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  • Louise

    Truely amazing

    I'm from Scotland and ordered a US 9.5, they fit perfectly! I'm so glad I got these, they're so easy to walk in too. They definately turn heads but im super happy with them. I've had them 3 months and they took around a month to arrive. I'd definately recommend this shoe!

    OMFG Sick!!!!! idk how many Litas I have got this is like my 20 pair if you love fashion get these NOW!
  • Ashton

    An Unfortunate Case of Heartbreak

    These shoes are made like a platform high heel and can be very difficult to walk in due to the way your foot is angled inside the shoe and the platform at the toe. I found these to be painful just to walk in due to two past injuries to my left ankle and all of my weight being put on my ankles because of the design. Also, I bought these and a pair of Spiked Litas in a size 11 and while I had room to spare in the Litas, these were extremely tight around my foot and I doubt I could wear anything except extremely thin socks or stockings. However, if you're looking for to make a statement or a unique pair of shoes then these are the ones for you. I would be cautious about wearing them out if you haven't learned to walk in them as the bottom has a very small contact patch and won't have much traction. These shoes can be awkward to get into and stand up in but once you master them they are a funky and fun addition to any closet.
  • Cee

    Damsel Spike In Pink

    I absolutely adore these shoes! I usually wear a 6.5 in other shoes, but I'm definitely a 7 in most JCs (Lita and Damsel). I wouldn't say they're super comfortable, but for their height they're great - I've spent nights out in them and whole days shopping (including lots of walking up/down hills - which I wouldn't recommend unless you've got good balance!). :) Definite head turners!
  • Breanna


    this shoe is brilliant. every bit as beautiful as the photograph & even more impressive on your own feet! I want it in every colour. be careful of the spikes.... & everyone keeps thinking im going to fall, but they obviously dont know Jeffrey Campbell. ;)
  • Haley

    In Love

    The moment I saw these heels I fell in love with them. They were my first pair of Jeffery Campbell heels and I'm glad I made these ones my first because they are so comfortable! These are the most comfy pair of heels I own and they fit true to size! They really grab everyone's eye for sure. I thought they would be heavier but they are actually lighter than they appear and they are pretty easy to walk in! I couldn't of asked for a better heel!
  • Makenzie

    Spiked Damsel

    Loovvveee my damsels! Super comfy and super tall at the same time!! They do run small so I went up a .5 size.
  • Makenzie

    Spiked Damsel

    Loovvveee my damsels! Super comfy and super tall at the same time!! They do run small so I went up a .5 size.
  • Perry

    Not a fan :(

    I absolutely adored this shoe and wanted it to work, but it just didn't. I found it very hard to walk in and thought it was quite heavy. The lacing came up so high that it was virtually impossible for my ankle/heel to flex while taking steps. I'm a tried-and-true Lita fan so I traded these in for a pair of black and pink spike Lita's instead. ;)
  • Roger


    comfortable, easy to walk in, bad ass, and a real SHOW STOPPER! these shoes are bound to turn heads and have all eyes on you. love them
  • Shalanda

    In love

    I absolutely love this shoe, its so so comfortable and being only 5Ř the height this shoe gave me made me feel like i was rippin the run way. Now these are what you call SHOW STOPPERS. Out of all of my million shoes these are my favorite hands down
  • Khrys


    This is my 2nd pair of damsels the first were the floral print and I LOVE THEM BOTH. This shoe is so edgy and cute it will turn heads anywhere u go. Although the leopard print pair (the ones i bought) dont come in half sizes i still suggest for any damsel that you buy to order it a half size large. I am noramally an 8.5 and both pairs of my damsels are a 9 my previous Damsel purchase came in half sizes and i still got the 9. They are a dream to walk in and sole struck does an amazing packaging job so dont worry about any of the the spikes coming off during delivery. I know the price is a little much but u wont regret it!!!!!
  • Magnet

    Black damsels w/pink spikes

    The damsel with spikes looks so freaking sick. I wouldn't say it's my most comfortable shoe, personally I don't think it's one to walk in for long periods of time, but it's definitely manageable on days that include a decent amount of sitting. Although technically it doesn't run small, I feel like this shoe is a little tight and feels more comfortable when I ordered half a size bigger.
  • Kimmy

    Who wants to be tall and awesome???

    This shoe is massive and I love it. Not heavy on the foot though and very comfortable. Worn twice with dresses that should have got me noticed but all everyone ever wants to talk about are these shoes!!! So beautiful, I am a JC gal for life and the hits keep coming.
  • Kiani

    Amazing <3

    Comfiest shoes !!!!! definitely worth it, feel very solid and easy to walk in :) Love Love Love
  • sanelle


    these shoes are amazing, wore them out working promos and they were great the whole night!!! my feet didn't pain however walking on cobblestones or steep hills (not recommended, hurts and makes you feel like you'll topple over this happens in any huge heel tho haha) I feel FIERCE! I got the lita in spike and they were hugely to big!!! the damsel fit me perfectly in a 7!!
  • Noko


    I just got this shoe in the orange leather and she is a show stopper! gives me awesome height im 5'2 and this shoes makes me look like i have legs for days! super comfortable and easy to walk in! Great for the season I get tons of compliments on these babies! and they fits true to size! LOVE THEM!!
  • paprika


    I own hellbounds, nightwalks, and foxy...and these shoes more comfortable than all of them! I've been dying to have the white damsels and I'm beyond happy solestruck restocked them. You instantly feel sexy as soon as you slip these on. ugggghh sooo happy right now....
  • Carmen


    This wedge is jus pure awesomeness, I love the spikes and studs and they are sooooo comfortable!!!!
  • G

    A shoe purchase you won't regret!

    This shoes are amazing. They make me 6'1", super comfy and easy to walk in and they look ridiculously cool. I wore them out for my birthday, danced all night and they haven't shown the slightest bit of damage which I had been concerned about. All the studs are firmly in place and show no signs of coming loose. I LOVE them!