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  • sha


    I absolutely LOVEEEE! these shoes they are so comfortable! feels like a platform sneaker i could wear them all day. im 5'5 & with them on i feel like a skyscraper (love it). i have the gold sequin in a size 7 could use a 7.5 but they are gorgeous! if youre not that best at walking in heels BE CAREFUL.
  • Anonymous

    awesome but ouch

    Got these a while back and wear them a lot and always get loads of compliments, but theres some lumpy bit that absolutely kills my foot after about 2hours. Its part of the top seam/stitching :(
  • Anonymous

    I need these asap !
  • jontiea

    fab-bu -lous

    its great i got ah lot of stares and complements
  • vittoria

    amazing, but...

    they are incredibly amazing!! i ordered them on the 6th of december and they arrived on 22nd of december. they arrived fast though they had to arrived in italy! i was so happy when i received them. they are incredibly tall, make you look like a supermodel ;) but they are extremely comfortable; i could wear them since 7pm to 4 pm without problems, they just started pushing at the top of my toes. but i would wear them longer. the only two things i have to say are: 1. be careful walking in them coz you can hurt your ankles if you don't walk properly. and 2. i wore them just one night but the heel got scratched so bad (i don't know how) and a bit of it went off. but i'm trying to fix it. and also a part of the lateral patch went away from the sole because it was just stucked. abyway tis shoes are showstopping, everybody asked me where did i get these and everybody congratulated eith me!! i'm so happy about my jeffreys. i'm definitely going to buy another pair.
  • Perabutt

    Consistent Neckbreaker

    I wear a 6.5 but I ordered a 7 and they fit good. The shoe is well cushioned and a attention getter, hints my title. Men and women complimented me on these. The Lanas are big but barely heavy. Enjoy!
  • slimmy

    best bday shoe

    Color: Petwer Normal Size: 7.5 Purchased Size: 7.5 Purchased these shoes true to size. Agreed they do have a weird smell and the sequins do stick up on some parts of the shoe but these are amazing! I wore these for my birthday and a full day out in the city with ease. They may just cause some rubbing on the pinky. Be prepared for the compliments wearing these.
  • Jasmin

    Show stopper!

    I have worn these shoes out once and I had more photos taken of my feet than my face! So comfortable to wear too! I wore these all night and didn't have any need to take them off! LOVE!
  • Lalessey

    extra extra shiny

    These do feel a little bit heavy. But they are comfortable. If you want attention, get these. These are show stoppers. These will add sparkle to your outfit. There are true to size for me.
  • Charne20

    Very shiny

    These are half a size smaller atleast. I usually wear a 8 Lita, and have a little bit of room still, these I ordered in 8.5 and they fit. Other than that, I still have not worn them, they are kickass but havent found an occasion yet. They are shiny very shiny. So if in doubt go for the black as you would probably get more wear out of it, however if you are extremely confident - rock the pewter :))))
  • Ambria R. Bradshaw


    I freakin' LOVE this shoe. I wore them out twice and I was stopped throughout the entire night by both men & women. Incredibly comfortable if your a gal who wears shoes this high on a regular basis, but of course after a long night of partying, you will feel some pain!
  • GHA EUL (가을)

    Goooood ;-D

    It is little heavy but I like it. Because I ♥ sequin and brilliant things. 오래 신으면 무거워서 피곤해요 그렇지만 마음에 들어요. 왜냐하면 전 시퀸과 반짝이는 것을 매우 좋아하거든요. 뒷굽은 13cm 에요. 운동화 사이즈는 220 구두는 225 cm 신는데 5.5 주문했어요.
  • Cartier


    These shoes are amazing. I love sequins, and the spin on the Lita is brilliant. I have only worn them once and have already recieved lots of compliments. Love them! Bless you Jeffrey Campbell and bless you Solestruck!
  • anonymous


    Received my Lanas! MAN THEY SHIN like true disco should. However, I ordered my actual size and did have to do an exchange for a larger size. Other than that, the curve of the heel definitely gives major sex appeal. (and less man-ish looking. Unlike it's sister Lita.) AMAZING SHOES and head turners for sure. Be warned all, these shoe SHINE! Gorgeous for sure! Lita, what?
  • Calla

    Pretty in theory, but...

    I was not initially a fan of this shoe as the front is a little heavy for such an amazing chunky heel and thus, on larger feet, appears a bit mannish, but I plowed forth and now love my black Lanas. I got this because I collect the glitter Litas and wanted to see the next shiny covering. 1) These are about a half size small, I found. Like extremely snug. It's as though my heel is trying to press all the flesh out of the cut out, which hurts, but my toes could obviously slide down more when I do the thumb check. My foot seems to be too wide somehow for the toe box? Or it doesn't stretch up enough to actually accommodate a moderate profile foot? 2) The sequins seem to be metal and thus bend and stay that way. They also catch on the laces if you adjust the tongue. 3) Light reflection makes things look bigger and these are no exception. My Litas make my feet look miniature in comparison. They're heading back to Solestruck sadly. Hopefully, the sequins will find their way to a pair of Litas or Skates soon.
  • Lucy Helena

    Rollerskates have wheels, but these Disco-balls have heels!

    Just purchased this shoe and I am dying with anticipation! I have been eyeballing the new styles the past few weeks and it's been a tough call, because I'm in Australia, heading into Winter and couldn't justify a lot of the Spring-oriented styles. But these babies have it all! Boot - check wacky heel - check platform for comfort/height - check wow-factor - (sequins) check I will let you know when I receive them and give a proper review, but I am most certain that these will sell out and be the most coveted style of the Season!