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  • Olga

    Same problem - very bad design of the velcro straps - which are simply too short to close properly!! And the back with zip bends too much towards the foot, it must be a bit more straight for comfortable wear. Fits true to size, except that it is impossible to wear them. The solution may be - not to zip them at all, to prevent the staps loose and callosity. Don't know for the moment what to do with them. They look absolutely gorgeous - color, suede, spikes, would be very sad to give away...
  • snowflake


    This shoe is most definitely the BOMB, but the velcro strap is HORRIBLE literally! I wear a 9-9.5, but I ordered the size 10 which fit perfectly. So the shoe color, suede material, and fit is pretty cool. BUT............... When you walk the straps pop loose so bad that you can't even wear them for the night period. I haven't even been able to wear them outside of the house, because the straps are so weak on the velcro. THEY AREN'T FIXABLE neither, because if you try to take them to a show cobbler THEY WANT BE ABLE TO DO NOTHING TO HELP THE ISSUE. How could jeffrey campbell disappoint me so with this TO DIE FOR HEEL, and make a HORRIBLE STRAP? UGH! I'm so frustated, upset, and disappointed that, i want be able to enjoy this shoe. I had to send them back, because it wasn't nothing that could be done to help the fix the strap so the velcro want keep coming aloose. UGH!!!!!!!!!! To make it so bad all I buy jeffrey campbell shoes all of the time, and this is the first shoe that I've ever had an isue with like this! :( BOMBER!!!!!!!
  • Vanessa

    Too Small!

    I am giving these shoes 3 stars for looks because they are bad a$$! But, they fit much smaller than my other Jeffrey shoes. I wear an 8.5 and ordered an 8 because previously when I've ordered size 9 the shoes are too big. Please Jeffrey Campbell either make half sizes or offer sizing advice per shoe i.e. this shoe runs small, half sizes order half size up. I am going to get really creative with my shoe stretching techniques, otherwise I've just wasted my money.
  • sav

    too small

    All my other jeffrey campbell shoes are size 7's and these are way to small, they wont zip im really sad because i was so excited for these.
  • Anonymous

    In love

    These shoes are gorgeous! I'm a size 10 - 26 cm and they fit perfectly! The orange colour is even more beautiful in person. I don't wear heels often but I took a risk and they are so comfortable. I'm excited to wear them during the holidays!
  • Anonymous


    I've been wanting these shoes forever and they are amazing! I usually wear a 9.5 but there were no half sizes available so I ordered a 10 and they fit great. my only complaint is the Velcro that holds the 2 straps at the top.It seems to come undone pretty easily which is annoying, but I love the shoes so I'll either have to come up with a quick fix or just deal with it.
  • Jasmine

    too small

    these shoes are so HOT!!! Unfortunately they are too small : ( I ordered a size 6 but cannot size the back, I bought these on sale here. These shoes are beyond wonderful, but please order a half size up from your normal size.
  • Anonymous

    These shoes finally came back on stock after months of me checking on a daily basis. I just couldn't wait to get them. OMG they are wonderful. I'm in love. I got multiple compliments. I ordered a size 6 and it fits perfectly. They are worth the money- too bad they went on sale the day after I ordered them.
  • Sandra

    SEXY SHOE!!!

    These shoes are awesome. People couldn't take their eyes off them!! Looks exactly like the picture. I had a hard time putting them on because I didn't realize the top two straps were Velcro, but I figured it out. LOL. They fit tight and I wouldn't recommend wearing for a long time period. Love the shoe tho
  • Noko


    THIS SHOE is GORGEOUS! I was scared when I first ordered it if it would be as gorgeous in person but who was I kidding! it was gorgeous! PERFECT SEXY super easy to walk in! the strap can be a lil agitating if the velcro comes undone but i wouldnt change a thing!! This is a must have shoe!
  • lee

    show stopper

    this shoe is amazing nonstop comp on them everywhere i wear them....i love them
  • Raquel


    When this shoe arrived I was amazed the pic doesn't do enough credit.... All I can say im really pleased!!! The color is soft but details on the shoe is HARD (good way)!!!
  • Raquel


    This shoe screams GOOD GIRL GON BAD!!!!! JF Girls ROCK
  • shoelore

    In Love

    I just got her today and she is amazing. She fits a bit snug but not enough where it is uncomfortable. The shoe is true to size. The top two rows of studs, you can open and it seals close with Velcro. The zipper in the back is easy to zip up and down. The suede is soft as ever. The color is true to how it looks on the site. Padded insoles and there is no problem with my foot sliding. The bottom of the shoe is good enough to prevent slipping on slippery surfaces. I don't believe I have to worry about the studs falling off, they seen pretty stable. They're through the layer of suede and they seemed glued. Good arch support and they're easy to walk in. Overall they're stunning! I'm so glad I got to snatch these up!