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  • rockerface


    Such a bummer, this shoe looks great in the photo and was going to be an awesome addition to my Spring wardrobe but I can't get my foot flat across the sole. Uncomfortable and a waste of $.
  • Anonymous

    Uncomfortable and NO support

    This heel looks so beautiful in the pictures, but on my foot it looks terrible!! My feet are quite narrow and small, I got a size 6. True to size, although the toe strap is so thin and I can barely fit my toes in!! the heel area has no support at all, so when walking I feel like I'm going to roll my ankle and my feet keep going off the edges. DO NOT recommend!
  • Anonymous

    So beautiful...

    After reading the reviews regarding how narrow this shoe seemed I was very hesitant to try them (I can wear "regular" width shoes, but my feet are a bit on the wide side...). I searched high and low for some shoes that somewhat resembled them with no avail. Finally I said, f*ck it, why not try? These heels are even more drool worthy in person, and exactly what I was looking for. Yet after many, many, many frugal attempts to jam my fat toes into these suckers I had to give up. These are ridiculously narrow. I would think twice about these even if you had normal width feet. But they are SO GORGEOUS. So many tears. Jeffrey Campbell you are too cruel.
  • Phoebe Prescott


    I bought the sabine's in blue and they looked fab on! I am normally a 6.5 and they were true to size for me, however i have quite a narrow foot! The first night i wore them i got blisters on the bottom of my feet!! So i am gonna buy some little gel pads, They hurt but looked fab so totally worth it!
  • Anna

    Nice shoes. But they are pretty uncomfortable.
  • LN

    Not for women with wide feet

    So, first off, this shoe is beautiful. That much is clear. But I have wide feet and this was a disaster. The toe strap only fit 4 of my toes. My pinkie was hanging off the side, and the four toes that DID fit in the strap were in searing pain as I took a few wobbly steps on my carpet. I was so excited to get these shoes that I overnighted them, and I had so many outfits planned. Now I'm sitting here deflated, wondering whether I need to order a half size or full size up, or if I should just resign myself to the fact that these narrow shoes are not for someone with feet as wide as mine. *Sigh*
  • Andrea

    Wish I didn't throw away the box!!

    They are sooo cute and I was so excited to receive them. 5 for looks, 0 for functionality. I don't have wide feet at all, however, the strap over the toes is VERY narrow, like I have to use my hands to squeeze my toes in the strap. Also, since the ankle strap is not connected to the back strap, there is absolutely no support when you walk. I put the shoes on for the first time, took 10 steps out the door and had to turn around and change my shoes :( I unfortunately threw the box away so I am now stuck with these gorgeous but unwearable shoes in my closet. Waste of money!!
  • Ciara


    This shoe is extremely comfortable as well as sexy. I was surprised how well I could walk in these high heels and not feel like I was walking on stilts :) I would def recommend these shoes. They also fit true to size. If you want to see how they look on someones foot I did a blog post
  • Payton

    Wedding Shoe

    I saw this online and knew immediately that it would be perfect for my wedding which is coming up in August. I got them in, tried them on and of course they were perfection. I love how they sparkle when you walk. Anyway, I haven't had the chance to wear them yet but I'm overjoyed with my purchase.
  • A Glittering Little Disco Ball

    Add this to the collection...

    The color comes off more as a pale pink than true nude but this doesn't bother me in the least. It's a little wobbly to walk in but very comfortable overall and oh so cute! Luv it!