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  • BoiiGaga.Clov3r-"Allen White"


    Omg I cannot wait to get this I'm really excited.
  • Paris

    A Fall Must Have

    I bought this shoe bc it's very stylish and fun but I never imagined how amazing these shoes are. When I go out with my girls these shoes are a definate head turner and will get you alot of compliments. Very versitle to wear and very comfortable . This Seasons must have boot!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Antionett

    From order to delivery it took 12 days, to Norway. I'm impressed with shipping - and ofcourse the shoes! They fit exactly as described. I'm usually a 10, ordered 9 and they fit perfectly! They are so amazing...
  • Anonymous


    i so badly want these. & the comments are all good makes me want them more, i think i need these. This is my motivation to finish school & get a good job so i can buy these with no hassle. lol
  • Anonymous

    ii love dese shoes!!



    They fit great (I'm an 11 but 10 are perfect). Such the statement heel... well heelless. Amazing! Very happy!
  • Dayna

    To Ecentricity and Beyond.

    So, being a teenager I absoulitly must be 'in' with the new fashion trends. These shoes, Oh My Wow! I LOVE THEM TO BITS! Very easy to walk in. However, One must be careful on non-flat/soft surfaces. It can get a bit wobbly. But that aside. They are very stylish and who cares what colour you get? Does it matter if they 'really' match your outfit? I think just the fact they make a head turning statement when you glide through the room is all a girl needs! Super quick shipping. Being in Australia, I thought it would take a few weeks. It only was 4 days!! Thank you multiple amounts for the awesome fitting shoes!
  • Sarah


    These shoes are amazing. So beautiful, easy to walk in and comfortable! I was contemplating about getting these shoes scared I wouldn't be able to walk in them but they are surprisingly sooo easy to walk in! Definitely an amazing shoe that I won't regret buying!
  • shanice

    night lita

    this shoe is really high but very easy to walk in believe it or not. fits true to size im in between sizes im sometimes a 6 1/2 or a 7 but i got a 7 in these shoes and they fit perfect
  • Stuart

    I give them 5 stars! I think it's an amazing shoe! Definatly a head turning statement peice! I have them in distressed brown leather, and purple suede! They do run a bit large so I recomend going a half size down for leather ones, and a full size for suede (suede runs larger than leather). I love these shoes so much, and they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own! :D including flats, partly because there is so much support, plus the angle of your foot isn't actually very steep. I wore them for 9 hours straight at Toronto Pride without any pain! If you want to get a pair (or more :P ) you definatly won't regret it! :)
  • Nikita

    Comfortable as any Jeffrey's

    Once you force yourself to forget that they don't have a heel they are literally just as comfy as any other Jeffrey's. Ordered them the same size as my Lita Spikes and they fit perfectly. Even though there were little issues with the ordering, I can only compliment the service team at solestruck, who arrange everything quickly and answer emails often within the hour. Very happy, thanks a lot!
  • Jeremy Francis


    I love this shoe. It was a bit tight, but For the style I wanted it tighter o its easier to walk in. However these are SUPER easy to walk in anyways! I love them!
  • Brenda

    Hot, Hot, Hot !!!!!

    This shoe is so soft and padded on the inside. It's definately eye catching. People stop and stare as some are not sure what to make of it and others are blown away. I love it. This shoe is not for the ordinary. I laugh to myself because I don't think the Jeffrey Campbell line was meant for an older age group of women, but I'm 50 years old and this is my 6th pair!
  • B


    These are great. Very high, yet sturdy and comfortable to walk in. Anyone worried about the ease of wearing these boots should put those fears to rest. If you can walk in normal wedges, you can walk in these. I actually find them to be more comfortable than normal heels, as well as the Night Walks. I received these shoes four days before the predicted arrival time, and I am an international customer. Great shipping!! THESE ARE NEVER COMING OFF OF MY FEET!
  • Stuart


    These shoes just arrived for me today and they are.....absolutly fabulous! I got them in the purple suede...I had to get them in the brightest color! The shade of purple isn't too bright, or dark, I'd say it's more of a blueish purple. I love it! These are super easy...and i mean easy! to walk in, and bran new out of the box I wore them for around 6 hours before my feet hurt a bit. I love them and I recommend them to every fashionista out there! :D solestruck is definatly riding the world of ulgy shoes! ;D
  • anonymous


    Love these shoes!
  • Medlock

    Amazing !!!

    I JUST got mine in today & they DO run big, I'm usually a 12 and I fit an 11 perfectly!! These are must haves !!
  • anonymous

    Amazing shoes!!

    I love the night litas! amazing!! amazing !!! and a stunning shoes, I love them, i got them today and i cant keep them off my feet, i take them everywhere i go, there amazing, and absolutely stunning.... people stare and they ask me where did i get them, and i sale honey... I love them!!!! fast shipping and amazing shoe!! this is a must shoe for fashion lovers and for people who love stuff like this... GET THEM, YOU WONT REGRET IT!!... Amazing shoe!!!
  • Saul J. <3


    well I purchased these shoes yesterday. they are AMAZING! I love the smell of the leather its an amazing shoe! But One thing was that I didn't get them my real size. so I got a 10 (I'm a size 11) But they still are an amazing shoe! & They would hopefully stretch out & Turn into a size 10 1/2 PLUS These are the first Jeffrey Campbell's I purchased & I'M IN LOVE!
  • Ben


    these shoes are perfect. exactly as described. true to size. so comfortable and easy to walk in. i saw them online one day and had so much trouble finding them in my size. thank you!!