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  • bao anh

    bring the black one back!

    Hey i really love them but nobody sells them anymore and i would like to get a pair! so please get them back in stock need them!
  • juliette

    rad design but expensive for the quality

    I love these shoes. They're a staple in my wardrobe. The heel gives me just the right boost and makes my short legs look leaner. They're also the perfect blend of edgy, hip, boyish + girly. HOWEVER, the sole wore out after only 1 month! I had to sandpaper the edges because the cheap ass material the heel is made of wears off and leaves little pieces hanging. Really disappointing! Also, I'm an 8 1/2 US and ordered 9 in case, but they are definitely true to size so order wisely. I have to put in soles for them to be comfy because they're too big but also because they're not exactly the comfiest shoes, especially without socks. I think Jeffrey Campbell designs fabulous shoes, but very obviously pays nothing for them to be manufactured. I'm still giving these a 4/5 because this shoe basically defines me haha
  • Alice

    Great design, cheap quailty

    These shoes are stunning in terms of the design, but sadly, not the materials that composed them. I bought the all white ones from the 100k sale last week since I've been wanting a pair of these coltranes for quite a long time. Originally I was gonna buy the silver black ones but I always find them too expensive, I just feel like 190 bucks are too much for these. I asked the solestuck staff which ones are made in all leather, and it turns out that all the black and the white leather are genuine but other ones aren't. I think the silver is not real leather but I'm not too sure. So the sizing of these, I'd say they fit true to size!! Like legit!! When I first tried on, I thought maybe they are a bit big...or like a size bigger, but they are fine once you buckle them up! :) Okay, the materials that made these. I have to say I was really disappointed with the materials that they chose for the sole. The upper and lining is okay but the sole was what really disappointed me. (Please don't change/delete my comment, solestruck) The sole is made out of some sort of concentrated foam, like super concentrated ones, but still very very light. I feel like the soles will probably break in months of time cos I'm planning to wear them like everyday, but now I don't think so. I just can't believe these shoes are being charged at a ridiculous amount (before sale) when I expect the soles are made from hard rubber, but they aren't. Also, one side of the front part was kinda glued improperly on one shoe, and I was shocked that I could see the glue when I thought the upper leather were sewn to the sole. Clearly they are not. Any questions please head to my blog:
  • Connie


    I absolutely love the JC Coltrane. It is safe to say they are one of the greatest shoe purchases I have ever made. They are so unique, and I have definitely neglected my other hoard of black shoes because they just don't compare. I've had these for about 6 months now, and I am obsessed with the design/feel of them. They definitely spice up any outfit and I have worn them so much that the color has faded to an off-black (it's okay though, it gives the shoe a great distressed look). I personally like wearing them without socks so the cutout design is more prominent, but they look great with fun socks or tights. They are so comfortable, I have worn them all day at school and work without any problems...walking in them is super easy because it is so chunky (and I love the little clinky noise it makes from the metal buckles lol). I didn't have any issues with the quality whatsoever. I have worn them to death, and the quality is still awesome. They are a statement shoe, and I always get questions/compliments/looks whenever I wear them...which is every other day ha. I found them to be true to size ( I'm a size 8 and have wide gorilla feet), and they fit like a dream. Worth every penny.
  • lana


    These boots are the shiz, you need these on your feet. They are perfect for every day, work, play, and in any season! Some people say they're bad quality but I can't see anything wrong with them!! I think they're pretty true to size, I'm an 8.5 and I got a 9 and they're a little big in length but nothing an insole can't fix! They're just so soft and comfortable, you could wear them all day with no troubles. I'm loving life right now, I definitely recommend! x
  • angel

    perfect summer boot

    completely in love with this shoe. theyre edgy and comfy and breezy enough to wear in the heat of the summer. no regrets. jc does no wrong.
  • jamie


    this shoe came to my house so quickly, and it fit perfectly. definitely true to size. i've worn them almost every day for a week now, and they hold up amazingly. i didn't have to break them in at all, and i've been getting compliments left and right. so happy with these- you should grab them!
  • Jess


