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  • Dixie

    I would die in those.
  • Rancho

    Awesome Possom Sauce

    These shoes are insane. They definitely don't have a 6.5" heel, they're more like 8-8.5" high (I personally was very excited about this because the more height the better. Haha!) I wear these shoes all the time to school and out shopping and I love them (My bf doesn't love them though *sad face*, but that's because I'm taller than him when I'm wearing these). But be prepared to have people stare and take pictures of you with these shoes on because they are outrageous. A lot of people ask me how I manage to walk in these, but it's actually quite easy, you just need a lot of balance and strong legs and you must avoid obstacles. I guess the only thing that is an issue with these shoes is that it's hard to walk on grass, or down hills and stairs, or any diagonal surface, or on rocks and dirt, or cracked asphalt, or in a crowd of people, or on carpeting, and you can't feel the pedals in your car while driving (who cares anyway --- PEDAL TO THE METAL), buuuuut other than those minuscule issues these are RAD. I would say go ahead and buy these, but only if you're prepared to put your life in your own hands because these are NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! P.S.: Don't worry about tripping and falling while wearing these because they're so tall you'll just die on impact and it'll save you from an embarrassing situation. LOL
  • Stabberella

    Love these!
  • Coco

    A mess

    I love shoes by Jeffrey Campbell but these are by far the worse!!! I just got these in the mail about 15 minutes ago,opened them and was horrified at what i saw! They are super huge!!!i know that in the pictures they seem a bit chunky but magnify what you see in the picture times ten!!!ugh sending these back TODAY!!!
  • denise

    i love this shoe

    is there a weight limit to wearing this type of platform?
  • Craig Ogilvie


    Probably the most outrageous pair of shoes I've bought thus far. Fits a little tight (11 US), but I have wider feet being a guy, so it's a snug fit.. They're surprisingly easy to balance / walk in, but a little awkward to actually get into, nothing you can't handle. Loveeeeeeeeee! Thank you for bringing them into my life, JC+SS. <3
  • Anonymous

    Just received my shoes and they are Awesome. Unfortunately I have to send them back because they are too tall for me. I recommend that you are short to wear this shoes.. but they are to die for.. :/