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  • Felicia


    This shoe is out of this world! The color is wonderful and I just LOOOOVE them!
  • Iselin

    Love of my life

    Have Lana in both the Pink Suede and Silver Sequin. Love them both. Bought the Sequins first, on impulse because I found them so beautiful. One week later I ordered these on the Black Friday sale. They are heavy, with a thick, steady heel and an impressive platform in front. They are more true to size than Lita, and way more wearable. I wore my Sequins for the first time on a party, and even after the seventh drink I had no problems with my shoes. All the guys and girls I met admired my shoes and asked me how I could walk in them. Easy! I even ran. Absolutely in love with Lana, and my favorite of all my heeled shoes. Can't wait to wear them more. Love love love!
  • Nikita

    I am so happy I found JC shoes!

    I have been wearing high heels all my life, which made me get arthritis in my feet and, because of that, I could no longer wear even smallest heels at all :(((( ..I was so upset about that, for years now been wearing flat shoes (I DO NOT find them sexy!). Finally, recently, I saw JC shoes and looking at the picture I felt it just could work for me... Not only I can wear them comfortably, feel gorgeous and sexy again, now I got, I think, almost every style JC makes! :D Thank you for making girl's dream come true again! :))) I KNOW I will be buying more!
  • Bianca

    Worth every cent

    There's not much to say about these shoes that hasen't been said....they are perfect for everything and any place to go....perfect fit also ....perfect style
  • Ditte Andersen

    Lana by Jeffrey Campbell (size 7.5)

    It fits perfect! Looks great and despite the height, they're easy to walk in, LOVELY. But maybe buy half a size larger than normally, they can get pretty tight around the heel.
  • Le Stine

    Love that platform!

    This shoe is insane, and insanely comfortable for such height. The pink is really pretty and true to the photo. Just know that it is a really chunky shoe! I'm in love, but only have one complaint. The pair that I received had a light but noticeable spot and the tip of the toe. Not a scuff that could be wiped, but the fabric is pressed almost. Probably during production. Because it's small and I don't want to deal with the hassle of exchanging. I'm keeping em. Overall beautiful shoe.
  • Oby Chanèlle

    Lana suede

    LOVE them!!! Absolutely LOVE them! BUT: beeing a EU41 i ordered a sz 11, but should have gone for 10. Not that it matters, cause now i can wear them early winter and whenever, just by using some innersoles in them. They are amazingly comfy to walk in, and and they are truly the most dazzling thing u can wear in public! Need myself a pair in black distressed or mint! xx-ohoh
  • Oby Chanèlle

    LANA Suede Taupe

    L O V I N G these beoynd any other shoe!!!! my feet are very strange, tiliting inn towards eachother, so was abit anxious about the cut out heel, but the model is very good, and stabile, so theres is no issues at all! I wore them for 7 hours straight out shopping, and they are great on foot. (i also put some lower footcushions in them, have to take some care of my poor feet:p) but they are amazing. Lost count of every gaze and gasp i got walking past other girls,,LOVE! THANKYOU!!!!
  • Lana

    A pair of Jeffrey's is named after me and they're fantastic.

    ok, so maybe they're not... but that really is my name. I got these in the mail this morning and wore them to work this evening. I stand a LOT at work, and these are seriously comfortable. no problem at all to wear them through a whole shift. I think they're cuter than the Litas... more unique. especially since the knock off Litas are everywhere. I usually get a size 6.5, but after reading a few reviews I got a 7 and they fit perfect. so my advice would be to go up half a size. they're boots, so it's not essential that they be tight anyway. only neg would be: if you have big feet they might end up looking bigger in these. I've heard the same about the Safety Shoe. anyway, I LOVE them. and I love
  • Michelle

    Lovely shoes!

    I love these babies! Got them in taupe suede from NastyGal but I just HAD to write a review about them :) They're super comfortable, perhaps even better than the Litas - just a little heavier. The curved heel and cutout is just awesome! And so easy to walk in - I never worry about falling in these guys. However, they give me blisters on my fourth and last pinky toes when I walk in them too much. I'm not sure if it's because it's not as roomy at the toes as compared to the Litas, or I just have wide feet and a slightly higher arch which results in the leather upper chafing my fourth and last toes. Overall, I still love them loads. And the taupe suede ones match with any outfit!
  • kelly chew

    review on jeffrey campbell lana

    really sexy cutting and i love it that its so comfortable at the same time, definitely worth to own a pair!
  • Sar.

