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  • Sad


    Cute but Unfortunately it's too small :( will have to send it back. I should have listened to the reviews!
  • Sad

    Runs small

    Cute but Unfortunately it's too small I would recommend sizing up 1/2-1 size. I will have to send it back. I should have listened to the reviews!
  • Anonymous

    Just got these rock stars today. Must say that it is a perfect fit. I'm a guy that wears size 8 or 9 shoes normally, so I would totally recommend these in size 11 for all boys out there craving for these statement shoes. The heel is huge, so try not to fall in these as they might result in a broken ankle or sprained injury! That would be just nasty, so walk with care and enjoy! :D
  • Anonymous

    Please get these in 11's!!!!
  • Anonymous

    Are these shiny like the rest?
  • Cris

    Awesome Shoes!!

    I just love these, i got them about a week ago and i LOVE them, they run small so i am usually a size 8 and i got a whole size up and they fit comfortably. I would recommend getting a whole size larger than you usually wear. I also didn't wear mine with socks but i think a very thin pair will work with them. They are super comfortable but they are a bit heavy and big (about 3 pounds each)so those ladies who like to cross their legs when sitting... be prepared. I am used to wearing really tall shoes so the height is just perfect but if you aren't used tot all heels you should practice before venturing out with this shoe. I wore them all night long and did not have any pain at all. If you love heels like i do i would insist on getting hem, they are beautiful. Also I had absolutely no problem with the velcro,
  • Anonymous

    How do the size run big or small ?

    How do they run big or small ?
  • Anonymous

    Kickass looking, awkward wearing

    JC really hit the mark, aesthetically, with this sporty and sassy combination. They are in effect, a 4" heel, so be prepared. They are heavy too. I am almost always a size 8 in JC, sometimes a 7.5. Ordered size 8 and they are not small length wise, but are weirdly snug all around and somewhat uncomfortable on the top of my foot, especially when strapping them up. This has been my main concern so far, as the velcro that holds the spiky 'strap' in place tends to unstick very quickly (after a few steps) and then you could fall rather dramatically and embarrassingly! I've not yet worn these out, and am practicing around the house. My suggestion is if you can try these on somehow before purchasing, you should. I'm not yet convinced the strap will ever do-up correctly on my foot, and FYI I have thin feet. Overall the construction and quality is SUPERB, however...the uncomfortable fit and cumbersome feel is not.
  • shadai robinson


    TThey are gorgeous im getting dem soon
  • Heather


    I'm a 7 in the Lita. 23.5cm long and 10.3 cm wide foot measurement. These fit almost a whole size small, narrow width wise and also short in the length of the insole. Tons of padding so your foot is completely surrounded. Tried a 1/2 size up from another company, a 7.5, still very snug. I for sure need an 8 to even think about wearing any kind of thin sock in them. I'm never an 8 in JC's. I've wearing the 7.5 with bare feet to break try to them in. Order up or you'll regret it as it's very frustrating with JC sizing being all over the place lately. Excellent quality and a great looking shoe. Too bad, I can't fully enjoy wearing them. I hope this helps you. I wish somebody told me at $245. A costly mistake.
  • Anonymous


    Shoes are awesomeeee! They do fit a little on the small side... I'm typically an 8.5 so I ordered the 9 and the 9 was definitely snug. I think they'll stretch just enough with wear though, so I'm keeping them! I definitely agree with the description- Order up!