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  • Karol


    They're sooo easy to walk in, so much easier than I thought! They're very comfy too, and look stunning! Fit true to size.
  • Anonymous


    Really easy to walk in, they're awesome. They scuff really easily though compared to other heels I own that are made of leather :( So practice walking before going out!
  • Kylee

    Jeffrey Campbell or die

    These shoes are gorgeous, as most JC's are....I didn't have much trouble walking in them until I got to some side walk while walking downtown, if you aren't on even flat ground, you might wanna practice walking in these for a bit. Especially if you plan on drinking the night you wear them lol Good purchase though, overall im very happy with them! :) definitely want to get another pair ASAP!
  • Anonymous

    Holy Shit!

    These are some of my favorite JC's. For a heelless shoe they are very comfortable. Easy to walk in. Love the cross stud detail. I own 50+ pairs of Jeffrey Campbells so i would say get these before they are sold out! Which will be soon because they r so awesome! lol
  • Heather

    Rob Halford is my style icon.

    Totally TTS like regular Litas. I can easily wear medium weight socks in them. Tall but stable. Laces are grat to adjust the support in the boot so they are easy to walk in compared to others with the Night Walk base. My favorite JC's so far. I own 28 pair, so trust me, get them before they are gone forever.
  • June


    First heelless shoes. Very comfortable. I wear a size 5 but got these in a 5.5 cause i wear socks with them and i like my shoes to be a little "roomy". Even though with my heights, I don't look drastically tall (I'm 5'1")... but according to my friends, it brings me up to their height. Definitely buy them if you want something different!
  • mann


    @brandon hey im not sure, i measured my foot in cms, then checked what size i ended up with which was an 11. measure your larger foot, and then check if the 11 will fit. The 11 fit me perfectly. I did have a bit of space left tho so maybe they will fit you perfectly.
  • brandon


    To man. I'm also a men's 10 but I have one foot slightly larger than the other you think there's room to spare
  • mann


    I bought this shoes, and they look amazing they feel very comfortable . I recommend you buy it . I am a guy and I am a size 10 in mend and got an 11 I'm the black holy . They for perfectly also IM 6'4 with these shoes
  • Anonymous

    These shoes are absolutely beautiful and very comfortable. However, they are really bulky if you were a large size like me (US 9).
  • Anonymous

    Holy Hell!

    Aren't these shoes awesome!? They are fitting true to size and surprisingly they are super comfortable! So the US 8/ EUR 38 is measuring at 24.5 cm and each half size is going to be .5 cm difference.
  • Ann


    OMG! WHO ordered them???????PLEASE write me about them?about size and how they fit)THaAAaanks)))