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  • Ian Reyes

    My love

    i love these shoes for all they are worth the only bad thing about them is that the zipper on my left boot split apart but the people at solestruck took good care of me 0:)
  • Kate

    Lovely - solved zip problem

    This shoes are gorgeous (I have the black pair) but there is definitely a problem with the zip staying up. I solved this problem by stitching the zipper closed just underneath the zip tab when it was zipped all the way up. Don't panic though - you can still get into the shoes by undoing the top brass buckle. Simple! Size-wise, these are slightly roomy, but if you have high arches or a wide foot they should fit fine.
  • Amanda

    Love 'em!

    Recently recieved this shoe and they're great so far. I am a 7 1/2 and usually purchase a size 8 in JC's but I went with a 7 this time. They fit great. The zipper slips sometimes but I don't mind; I kinda dig the slouchy-ness. I've been wearing them with sweaters and skirts (a la Mary-Kate and the Balenciaga cut outs). Also fantastic with Jeans and a big chunky knit.
  • al

    nice but not great

    This shoe does run big, the zip falls down at the back, and the brass fittings seem too heavy for the leather. But it looks nice on.
  • Erin

    JC Roscoes

    Bought these shoes for myself and i love them! They looked small at first but when i tried them on they fit perfectly. Very comfortable, speedy delivery. Soooo happy!
  • donna olsen

    red suede boot

    my daughter loves them , she was very happy... she has a lot of jeffrey/s shoes and has been very happy with all of them except one pair ..being that she has about 50 pairs thats pretty good i think..
  • M


    This shoe is comfortable and I didn't find it loose in the heel. It is much more distressed in real life and looks much better in the photo. The buckles are very flimsy. But what I was most disappointed with is the zip. I can't walk 5 steps without the zips completely falling down. The zipper itself is very chunky and makes a lot of noise when walking. I even tried applying clear nailpolish to the zips and still nothing holds them up. Very frustrating, I wouldn't expect that from a shoe this expensive.
  • Lim Junying

    Everything is perfect about this shoe, comfort and style-wise, except the zips. It is fine when zipped, but after walking for awhile, it opens and gapes, making it uncomfortable & also extremely difficult to get my feet out of. I think it would be easier if there was a buckle instead of zips, as there is a lot of movement and thus might cause the zip to be more fragile... Thanks.:)
  • Elli Johnston

    Jeffry Campbell Roscoe Boot

    My Zips on both shoes broke within 30 Mins to wearing them. Are they able to please be replaced? This also happened to a GF of mine who also got the shoes off of this website..
  • Bonita

    Updated review

    Ok I feel really stupid but I really feel like I should point this out - I wrote in the previous review that it is slightly slouchy near the top buckle for the black shoe, as have numerous of the suede reviewers. I had a play around with the buckle and although it seems like if you have the buckle set on the inside little crevice as it comes in the box that it would be tightest there, BUT that's not how this buckle works (like ordinary buckles on shoes). If you put the buckle on the furthest little crevice available, that pulls the strap in and makes it tighter, fitting to your ankle better and thus ensuring it doesn't slouch. So make sure you look at that first! It no longer slouches and I have pretty skinny ankles. Woo.
  • Bonita

    Super cute

    The black version looks exactly as it does in the picture. I freaked out once I already placed my order for size 6 when reviews were posted later that it was loose in the ankle, slouchy and large. I'm a 5.5 for a perfect fit in most shoes, and usually wear size 6, and my feet are neither narrow nor wide. I found these fit quite well - it barely felt loose in the ankle. It shouldn't be too loose unless you have really really narrow feet. If that's the case, then I'd suggest going down a size. It doesn't slouch down too much as the zipper and leather on the spine is pretty strong, it only SLIGHTLY slouches down on the inside top buckle area, since there's not much supporting that, but this isn't too much of a problem, which the suede buyers have commented on. This shoe is gorgeous and I'm SO stoked with it! x
  • Benji

    JC Guy!

    When I first saw this shoe I did a little research to see if I could find a picture of this boot on a foot. I came across a Balenciaga boot that everyone was comparing this shoe to. I personally like this style from JC a lot better because its much more rugged where as the other looks all sporty. I patiently waited and got lucky when the black came out because thats the color I wanted it in. The other reviews were right about the sizing Im actually a guy and love JC boots so I'm always buying them =P. I normally wear a 10 in women's to be safe but after reading the reviews I got a 9 to ensure that the buckle fit right and to my surprise it did! there amazing such a statement especially on a guy. JC should make more crazy shoes for men. lucky for me I can fit into women's shoes like these , my guilty pleasure =]!
  • Mel Mel Carammel

    Love these!

    I ordered the rust colour as soon as they came out but then returned them because I didn't find the colour to be something I could wear a ton with my wardrobe. When the black ones came out though...super excited! They are such a great alternative to the Balenciaga boots from this past season. I went down a size from my usual JC size.
  • Julie

    So comfy!

    I wasn't sure about these boots in the Rust, but I love the color! The zippers do fall down half way, but I actually like that look! I heard you can use wax on a zipper to keep it stiffer and stay up so I'm going to try that. The suede is soft and does slouch, but cute that way. You can tighten the buckle up on your ankle but if you have tiny ankles, it will still be loose. Fit me true and is wide which makes them feel like a slipper.
  • Diana

    I love the rust!

    Although the shoe does fit somewhat large in the ankle, I really like them! They're trendy, comfortable and fun! Unlike the other review, you can wear this rust color with all kinds of things, jeans, shorts, skirts, whatever!! I have very narrow legs but I don't mind the slouchy fit at all.
  • Melissa

    Beautiful shoes but...

    The shoe is gorgeous, however I have several issues with them. I own several Jeffrey Campbell shoes in a sizes 5 that fit perfectly and these fit huge. True they are loose in the heel, I expected that, but the toe is huge as well. The hardware is so heavy, I constantly find myself having to zip up the zipper because it won't stay in place. The gold clasps don't stay in place either. Don't expect the color to look as pictured above, the shoes are more of a bright pumpkin color. The rust comes "distressed", which makes them look like they have dirt on them. They also don't stand up on their own as pictured above. I don't think anyone's ankles will be think enough for these shoes, the suede can't stand up on it's own, therefor making the shoes look slouchy. The one positive, is that they are very comfortable. I would suggest getting the black, it's almost impossible for me to find anything to wear the rust color.