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  • Chana


    I absolutely love it! i folded the top over to have a red band and it looks HOT!!! the only part i dislike is the padding at the foot slips up and crumples. Best pair of rainboots ever!!
  • ali kornhauser

    dream boot

    this is the comfiest slickest plain black gum boot ever! seriously a gem and i cannot wait until festival season!!
  • Belinda


    The green is a deeper colored than pictured, but looks better like this way I think. The shoe is really fitted, so wearing socks is difficult. However, the rubber is really thin so I like that it's not hefty like a lot of rain boots are. I would suggest maybe sizing up; I have wide feet and the shoe really hurts my pinky toe because of the narrow constrictiveness of it. (this is without socks) But otherwise, it's really cute, I've gotten a lot of compliments on them.
  • Alyssa


    These rainboots are amazing. Simple and classy, it goes with everything! It's comfortable and snug to the point where rain isn't necessary for wearing them out.
  • Alyssa


    These rainboots are amazing. Simple and classy, it goes with everything! It's comfortable and snug to the point where rain isn't necessary for wearing them out.
  • renee

    jeffrey - marsha rain boot

    great rain boot that looks like a real and stylish boot. Great pick!
  • Suzy

    Cute but fragile.

    I love these boots and wear them a ton! The thing is, though, part of why they are so great is because the rubber is so thin. This makes them comfy and light. I'm not sure that they are especially well designed (a thicker sole might keep things intact longer?), as even before I experienced any holes/tears I was getting slightly damp toes.. I've now experienced my first tear in the toe and have had to repair with Shoe Goo. I've only had these boots for a month or two, and really only walk on city sidewalks. If you buy these, bear in mind that they may rip if you scuff your toe on a sidewalk. In fact, it may be worth picking up some shoe goo or similar and going over the edges where the boot connects to the sole and just going over them in advance. The quality is disappointing for the price, but I must admit.. If I can make my Shoe-Goo-reinforced Marsha boots last long enough, I might buy again. I DO wear these a lot, and as someone who dislikes traditional rainboots, I love these chic boots.
  • Kat


    Just got these in the mail today, and I love them! They're light, they look good, and best of all - they are super comfy! I thought the height of the boots were a problem since I'm only 5', but the top of the boots barely reach above my knee and they look just fine. The rubber is also soft enough to fold the tops over to show the cute red lining. Overall a great purchase!
  • Joanne N

    Jeffrey Campbell Marsha Rainboots

    Jeffrey Campbell Marsha Rainboots is very stylish and dressy. perfect rainboots. Not heavy at all!!!! It doesn't have much sole support though.
  • Bethany

    Light as air!

    Finally a rainboot that doesn't feel like I'm trudging around in the rain with cement blocks strapped to my feet. This boot is comfortable, super lightweight and can even be rolled up for easy transportation. Average-height ladies might find them a bit too tall (they are almost past my knees!) but you can cuff or roll the tops down, which exposes the cute red lining.
  • Helen

    Great wellies

    Extremely cute and perfect fit! I can't wait a rainy days :)
  • Hannah Levin

    The best Wellie EVER!

    This is a fab shoe! It fits your foot unlike most wellies which are big and chunky. It also leaves enough room to tuck in trousers if needed which is great for the wet weather!
  • Marina

    Decent rain boot

    This is actually the first rain boot I've ever owned (just moved to Boston from sunny California), so I don't have anything to compare it to. I'll try anyway. I love that it's so colorful, and it definitely brightens up rainy days. It's a little too high, hitting about halfway up my knee, so I roll it down a few inches. It's pretty thin and is blue on the reverse (I bought the 'artist print'), so it's cute that way. It's not as slim around the ankle as I'd like, but it's definitely slimmer than your average rain boot. All in all, a worthwhile purchase.
  • Holly

    JC Marsha

    THESE ARE THE BEST RAINBOOTS IN THE ENTIRE KNOWN UNIVERSE. The first pair I got had a defect: a slit on the sole. But Solestruck replaced them, no problem, and just in time for fall. I've been getting so many compliments about them, a girl in my school even introduced herself to me (I'm just a freshman) just to ask where I got them. These are amazing, definitely a must-have for anyone who just can't sacrifice style for function.
  • Vlada

    Awesome boots!

    I just love them. They are very soft and true to size. Was testing them by standing in a puddle for 10 minutes :) Amazing!
  • julia

    amazing rainboots!

    the most comfortable rainboot ever! looks gorgeous too - i got ones in green. they are a little too high - comes to mid-knee (i am 5'3") but you can roll them down for an even cooler look
  • Lois


    These boots are perfect, they are knee high and totally water proof. They are also really flexible and thin so they are easy to walk around in. Highly recommend!
  • Bonnie

    Cutesy Bootsy

    This is the greatest looking rain boot I could find. I like it because it isn't square and "clunky" like most of them. I have really skinny legs and this boot fits a lot closer than most, although it is almost too high on my calf. If it holds up, I'll be "singing and dancing inthe rain".
  • Katie


    So these boots are extremely cute and when I bought them I wore them all the time. Unforch, they are made so crappily that the toe is coming away from the sole and rain gets in like bam. Only had them for two months, maybe. And the soles are removable and get bunched up. SO: cute but wildly impractical and crappy.
  • Isabel


    I wear these boots with everything! They have a wonderful sleek profile so they look great with dresses and skirts and also with skinny jeans. They come up to about mid knee on me and I am 5'5". I purchased the black so you can roll them down too and they have a very cute red lining. I live in a very rainy city and walk everywhere so shoes have to be comfortable for me and these fit the bill! Buy them now!