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  • TINA

    PLEASE RESTOCK I NEED THESE SHOES BACK IN MY LIFE!!!!! BEST SHOES EVER!!!!!! Pleaseee please please restock these shoe's in a 10.5/11. I already bought a pair years ago and have worn them out! they are my favourite shoe EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • christina

    Restock :)

    Pleaseee please please restock these shoe's in a 10/10.5. I already bought a pair years ago and have worn them out! they are my favourite shoe EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Noni


    The EXAM NS is one of those must have shoes. They make a bold statement and can be worn with almost anything, be it socks, no socks, stockings, pants, long skirts, short skirts etc. They are extremely eye-catching and can double as a mirror to check yourself! YEAHEA. Although if you are cursed with slender feet like myself one of the outer side panels can slip underneath where the lower buckle sits just slightly. This can be easily fixed with either a discreet press stud and or another hole made for tightening the lower buckle. And fear not this problem doesn't cause any walking difficulty, it merely creates a problem with how the shoe looks. Besides that problem, which only people with slender feet face, it can be easily fixed and the shoes themselves are dead easy to walk, run and dance in! With a 5" height boost, the wearer becomes a tall powerhouse of babetown. Enjoy!
  • Kiya


    okie , so I got these shoes today and I prayed to God they would fit . You see, i'm usually a size 7 in Jeffrey Campbells ( size 6.5 in every other shoe). I really wanted these shoes but the 7 was out , the 8 was out and only the 6 and 9 was left. So I decided to get the 6 . Sigh I couldn't wait until they got here to try them on, I thought of every possible thing I could do to make them bigger if they didn't fit (Oh and btw , I only really got the size 6 because solestruck said to order a size smaller if between sizes). So back to the point. I tried them on .. and they fit PERFECT, just a slight snugness at the toes but after two wears they should be fine !!!!! YEAH ! ME SO HAPPY
  • anonymous

    Please restock!

    Please restock these in 7 or 8!
  • sonik

    Exam NS

    I got these in my size (8.5) and they were a little snug. If you do a lot of walking around, I would size up a half size. You also might have to undo the top buckle to slip the shoe on, which I wasn't expecting. Aesthetically, though, they are gorgeous.
  • Ray West


    I was hesitant about buying these online as I am usually a size 9, but after reading the other review, I decided to go for an 8.5, and they fit perfectly! There's a little bit of room near the heel of my foot, but it's nothing a pair of anklet socks can't fix. They are also extremely comfortable, I wore them for almost 9 hours straight and did not have any pain... AMAZING! I recommend these babies. How could you not? Especially since they are on sale!
  • Casini

    The future is here....brought to you by Jeffrey Campell!

    This shoe is beautiful and very comfortable. It is a tight fit however it is suede and will stretch and mold to your foot shape. I am a size 7 and although they were a bit tight in the beginning i have worn them in and now they are excellent! I would definatley reccomend the purchase totally comfortable, totally worth your money (i got them on sale here ;)) and totally unique!
  • Cora Arutyunyan

    Exam NS

    I tried the Exam with studs in size 7, (I am usually a 7) it was too tight, then tried Exam NS in size 7.5, this was too big. I realised that the boots were too narrow and too stiff around the foot to be comfortable . Also the flap in the front just doesn't sit right. The boot didn't seem as well thought out as Dirty Lady, the shoe, which is very soft around the forefoot. One more thing about all these JC styles, the platforms look very good, but the toes curle up too much on all of these models. If would be much easier on the feet to have the toes lay flat.