if they're going to sag and wrinkle. Also the silver around the bottom looks as if it's been squashed or something, compressed maybe. It has a bulge and a wrinkle around the bottom and I hope it doesn't get worse. But on the whole the shoes are amazing, I have a lot of trouble balancing in high shoes hence the reason I stick to wedges and ankle boots. But these are by far the easiest to walk in, although I did think people were just saying that for the sake of it in the reviews. It is true though. If these are ever back in stock BUY THEM! Everyone asks you where you bought them, and I found myself in a situation where the shoes were within inches of Russell Brands head. I can say that I was proud to be wearing my back off's when that happened :D
  • Grace

    Best Buy

    This shoe is my second to be added to my Jeffrey Campbell collection. They are so comfortable, and worth the money (the quality is priceless). They are a little narrow towards the back, so they can throw you off a little when you first put them on, but you adjust really easily. I wore these out the other night for hours and hours and didn't get sore feet. I'm a size 9 in the litas and got a 9 in these and they fit perfectly!!!
  • Grace

    BRING EM BAAAACK..... please?
  • Heather

    My other half

    Oh my gosh these shoes! I just missed the restock no thanks to my lack of funding and absolutely NEED these shoes. I've been stalking the reviews daily. PLEASE! Restock within the next few weeks or I think I really will DIE!
  • Katereeya


    Please tell me you are reordering these shoes!!! I NEED them in a 6!!! I've been stalking this shoe for 3 months now and I can't find them online at all! Desperate to know if you will restock!
  • Colleen


    My shoe size is usually a size 7, my foot is 23.5 cm's, usually my foot size is temperamental when it comes to shoes because of it's width. Typically when I wear Jeffrey Campbells I wear a 7.5 comfortably in Lita's, 7's usually are too narrow for me. When I saw these shoes were only offered in full sizes, I was worried a 7 would be too small and the 8's too big; so I and bought the 7's. Turns out the shoe model is different from the shape of the lita's, 7's fit my my feet as well as a 7.5 in lita's, even with my wide feet. Super comfortable to wear and an amazing add to my wardrobe! Only downside that I found was the silver leather along the bottom may become compressed depending on how you walk. Now the base of my shoes are a slightly compressed, and the leather shoes small folds/wrinkles along the base of the shoe.
  • Tash


    I bought these in a size 6. I am usually a 5 but I have a rather wide foot. So glad I got a 6 as they are fairly narrow. Length wasn't an issue though. On the first day I wore these for 8 hours, standing for almost all of it and I was so comfortable I forgot I was wearing heels. So high, so fantastic, you will never see my in anything else. Except maybe those Night Lita's I've been stalking...
  • Supreme_chicken


    I'd read the reviews but I didn't think that they would be as amazing as everyone had said. But they finally arrived today, after pre ordering them and they are so much more than I could have ever imagined. They are incredibly light and are by far the easiest pair of shoes I have ever walked in - for their height. I am totally in LOVE. I am a Jeffrey Campbell convert for life. My bank account is going to hate me!
  • Alyssa


    I was surprised at how ridiculously comfortable this is, despite how high the wedge is.
  • anonymous


    Please please please bring them back in a 5.5!!!!!!! i just love them soo much!
  • Katereeya


    I've been waiting for ages now! Please bring back these gorgeous shoes in a 5.5!!! I'm only 5' I need the hight boost!!! I'll be waiting!
  • anonymous


    I want these babys! I have been stalking for months now!
  • anonymous


    please bring back these beautiful shoes in size 5.5!!! I desperately want them!
  • Sara

    urgent, im crying

  • anonymous

    Amazing shoe!

    Please bring these back in size 7.5 or 8. I need these in my life!
  • Christine

    More sizes

    Please bring these back in size 8. I need them!
  • Christine

    More sizes

    Please bring these back in size 8. I need them!
  • Michelle Sfera

    God's gift to us shoe addicts

    I got my first pair in 2010. I've never loved a shoe more, or had more RESPECT, yes RESPECT! for an inanimate object. They make me complete. They make me taller, thinner-- they're super comfortable. I wear them with EVERYTHING, it's impossible to mis-match them. Jeans, leggings, skirts, I can wear them camping, I can wear them to a wedding. I've gone through 3 pairs of them and I'm about to order my 4th. Thank J.C. for the best shoe in the world.
  • Laura

    Awesome shoes

    The shoe is pretty awesome. they are very comfortable, easy to walk in. I ride a Honda Metropolitan, and I can ride my scooter with no problem while wearing these. The leather is very soft and nice. I wear them to work all the time (I work at a clothing store and we don't get to sit, ever) and they're just fine. The only thing I don't really like is that the silver part is leather and not metal, but it still looks fabulous. You will get lots of compliments when you wear these. I love them.