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  • Maria

    Jeffrey Campbell Kipper

    great shoes, perfect size and etc=) love it
  • Peyton

    I LOVE these shoes so much! I have one other pair of Jeffrey Campbells (the limited edition LF/JC alexas :3), so, so to speak, these had big shoes to fill. I eagerly awaited these and they arrived on time, within a relatively short amount of time. I put them on right out of the box and went to work in them. To be honest, I expected them to be WAY less comfortable. The only problem I had was that the red color on the inside rubbed off on both my socks and skin, and was kind of a pain to have to scrub off. This was my first pair of creepers, and I also expected them to be way more awkward to walk in. Though the platform IS indeed an inch to an inch and a half, they're not at all awkward. Overall, I love them!
  • AGirlNamedGOYS

    My Creepers

    A little tight, we all know JC run a little small, got a half size up and they're still a bit of a squeeze :-/. Good in the rain but bad in the rain, we've had a horrid rain spell in LA and these are great protection because they are so high but Im a bit worried about the zebra material holding up. Nice overall!
  • Erin


    These are my first pair of Jeffery Campbells, and they are everything I'd hoped for and then some. Sexy. I wear a size 10 which sometimes means that my shoes don't always look as good as the ones in the pictures. I was half expecting that to be the case again with these, especially because they are platformed. But I was wrong, They look sexy as hell, and they make me feel sexy as hell when i'm wearing them. and Comfortable. These shoes hold my feet with the gentle firmness of a lover. Needless to say, Jeffery knows what he's doing. I cannot wait to get my next pair.
  • Agnes

    I bought the shoes during the Black Fri Sale, so i would say it's definitely worth it. The shoes are slightly on the heavier side. I got cuts (not blisters) when i first wore it with short ankle socks, so wear longer socks! After wearing it a few more times , it's comfortable already. And i wear size 8 for JC shoes, this is slightly big but tighten up the buckle it'll be just alright (:
  • marno

    love them!

    this shoes are perfect!
  • anonymous


    I love these shoes sooooooooooooooooooooooo much! They are beautiful. I disagree with the other reviews; the material looks great, not fake at all. <3
  • dara

    I just got these today, and I really love them. I ordered a 6 and a 7, I usually wear a 6.5, so I could try them on and return the pair that didn't fit. I actually went for the smaller size, I did not find them particularly narrow as some reviews have said. They're way more comfortable than I expected and seem to be pretty well made. Unlike the other reviewers I'm totally okay with them being synthetic, I try hard to only buy vegetarian shoes. The only small complaint that I have is that the studs and the buckle are actually gold color on the zebra style, not silver as they appear in the photos.
  • PunkyBunky

    Not Quite Kings Road

    My main problem with these shoes comes from the fact that they are not genuine leather, similar to the previous reviewer. Faux leather is great for vegans, but it does not wear the same as true leather. Trying these on, it feels like you are wearing a plastic shoe. For the price you would be better off buying a true, made in England creeper from one of the reputable makers that still remain. In its favor, the JC Kipper's stud detailing is as cool as a vintage pair of Seditionaries. But it's up to the individual to make the trade-off between looks and materials. (Just a heads-up regarding the previous reviewer: "synthetic" and "man-made" are interchangeable terms that mean the same thing. Both refer to a material that is produced artificially, like vinyl, as opposed to a natural material like leather.)
  • anonymous

    I'm sad and disappointed. :(

    OK, I LOVED these when I saw them, seriously. They're so edgy and punk rock and amazing, and I'm a confirmed Jeffrey Campbell freak, so I dutifully pre-ordered and waited with bated breath for them to arrive. And, well? They're super narrow, with a synthetic upper (not man-made as it says in the description) that cannot be stretched at all. I am a size 10 and can't really order up in most styles, but I would definitely say if your foot is any wider than narrow, order up. They do look absolutely beautiful and are really well-made, I'm just sad that they don't fit better and aren't leather, like I thought they were.