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  • Caitlin

    So bummed...

    Bought this during the amaaaazing sale over Thanksgiving as a Christmas present for my roommate. She has tiny feet and always wears a 6.5, however, these were SO small in a 6.5 that she just couldn't even make it happened. Naturally, I knew there were no returns. It was such an amazing sale, but such a sad bummer. Beware of how narrow this shoe is! Still love you, Solestruck. :)
  • Aylin

    Am so in-love with my JC's El Carmen

    I super love this shoe, the first time I saw these babies in Solestruck, I have to put them on my Shopping Cart. =) P.S Solestruck service is really great! 2 thumbs up for you guys! Am sure there will be a next purchase soon. Happy New Year! I also blogged about it here:
  • Neally


    Great shoe all around, true to size, beautiful material, comfortable to walk in. Heel can get a little wobbly but nothing serious. LOVE THEM!
  • Angelique


    I absolutely adore this shoe, however they are a tad too small and can't wear them. I'm sure I'd fall completely in love with them if I could take them out on the town. Alas...
  • rachel

    classic pin up girl shoe

    its THE shoe for a fun girls night out or if u are trying to impress your date with a more playful side of you. it can get a little bit too high if you are on the tall side and your date isnt. it was surprisingly comfy. black white dot is color that matches your clothes easily. i find it a bit too high for my liking but nevertheless, its still a really pretty shoe and i will wear it! it fits true size.
  • Lauren

    60's Feminine with an Edge

    I bought these in the red gingham checkered print because I immediately had a vision of Marylin Monroe in her signature white flowy dress. I'm saving them for summer when I can mix and match the patterns with stripes and pair with a shorter rendition of the flowy Marilyn Monroe dress. I don't like that they fit snug in the front and my toes almost seep out of the peep. I hate that look and I know if I would have ordered a .5 size up they'd be too big so I'll have to deal. They're kinda clonky and heavy which I also wasn't expecting but... whatever. I got them half of during the black friday sale so I'm not complaining.
  • Teer Wayde


    One super hot shoe! I ordered up after reading the reviews bellow and the 10.5 fit my normal width size 10 and it is a perfect fit.
  • Tilly

    El carmen,El Lovin'

    Greatest shoe of my life! Got them in the mail today and i like them the best out of all three pairs of my JC's. Invest in these! So comfortable and easy to walk in too. Everyone needs a pair!!| Can't wait to wear them out!
  • Alisha

    Stars & Stripes

    Love it! Went out and had so many people staring and commenting (stars & stripes arnt worn much in Australia) Thankyou solestruck for another awesome buy!
  • Kika

    Happy times in kikaland.

    Amaaaaaaaaazing! Even prettier than I thought they'd be and really really really comfortable (like every Jeffrey C. shoe). I'm super happy right now!
  • erica


    i love this shoes so much! this shoe is confortable and stylish! i like unique style such as this shoe. i can't wait to wear this.
  • erica


    i love this shoes so much! this shoe is confortable and stylish! i like unique style such as this shoe. i can't wait to wear this.
  • Jessica

    Truly a beautiful shoe

    These are even more gorgeous in person! Comfortable to wear & walk in, too. Look great with jeans or a miniskirt. Real conversation piece, too. Stunning & very fun to wear. Would love to have these in every color.
  • Kelly


    I ordered these a few days before 4th of July, and they arrived in an extremely timely manner-- thank you Solestruck! These shoes are extremely comfortable, I wore them to my boyfriends show and they are certainly showstoppers. I encourage everyone to purchase a pair, they were a perfect touch for 4th of July. You should come out with British ones too JC!! Also, they fit perfectly, and I have long, skinny fit. My only con to them is that my pinky toe sticks out of the right one, but that might be more of my foot being weird than the shoe.
  • Heather Powell

    Cute, not comfy

    I love this shoe and everyone who saw them on my feet on the 4th of July loved them as well. I am afraid, due to having a wider foot, the toe area was not comfortable. The material wasn't overly forgiving, so even though I used a shoe stretcher on them, the material chafed. These shoes are designed for standing still or sitting, I believe. I walked the equivalent of 4 blocks in them and had open blisters on the back of my heels from the strap. I WILL wear them again, though I will apply band-aids prior. Such a fun shoe, just wish it was kinder to the feet. 8-)
  • Jody Jones


    This shoe rocks! I get so many compliments everytime i wear it. LOVE! Thanks for carrying such a huge selection of JC. 10 pair and counting.
  • Julie

    Stars And Stripes

    Lovely shoe, and very comfortable, I wore them for several hours at IMATS, before they were even broken in and my feet didn't hurt at all at the end of the day. I always get tons of complements on them every time I wear them. I totally love, but my main problem is that the dye from the red stripes smudges over onto the white stripes on my inner heels when I walk. Although it comes off easily with a bleach pen, I'm disappointed it would do this in the first place, and wouldn't expect that from JC shoes. The straps that cover the toes might also be a little uncomfortable for those with wide feet. Overall, these are beautiful shoes and I really like them, but I wouldn't particularly want a second pair.
  • SOZ


    Obviously super rad. I get compliments from stylish and non-stylish people alike in this shoe. I am always a size 6, no questions asked, but this shoe is so goddamn narrow! It pinches my toes and makes an otherwise extremely comfortable shoe.. uncomfortable. I'm going to have my cobbler stretch out the toe part, but ladies just beware.


  • Nayik


    These shoes are a dream! So eye candy and comfortable! I feel like Barbie with them. I'm a size 6 and they fit perfectly, a little narrow but I have a wide feet. I'm totally lusting for the blue ones!