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  • Kristine


    I was SO happy when I opened the box and found these shoes :) They fit like dream, though a little too big for me, but a size down would have been too small. I can't wait to wear these on a night out :)
  • cheskanolasco

    JC Benched

    the suede fabric is so soft that I forget I'm wearing high shoes!
  • domonique

    Great shoe

    i loved the shoe and i knew it had to be mine the first time i saw it. unfortunately the fit was not for me. i wear an 8.5 and initially i ordered and 8 and it was a little too snug. so i returned it and ordered a 9. the 9 was way too big so i had to return them also.
  • anonymous


    FANTASTIC!!! True to size... lots of compliments :) and very comfortable, it's like the hole isn't even there.
  • Hayley

    LOVE this shoe!!

    I love this shoe! It is totally wearable and looks amazing. The sole is cushioned and my foot feels supported despite the missing piece. I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for something a little different and aren't afraid of gaining 6 inches in height!
  • Brianna


    LOVE this shoe ! I got so many compliments on this shoe from both men and women. Easy to walk in but my feet did hurt a little at the heel towards the end of the night. Looks good with almost any outfit which I find many JC's (if rocked the right way) do. MUST BUY !
  • A

    Jeffrey cambell benched shoe

    The fitting is slightly big. You may want to get a half-size smaller.
  • janice

    I <3 this shoes!!!!!

    they are very architectural and believe it or not very very comfortable ..i love them i will buy them in all colors ... if you are afradi of heights I will nto recommend thwm but if you love heels and can manage a 4 inches +..this are the shoes to buy
  • Lyric

    Okay Shoe

    I wore this shoe today... very cute, lots of compliments, however it is a bit uncomfortable. The back of the shoe has no cushion and rubs against the back of my foot causing irritation and bleeding. This can be avoided by wearing a bandage on the back of your foot to prevent friction and rubbing.
  • Joey

    BEST BUY (so far)

    God, I LOVE these shoes. They look like they might be treacherous to walk in, but don't let its looks fool you! Unbelievably comfortable, very flattering and construction is very edgy. I love them so much I'm going to buy another pair in another colour! Good luck stopping at one ;)
  • Comimehr


    I got this shoe because it looked really interesting, but wearable. Wearable it is! It is actually very comfortable! I have gotten nothing but compliments on how interesting they are, or how cute. They make a tailored shirt dress look much more than casual.
  • Suzanne

    oh so beautiful & unique!

    I'd been waiting for Solestruck to restock the beige benched for months. Well, I think the nude is even prettier with darker wood heel. These shoes fit true to size. I got my usual size 5 (for JC), and I'm typically a 5 1/2 in other brands. Comparable in size/fit to the Mary Lou & Suebee but runs smaller than the Foxy Wood. I was afraid they may be too big since they use the same heel as the Skyroom which ran way big. These are perfect though, and I love how they look sweet from the front & edgy from the side. Highly recommend the benched shoe!
  • FDR1


    This shoe is a showstopper. It makes the impossible possible. It makes me feel like a hardcore fashionista. It is my favorite shoe out of all the shoes I own, and I own a lot of high end shoes and almost all JC shoes. This one stands out from the crowd. I love the earthy colors (I have the grey in size 7). The overall appearance is unexpectedly sophisticated for such a dramatic shoe. True to size. Not uncomfortable or painful at all, but also not like other Jeffrey Campbell shoes that you can easily walk in all day, like Litas or Mary Roks. This is more like the Skate shoe - it's edgier and cooler than his other shoes (and that's saying a lot), but you'll only be comfy if you're not doing too much walking or standing. The balls of my feet started to ache after a couple hours. Walking on cobblestones wasn't easy (had to do it because I work in Soho in NYC). Try sticking to level ground as much as possible. I don't get as much wear out of these shoes as I would like, because I prefer more comfortable heels on most days. Don't get me wrong - they are totally wearable and very well padded on the heel and front - just not made for walking around NYC for long stretches of time. Pace yourself and you'll be fine. Anyway, they are SO AMAZING that they are completely worth it even though I don't wear them all the time. When I do wear them, they look frikkin fantastic. People either swoon over them or think I'm nuts. And that's the way I like it.
  • Yellow Submarine


    This pair of shoes are amazingly comfy, garners alot of attention, PLUS I got my shipment earlier than expected :) Thanks Solestruck!!
  • Tea Pajkic


    The shoe is visual great and looks amazing. I, however, would of appreciated a shorter heel. To contrast this with a better shoe, I would compare the mary rocks heel. The height is perfect, and I don't find myself sitting every 30 minutes because my feet hurt. Overall, make the heel size shorter, or at least make it an option.
  • Me'Shay

    Gotta Have Them!

    Omgeeee plzzz SoleStruck you have to get some MORE of these!!!! I NEED them!!! Im sooo in love with this shoe!!!
  • anonymous

    Oddly Comfortable

    Most comfortable shoe ever! This is definitely get attention. I guess I hav e sold this shoe a thousdand times - just by wearing it.
  • Agnese


    Fell in love from the first sight. And so did others around me. Yei! Very comfy (not seen in the picture). Don't know about running a marathon in these lovely ladies but I did have to run a bit as I was late for a train and these two did no complaining whatsoever. Definitely a must have.
  • Ty M

    They really are quite comfortable!

    I swear they are comfy. I was skeptical, too, but now I'm a Benched believer. The balls of your feet and the heels bare your weight and your arches just go along for the ride. Such a cool concept that WORKS! I found them true to size and light yet stable. Buy them! You won't regret it.
  • anonymous

    Love at first sight!

    As soon as I saw these shoes on Need Supply Co, I knew I had to have them! But my size sold out before I had the chance to buy them, so I asked the wonderful staff of Solestruck if they were getting them in on Facebook. They replied quickly and I bought them as soon as they were up for sale! I love the shoe, it fits me well, however I find that around the ankles it's a bit loose and slides up and down as I walk. I don't think ordering a size down would fix it because the shoe already fits the rest of my foot snugly.