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  • Anonymous

    I love these shoes. I'm a size 10 and found these fit true to size.
  • ML

    Badass boots! I suggest to wear socks the first time to break them in and to avoid getting blisters on your toes. Other than that, they're a bit tight around the ankles but it's tolerable. They are true to size in my case. Be careful with the straps, they're fragile, one of the tiny leather pieces that hold the straps broke as I was adjusting them.
  • Shanna

    I LOVE them! They fit like a glove and after adjusting all the buckles and such to fit my ankle I have no problems with any rubbing or discomfort like other people here have had. I bought a full size down from my regular (I wear a 6 or 6.5 and I bought a 5.5) and they fit perfect. They are jaw dropping gorgeous and made super well...the only downside is they are a bit heavy because of all the metal hardware and rugged sole. (But I like my shoes clunky rather than flimsy any day) Wore mine outside for 5 minutes to get a pic for instagram and I had two passers by compliment me on them! Totally worth every cent and most definitely the best JC's in my closet now.
  • Dayna

    These boots are absolutely divine! They are hands down the most beautiful and unique shoe I own and I get compliments every time I wear them. was hesitant to order them because I was worried about the reviews that said they were uncomfortable but I wanted them so bad I said screw it. They are gorgeous and absolutely kick ass with ankle jeans and a white t shirt or with a flowy dress/romper. I would suggest buying true to size instead of a half size smaller. I am a true 8 and the 8 fit me. Now for the sad part, they are extremely uncomfortable and leave blisters and cuts on my toes, sides of my ankle, and the back of my ankle. They were very tight on the sides of my feet but after wearing them twice, I broke that part in. Bandaids weren't cutting it for the back of my ankle so I used a thin panty liner and it did the trick. That's how committed I am to wearing these boots! Normally the blisters wouldn't be worth it but they are too badass to stop wearing. I would recommend wearing them for the first time with band aids or blister guards on your toes and ankles so you completely avoid the cuts and blisters in the first place. I'm so happy sole struck had them because I was hesitant to order from eBay or other fashion websites that have gotten bad reviews for service or returns. Sole struck has awesome service, great communication with customers, and shipped my shoes on time! I am more than satisfied with their company and will definitely be ordering again in the future. Overall, in love with my temekus, but hate my blisters. But beauty is pain :p
  • Your NameDanielle


    I'm with Moni on this. The O rings hurt like hell on the ankles! I'm hoping that if I stretch out the leather straps enough it won't be so painful? Besides that..THESE SHOES ARE GORGEOUS!
  • Camila

    I brought these boots and they are AMAZING!!! They are not THAT uncomfortable (at least that's the experience I've gotten overall); at the first days of use they scratched me a little bit at the sides of my little toes, but later I got the hang of the boots by walking slowly, and now I can use it for hours. Now let's get to the compliments, well if what you want is attention, that's what you will get these boots: EVERYONE start looking at these beauties with that type of glance that say
  • Moni


    i absolutely adore these boots, they are so beautiful. They are wonderfully made and the embellishments look amazing, the detail that went into this shoe...awesome. NOW: I've worn them twice now, the first time was ok until a few hours in then i really felt the pain on my ankle bones from the O ring on the sides of the boot. When i got home i saw they had made my skin raw and I developed scabs on my ankle bone as well as behind my leg where the zipper went. I wore them a few days later and as soon as I started walking they hurt (my skin was still scabbed and tender from the few days prior). I put bandaids on and it didn't really do much to help the rubbing. I'll continue to wear them but definitely not where there is much walking involved...more of a standing or sitting event. :/ Like I said its a beautiful shoe, but that damn ring is so uncomfortable.
  • Leanna

    Seriously, hands down, one of the most gorgeous pairs of JCs I own. When I first saw it I knew I had to have it. It's worth a pretty penny but its so beautifully crafted, it makes every dollar spent worth it. The overall design: harnesses all around the boot and the silver plates hammered on the toe and heel are to die for. Definitely western cowgirl meets badass cyber punk, its bound to garner some much deserved attention. A must have if you're into the bold and beautiful! My only concern is that the big silver ring on the main harness does bump into my ankle bone which causes a little discomfort!