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  • claire


    True to size, beautiful leather boot, very comfortable
  • anonymous


    I need the black ones in my life ...
  • HELP


    I have read this boot can run a bit big... I NEED THIS SHOE and usually wear an 8 could i squeeze into a 7 with shoe stretch??? anyone??? thanks!!!
  • anonymous

    almost love

    I was dying to have a pair of the brown ones and my boyfriend surprised me on my bday with them! What a great guy. At first they were REALLY stiff. Almost uncomfortable to walk in. I bought some mink oil and they softened up quite a bit. I do have to say that the extra stretch leather at the top makes them a little harder to love. It just seems to be a little too much. I took them to a cobbler to have some removed, but he said it can't be done. I am going to keep looking. If you have skinny legs, something to consider. But overall I love them!
  • Jeannie

    The most wonderful boots I have ever had! I bought the same in two colors
  • Elloria


    I can't wait until the temp. drops here in Texas so I can throw these bad babies on. I slip them on and I feel sexy and badass at the same time. Can't be stop in these boots. JC has done it once again!
  • Cassandra

    AMAZING boots. So in love.

    I just got these today and they're absolutely fantastic. They do seem to run a bit big; I'm a size 5 and they feel a little roomy on the inside, but definitely not in a bad way. They're very comfortable and surprisingly light! I have a pair of mid-calf Doc Martens and they're way heavier than these! For anyone who said that it's uncomfortable to bend your knee; if you put them on straight out of the box without unlacing them, then yes they will be. I loosened the laces to just below my knee and then bent my leg like I would if I were sitting. Then I just re-laced them to where it's comfortable in that position. The laces don't look weird like that or anything, so don't worry. Overall, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these boots and I'm so glad I chose to get these as a cheering-up present for myself! And as always, I'm very impressed with Solestruck's customer service and speed. Absolutely wonderful.
  • Sue Anne

    Love at first sight

    I've been looking at these babies since LAST WINTER (almost a year ago) and loved how they looked online but was never sure how it would look on me. WELL I knew I'd be devastated if they sold out without giving them a try, so I finally got them! and I think they look fabulous! I have tiny feet - size 5 but I always go up a size for boots which I'm glad I did. So 6 fits perfectly on me. I didn't have to loosen the laces to get em on but that's just me. It is a little painful to bend the knees with these on but hello! Beauty is pain. They are not totally comfortable to walk around in but I'm sure I can work around it once I get used to them. FYI I'm 5'1" 100 lbs.
  • Erin

    Brown Meds

    Hey loves, I had been craving this shoe for SO long, i finally got it and its so beautiful BUT my foot was to way to wide. Where/how they have sewn the tongue of the shoe is a shame as it makes it way to narrow. Im sooo devastated. Unfortunately I have sent them back....boohoo x
  • juicy

    awesome shoes! very unique!
  • Veronika

    Jeffrey Campbell Meds

    It's amazing boots! They are so stylish and beautiful! Yesterday, when we celebrated the New Year, I was in them. All my friends were jealous and asked where I bought these incredibly beautiful boots! These boots are very comfortable. Gum on the back of the knee is soft and made very high quality, so despite the fact that these boots are very high, I could bend my legs without any problems. I danced in them all night! I adore these boots!
  • Mari

    I got them in brown and I really like them! I love the thick leather. When I first put them on it did feel a bit stiff and heavy but after I wore them a bit the leather softened up and I got used to them. I have no problem getting them off and on. I actually had to tighten the laces alot. The only con is that they're really big at the top around my knee...almost like wellingtons. I find the stretchy part quite useless. But they're comfortable. Plus, they really do make you feel like kicking down some walls :)
  • boodikka

    Four and half stars

    I love them. I wanted a pair last year but my size was gone. The bad part isthey pinch my left foot right where the laces start. There doesn't seem to be anything to do about it besides having a shoe guy stretch them. Strangely it feels worse when sitting. My feet very narrow but I have a high arch so something to keep in mind. The leather of the black is very thick, soft and good quality. I could smell them right through the box as the mailman handed them to me. Yummy!
  • sarah newland

    jeffrey campbell meds

    they are lovely to look at, but like the last pair i bought from solestruck i really do wish you could see a few pictures of what they look like on. ALSO... i have worn them once for only 3 hours and the blisters are so bad i have had to get antibiotics... i am sure they will wear in, but the look a bit weird how huge they are above the knee and it will be a lot of hard 'breaking in' work for a pair of boots that i probably wouldn't have bought if i knew what they looked like on, or how uncomfortable they are.
  • Adriana

    FaFaFabulous Boot

    This boots are great the fit the quality. They run true to size usually a 7.5 got the 8 and it fits great. Love them so much that I also bought the brown ones hopefully there as great as the black. Girls w/large calves dont worry they fit.
  • Bootlover75

    Jeffrey Campbell Meds

    The black color is awesome in quality and color but the brown for some reason were very stiff and looked spray painted to me...I have had my black ones since last year and thought I would give the brown a try and no deal they were shipped back that same day. I would not trade my black pair for any other boots ever! The only downside is everytimes when I wear them I feel like I am going to be mugged in the ladies bathroom because people just go nuts over these! Fit true to size. I gave the boot 5 stars considering the black ones and not the brown.
  • Donyell

    Absolutely Adorable!!!

    I ordered this boot in black originally from Free-People~ It is so dog-gone cute and I get so many compliments that I had search to see if it came in other colors!!! Much to my delight I found Solestruck and have found the boot in Brown!!! I had to snap it up and even ordered a pair for a friend for Christmas!!! These boots are DOPE and you will not be disappointed in them~ They run true to size and are "HOT" with skirts, shorts jeans & jeggings! Well worth the price!! LooOOVe Them!
  • Kristen

    Calling all Grunge Babes

    I adore this Jeffrey Campbell! It brings back the very coolest aspect of the nineties and what we all loved about the grunge era. I know it is pricey, but it is so well made, you can probably expect it to last a decade at least. And it is really comfortable! Well worth it if you are a lace-up combat boot girl that has grown in sophistication since 1993. I say 5 out of 5 stars for me!
  • JR

    The best!

    These are amazing! Ordered them praying they could be adjusted enough for my large calves, and lo and behold, they fit! I have 16" diameter on my calves, and these beautiful boots worked perfectly! If your calves are any bigger (thinking 17"+) I don't know if you'd be able to adjust the laces enough on these, for the tongue is sewn down in places. The boots also did not go OTK on me, but I am 5'10", so that's probably the reason, ha.
  • Julie


    These boots are just awesome. Slightly narrow at the ankle but once you get them on, they rock. Go up if you're between sizes. I love the zip on the side which makes them easier to get on. Get a pair while they last!!