    They're amazing! When I got them, I wore them for 3 days straight and had no problems at all. They're super comfy and easy to walk in, and they give the added height really subtly. I found that they fit true to size, I'm a 6.5, and ordered a 7 - without socks they're a little loose, with socks they're perfect. It's been a month now and I'm still in love with them, definitely worth the money.
  • Amelia B


    I personally love this shoe from the very moment it came out, but wouldn't get it from time to time because of the reason 'I'm short I need heels instead'. So that's why I venture off-track to high-heeled Jeffrey Campbell shoes instead. But I finally bought it one day because of the desperate need of flats, and ta-da! I got them this morning and it literally woke me up from my sleep. They're so beautiful! I'm a size 6 and so I bought a size 6 as well. It's a bit big in the front area but I prefer it that way so I'm cool with that. The metal buckle does need to improve though; the material doesn't look like it could sustain bad weather. But other than that, this shoe is the BOMB! If you want it GET IT, NOW!
  • Calla


    Get on ma feet! So cute and so comfy! I went up to a 9 and felt they were a little loose in the heel, so they were fitting more true on me, but luckily, you can adjust that ankle strap to fit your foot perfectly! Perfect for wider feet too!
  • anonymous

    heart broken !

    before i start i would just like to say that i am in love with the style of this shoe, and that is why i was willing to pay £130 plus a £35 shipping fee to have them sent to england. when i first took them out of the box i was really pleased by the asthetic of the shoe but a little annoyed that the sole was made out of a cheap, foam-like material, and that the upper of the shoe was made out of a synthetic material rather than leather as the site descrition stated. after a couple of weeks of daily wear, the sole of the shoe had worn down considerabley and the upper started to lose its colour. after a month, there was a hole in the insole and the upper had lost its shape. i still wear these babys almost everyday but feel really let down by how bad the quality of the shoe is - if im paying £100 plus for a pair i expect them to last years, not months.
  • i j

    jerffery campbelles

    i love them!!!
  • Amy

    Style over comfort

    This shoe has great style and the flatform height is awesome, but the fit it off. It's about half a size too small. Oh well!
  • Brittany Jaffe

    I love love love my shoes!! amazing quality I havent taken them off since getting them!! keep me updated with similar designs!! thanks so much
  • Brittany Jaffe

    I love love love my shoes!! amazing quality I havent taken them off since getting them!! keep me updated with similar designs!! thanks so much
  • madeleine

    AWESOME !!!

    these shoes are amazing. apart from my stevies (also by jc), these are the raddest shoes i have ever owned - they immediately make any quickly constructed outfit look 100 times less shitty, and go with almost everything in my closet. my only problem is that the upper is synthetic rather than leather, which is not what it states in the description. The pros deffinitely out weigh the cons though, im completely in love !
  • Tora


    This shoe looks gorgeous on. Its supercomfy, works both summer, fall and spring and has a lovely cowboyspursound to them when u walk. The only bad thing is that the sole on this shoe was totally devestated after 1 day of using them. It looked like someone had melted them down and hammered on them, and the shape was lost. My conclusion is that you should resole these BEFORE u use them the first time, and make sure that the one who does it does it good. Count that into the cost.
  • ANON


    I was so happy to see that JC made a version of the 'Balenciaga Cut-Out Boot' I've been looking for boots like this for months. So when i saw these i knew i had to have them. When they arrived i was less than thrilled. The sole of the shoe is made of some very cheap resin, very similar to styrofoam. On top of that one of the buckles was not even sown in correctly into the shoe.. i had to get out a needle and thread and fix it myself because i wasn't going to go through the hassle of returning the shoes over a buckle. I was so close to returning these. Not worth $180.These boots we're probably manufactured for no less than $15 a pair. Never again.
  • jc lover


    one of the best JC purchases vie made so far! similar to the Balenciaga cutouts but with more height added and with much more grungier style, also way affordable!!! Runs true to size and its sooo comfy as well. Love this boot.
  • Candice Leong

    Such a beauty. Fell in love with it from the moment i tried em' on! Really happy with this buy. Fits true to my size, i'm a 37 and i bought size7. No regrets!