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  • China


    I fell in love wih these shoes online but when I recieved them the love faded. They're SO heavy so I'm practically stomping around and they're uncomfortable. After 10 minutes of wearing them I could tell walking in them was going to be a b****. I recieved them today at around 4 p.m. it's currently 11 p.m. and I'm packing them back up so that I can return them tomorrow. :(
  • Ardnassac

    LOVED them!!!

    I don't think I've ever loved any pair of shoes I own like I love these, and I am a shoe fanatic. They are soooo comfortable, a little weird to walk in at first because of how heavy and elevated they are, but I broke them in in like 30 min tops! I want to get them in every color..probably will lol! I wore them to a fashion show I was designing for and everyone was obsessed over them. Definitely worth it!!!
  • Anonymous

    Beautiful but big.

    I bought these ones in US 7 and they are waaaay too big for me :( I think i need to size down one whole number. Also I found them really heavy, however love them and I'll try to sell these ones to buy a new pair.
  • Dawn

    Too Big :(

    Beware: If you're a US6.5 or UK4, I would suggest ordering these in a 36. The size 37 was too big, luckily they fit my friend perfectly and she is stomping around town in them.
  • Tasha

    Super Impressed

    With size 9 (UK) feet it's a never ending battle to find beautiful shoes that don't make my feet look like banana boats. Pre-ordered them in the JC sale, And recieved them within the week of the set release. I just had to marvel at the shoe box for a while with the beautiful artwork. Boy when I opened that box, all my dreams came true! I was a bit wary that they would be too narrow, and so wouldn't fit me very well. But shiver me timbers, they fit perfectly! Really comfortable, especially when paired with some snazzy socks. Ankle strap also adds to the comfort, and +1 point for the velcro rather than a usual fiddley buckle. Might have to invest in some sort of padding to make the interiors extra comfortable so you can wear them for longer. Overall, brilliant shoe, super impressed. A bit on the heavy side, but that's because all your style points are stored within the heels.
  • Karen

    Epitome of Love

    Freaked out silently when I arrived home from work. I slipped them on and they fit TTS. I was afraid that the shoe would be to narrow but they're pretty roomy for my extremely wide Wide WIDE feet(they're wideeee, haha) just had to stress that part. As most people know, tbere are some out there who unfortunately have one foot that is slightly larger than the other; my right foot is the slightest tight because of my arch(easily fixed "beauty is pain!"). Regarding the wearability, it doesn't seem that it'll be a big problem. Just like my JC Tardys, they might need sole padding if you want to walk comfortably after 4-5 hours since the shoe has pretty good weight to it. The Jeffrey Campbell Scully is a def. need in your wardrobe! It just does the job, what else is there really to say?:) Hope this helps anyone debating.... just browse solestruck in the middle of the night while you're laying in bed dillusional, online "window shopping" and press the button that says anything from 'complete order', 'enter', 'submit', and before you know it the Scully will be at your front door:) You won't have buyers remorse once you recieve them. TRUST!!
  • Anonymous

    Just got these in the mail after pre-ordering!! Love them so much but I can see they are gonna be a bitch to walk in. And i have the JC over here, so you know im good with high heels. these are definitely worse. But still love them sooo much!! even if it means i'll be stomping around.
  • Irinka

    come back soon <3
  • Rūta

    Omg, finally i found my dream shoes!!! Also it would be greatful if I win this art work for Jenni Im giveaway! 
  • Rūta

    Omg, finally I found my dream shoes!!!! It would be amazing if I win this amazing art work of Jenni Im giveaway 
  • Yamiko

    dream shoes

    i really like the simplicity of this shoes. i really like everything of this shoes
  • Shi


    I want to win this for Jenn Im giveaway!!!
  • Anonymous

    They're perfect!!!
  • Rania


    OMG, these shoes were UNBELIEVABLE. Although they are definite hellbounds, bound to send you straight to hell and never back up, financially and physically,I believe they are one of most comfortable heels I've ever worn, besides the Jeffrey Campbell series. They do give you a fair height and make you taller and more noticeable, I'd say it's ideal for short people like me (5
  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous but veeeerrry narrow on my fairly regular sized feet. Reordering a size up but I'm not even sure that will work.