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  • anna


    I've seen these in person at a boutique one time and fell in love. never thought i would see them again! they are quiet LOUD and bright... fantastically ugly shoe.** The fur isn't furry at all- its cow hair.** coarse and thin. i just bought a jc's yesterday so ill have to put these on hold a bit longer.
  • Rebecca


    When I opened, the box, I was blown away. The quality is exceptional. It even smells like quality. The stitching is perfect and the overall appearance of the shoe is extraordinary. They fit wonderfully and true to size. I am a size 6 and sometimes find that shoes can be a bit wide or awkward at the toes. This shoe doesn't have that problem. You'll get a lot of compliments so prepare to blush. It's an eye-catching shoe, I'll admit, but I wasn't expecting so much praise. The ONE problem I had was the shipping costs. Though the website does clearly state that the shipping company (I got FedEx) might charge you at the door to receive the package, I wasn't expecting such high rates. I ordered two pairs of shoes from Solestruck and was "struck" with a shipping fee of $126. Granted, I live in Canada and it was international, but I have never seen a fee that high. Other than that, great shoe and I highly recommend. I would purchase from Solestruck again.
  • anonymous


    This shoe is way cute. I've received heaps of compliments on them so far, and have noticed quite a number of people checking them out ! They also fit true to size in my opinion, and are pretty comfortable ! However, there are some negative aspects of the shoe I'll point out. The heels are very loud, which sometimes draws attention for the wrong reason. The colour is off, like the previous reviewer said. It's definitely brighter than the pictures, which makes the shoe a teeny bit garish. The quality of the fur also isn't fantastic, given the fact that the shoe is $200. Overall though, I still love this shoe and find myself wearing it a lot. This shoe definitely makes a statement and can make an outfit. (:
  • anonymous

    Love the Tardy, but not this one

    So the color listed should be teal, NOT blue. Buyers beware it is bright teal, not like the pictures. Yes, computer screens don't do color justice, but this one is way off.