    Solid Effort

    So I wore these on the weekend and can only be thankful. Firstly they are athestically amazing, I got so many compliments. Secondly, they are without a doubt the most comfortable pair of heels I have ever worn in my life. I wore these babies on grass, on a hill, after it rained not to mention my consumption of beverages!!! I didnt even stagger once. Well done.
  • Stephanie

    Awesome shoes.

    I got these in the black distressed leather. These shoes are so cool-looking and make me ridiculously tall. The curved heel is awesome and they're easy to walk in and comfy. I might have some issues with the cutout heel causing blisters, but we'll see.
  • Kristen Dagher

    BUY IT

    The shoes were shipped to my house on time, perfect, in the cutest box from Jefrrecy Campbell. They are tall darling monsterous shoes that make you feel like a queen when you walk in them. I get comments on them all the time. They fit true to size and are quite comfortable as I have worn/ walked in them for 12 hour days. They do give blisters at first and turn your feet orange from the leather, but solestruck provided the cutest band aid with them. I would reccomend and buy more if I had money. *sigh* Why do you people sell such beautiful shoes?
  • Isis


    These are crazier than the Lita! But I'm so in love. My friends practically gasped when they saw them. As an added bonus these shoes are so ridiculously comfortable, I forgot I was wearing these. Wore these out with my friends and I was easily the tallest girl there, also got several stares from people passing by. SO. WORTH. IT. I disagree with "N"'s review - the quality is great and yes they look hooflike but isn't that part of the fun??
  • Clooen

    daringly sculpted

    i just received these so i haven't worn them yet but i'm amped...i can just tell that they'll be quite the eyecatcher already. the lita's are way tame in comparison to these babies. for sizing, they are true to size but i would recommend ordering up half a size if ur between sizes. ie: if ur between a 6.5 to 7, go ahead and order the 7. especially if u plan to wear socks with them in the fall/winter.
  • Erlina.C


    This the first time i purchased one of JC's babies (Lana). Initially i was tempted with Lita's collection but as usual Lita's always out of stock. and suddenly i saw this curvy twist of Black Lita AND I was drooling while i stared and in the end decided to click 'buy'. I waited for approx 2 weeks & received this baby with excitement, really!!..and the size is fitted perfectly for my broadfeet.. pretty nervous for choosing my size initially coz usually South-East Asia country always stick with Europe size. But thanks for the 'review' facility at Solestruck that helps me to decide, esp for the size =) Size & Design Info: My feet always go between 7.5/8..bcoz the conture & the design of this shoes is pretty narrow so i decided to go for 8. I tried it with my heartbeat bumping and 'tadaaaa..' IT FITS PERFECTLY!! Love how it makes u outstanding by its crazy height & the design.. feel like standing on platform while i walk =) Thanks JC & Solestruck for making our feet beautiful.
  • Jillio

    That 70's Shoe

    I purchased this shoe from another site because my size was not available here - but I don't blame you, Solestruck. You guys are my go-to place for Jeffrey Campbell shoes, and with your awesome selection and superb customer service, it can't be helped you get so much love and run out of my size. ANYWAY, I vary between sizes 6, 6.5, and 7 since the sizes of Jeffrey Campbell shoes vary depending on the shoe. I took a chance got a 6.5 which was a bit too small. A 7 would have been ideal so if you're a true 7 in most of your JC's, get a 7; these shoes are true to size. The open heel was giving me abrasion issues, but this is easily fixed with an adjustment to the laces. My toes could use a bit more room in the toe box - again, that was my bad for ordering a size down. But otherwise, this shoe performs like a champ. It's really easy to walk in - much like my Litas - and the leather warms up to your foot really quickly. I've worn them three times so far. Sizing issue aside, I love these shoes. I get a lot of compliments and even inspired unexpected admirers to get these shoes. The shoes go really well with the 70s-inspired fashion coming out right now! Wide leg pants, anyone?
  • Calla

    Moving on...

    Lana is hot and definitely funky. As the 70s trend continues on its path, this shoe revives the awesomely ridic platforms from the disco days (which is also why Lana needs to come in glitter, pronto). Comfy and easy to get on (but still adjustable, yay!), Lana is an easy successor to the Lita throne (the Skate is a little too unusual to get the same treatment). I would recommend going up half a size if you've got C width or wider feet as they can fit a little tight across the metatarsal. I might just have to cave and get the leopard ones someday soon.
  • Nancy

    Lana black leather

    These shoes are amazing! they feel like they run a tiny bit small, but not much. The distressed is not evident in mine but the leather is soft and of a matte color. Love them!