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  • Exxy


    This shoe, mmmm... I've actually being eyeing this shoe off since the start of last year and now that I've obtained them, I'm really happy! It's really comfy for a heel so high :) I bought a size 6.5 and it fits true to size, however, if i wear socks, they are a little...compressing. There is the concern of the straps being a bit loose (NOTE: the straps don't really affect how tight the shoe may be, they're more for decorating purposes.), especially up towards the ankle, and if they are actually tightened, the straps become too tight for the ankle and that's when you're constricted. All in all the wreckers are HOT though :)
  • Heather from Canada

    Quick note on customs fees

    My earlier review didn't make this clear, but the customs fees I was charged are NOT from Solestruck, which is a great company to order from. But since I'm always wondering how the shipping and taxes actually work out, I thought it would be useful to fellow Canadians (and maybe others) to hear.
  • Heather from Canada

    Hot AND comfortable

    Love this shoe. I put them on barefoot when they arrived and haven't taken them off. The inside platform makes them easy to walk in (as everybody says) and the browns are richer and more variegated in real life than in the picture: I worried they might look cheap and plasticky, but in fact they remind you of reins and saddles (which works!). They look great with leggings and shortish skirts. FYI I got charged $65 in customs on this order, which I didn't on my last solestruck order.
  • Telesha


  • jc

    Love them

    I got this in black they are so cute with dark blue cropped jeans and as soon as i got them i tried them on in the parking lot lol ,they are so comfy and it makes me tall because im only like 5'1 so when i put them on im like 5'6 also they are so easy to walk in my mom was like are you going to be able to walk in those i didnt think i was but i prove i would , all the 10th graders in my school will be jealous
  • Chris Bodiford

    Jeffery Campbell Wrecker Review

    I bought these for my girlfriend, and she loves them. She like the shape of similar shoes, and used to have a pair of velvet Lita's. I think the shoes look amazing; to me it's a combination of sexy, edgy, and classy. I'm also a huge fan of the colour grey, so I was immediately attracted to the shoe. She's mentioned they're very comfortable and easy to wear for hours on end. The one thing I've noticed and the only thing I would change on the shoe is the fit of the straps; a few of them are just a tiny bit too loose, and I feel this takes away from the sleekness and maybe the general idea behind the design. When I think of straps, I think of the words "tight" and "restrained", maybe "reserved". Loose straps are messy and, in my opinion, meant for a purse, bag, or even a flowy/relaxed garment, and I don't think that's the idea behind the shoe. Either way, I can only comment on the look of the shoe, and irregardless of this review, I think the overall shoe itself is really sexy and I'm pleased with my purchase. Thanks, Chris
  • Al

    Scissorhands Lita

    I love this shoe! All the clumpy cool of the Lita with an Edward Scissorhands twist: very edgy and deeply comfy and stable. Runs true to size.
  • anonymous

    These shoes will not disappoint!

    They're even better in person! Although pretty tall, they are still quite comfortable. When I put these shoes on they take on the sexy female version of edward scissorhands! Wickedly fun! They will leave a truly remarkable impression!
  • Sandra

    Love at first sight!

    Okay I been waiting and waiting and today i got to open the beautiful JC box. I think my heart skipped a beat when i saw them for real. They are so beautiful and looks so cool and crazy at the same time. I got even more excited when I got to slip them on my feets. And damn they are so comfy and walking in them is so damn easy. Damn i wanna party now :D And yeah im a size 6 and i got a size 6 and they are so true to size.
  • Rachel

    Sexy as hell.

    I bought these the moment they came out and I love them! Fits true to size and are really easy to walk in.
  • JB


    I really like these shoes. They're super confortable and the style is lovely. However, I'm a bit concerned about how well they'll hold up due to the underside of the shoe being the only thing that secures the strips of buckles. Clearly these shoes aren't meant for constant wear, which might be tough, seeing as they're my new favorite accessory!
  • anonymous


    These shoes are kickass!! They are pretty comfortable for how high they are, and they look just insane (in a good way). Get ready to wreck some sh*t in these babies!
  • Gwen

    Verdict's still out on this shoe

    I can't quite decide what I think about the look of this shoe. I love the buckles, but I'm not crazy about the shape. The fit is great though. I'm always between an 8.5 and 9 and I got these in an 8.5. They're also really easy to walk in (when trying on and walking on carpet). Nicely made. The shoes are a 5 out of 5 for quality, but I just can't decide about the shape.