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  • Barbie

    So Bomb !!!

    I just got this shoe 5min ago and love the way the fit and look omg i cant wait to wear it to the concert im inlove :-)
  • Jasmine

    My Babes!

    I L.O.V.E. these dolls!
  • April

    I havent actually bought these shoes, but can anyone who owns a pair tell me if there is much of a heel? I am starting to wear flatforms (platforms with no heel) as i cant wear heels, if it had just a little bit of a heel then maybe i could wear them. So could anyone tell me how much of a heel?
  • Shantay

    My Lovely Lana's

    My Shoes are fabolous. They fit perfect every day i model around the house with them on. This summer thats all I'm wearing. These are the best Shoes a girl could have .
  • Jalesa Singletary

    Jeffrey Campbell Lana Fab

    This shoe is beautiful and I love it.
  • Laura

    Shockingly Crazy (in a good way)

    They are not as easy to wear as the Litas which I put on all the time with everything. With the Lanas, you need to plan your entire outfit carefully, it demands a certain style, and is definitely not for everyone. It turns heads and I'm happy I bought it. The quality on the khaki's is not outstanding. The leather version of it seems to look richer. They fit true to size. I'm a size 7. I dedicated a blog post to my Lana Fabs, check it out here
  • tab


    I want every single lana every made now. Nuff said.
  • natalie

    Lana Cat Tapestry

    This is shoe is just as comfy as the Lita. The front platform feels a little awkwardly chunky at first but I got used to it. The tapestry is to die for! It definitely is good quality and just as detailed as the pic. All in all, a beautiful comfortable shoe that gives just the right amount of look! Thanks again JC!


  • Mackenzie

    so comfortable!

    This shoe is seriously more comfortable than most flats i have. So in love. Totally recommend this shoe. However, I would not recommend getting this shoe in any pony fur style. I bought them once before in pony fur and they were pretty messed up right out of the box. But THESE are glorious!
  • Fionnuala

    I just received these shoes about 40 minutes ago! My 4th pair of JCs but first time ordering from Solestruck and I am extremely impressed with the service, I ordered them on Friday and today is Wednesday, I wasn't expecting them for at least another 2 days! They're everything I was hoping for and more. I haven't walked around in them yet but I hope they will be just as easy to walk in as my other 3 pairs. They fit like a glove and feel very sturdy, I have no complaints at all! I can't wait to wear them to school tomorrow!
  • Victoria

    Just received my Lana Red-Multis & oh.ehm.gee! The picture doesn't do them ANY justice! They're bright & fun! They possess more of a hoof quality that my Litas don't. BUT! I'll get over it. The fit is a bit tight, though. I hope with wear they will loosen up. Besides those points, they are sexy & I cant wait to wear them this Fall season! Im in love!
  • Ashley


    WOW.. This shoe frightens me.. let's just be honest. They're insane. But i'm absolutely, head over heels (literally until learnt walk!) in love with them. I was tossing up whether to get these or Lita's as my first JC purchase but i'm super excited about my choice. I went with the beige Lana Fab. (excellent choice!) I live in Australia so i was worried about the sizing. I usually wear a size 6 in AUS shoes but i ordered the 7 after measuring my feet about 500000000 times. So glad i did. they fit like a glove! I ordered them on the Thursday afternoon and they arrived on my doorstep on Monday morning (express post). And i didn't have to pay any taxes or anything. So back to the shoes.. super comfortable! More offensive on the eye than the picture allows it to be but let's be real.. you don't buy these shoes to go unnoticed. Once i stop tripping over.. these will be my favourite shoes OF ALL TIME. perhaps until i buy leather or khaki ones. Until then.. ENJOY YOUR LANA's!
  • Caitlin Cribbs

    crazy shoes!

    First thing I said when I got thee out of the box was "HOLY CRAP" These shoes are not for the faint of heart! They are huge and unapologetic. They looked so much more unassuming in the tiny picture online, but even my size 6 Lanas seem like clydesdale hooves. Don't get me wrong, I think they're so great. I got the cat tapestry ones after missing my chance at the cat tapestry Litas and I couldn't wait til they restocked to have my own cat shoes. The cut out heel is really sexy and they are SO easy to walk in and more comfortable than the Litas! And the platform height is actually a little bit taller than what is listed, it's more like 2.5 inches. One thing I didn't realize until I got my pai is the stacked wooden heel only comes on the some of the other colors :( I got a size 6, normally wear a 5.5 and they fit perfectly, but I'm worried that after wearing them a while they'll be too loose. Overall, these things are incredible but they're not for everyone! They are way more intense than I thought they would be (I bet the solid colors are less so), but for me that's a good thing :)
  • Lauren

    tight fit at first but after a couple of wears is a perfect fit, super comfy and looks amazing! plus super easy to walk in :)
  • Seven

    love em!

    I just got my shoes in khaki...i luv them!they fit true to size and sure I will turn heads this weekend when I wear them!easy to walk in very stylish
  • Danica


    I love this shoe! It fits true to size and is also VERY comfortable. The platform is a little higher than I expected, but I absolutely admire them. I have yet to see anybody with a shoe that could compare.Thanks Jeff!
  • Yori Atira


    I just wanna share this story: when im home at my apartment, this shoe is always sitting fabulously in the living room. Every time some friends come over, each and everyone of them always say "oh my god your shoes!" and they cant stop touching it.
  • laxme

    loved it,so comfortable n easy to walk,,,,,,,,,thumps up
  • Suzy

    Lana is FAB!

    Surprisingly comfortable, just needs a little care on uneven ground, but otherwise a GREAT shoe that gives awesome height. Love the way it makes my legs look. I think the curved heel is so stylish and the look of this boot is less blockish with the cutout heel. Boot fits to size