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  • Hannah Jordan

    JC x BM Lita

    Im from the UK and i am the only person in my town with these shoes! i love them so much thank you so much x
  • Anonymous


    I ordered the Bone Machine, because I have always been a fan of the Lita's but I didn't want something that was already out there. I fell in love with the Lita paint and then they stopped making them! So when i saw these, I knew they were going to be my first Lita purchase! Excited cannot begin explain. I thought the shoes were going to be much heavier, but they weren't and the print is absolutely gorgeous! I put them on and I have big feet (11) and it felt comfortable and easy to walk in. If you're thinking about getting these, stop thinking, get them!
  • Jemima


    I ordered these shoes about a month ago and they are perfect!!! I love how each pair is unique, they wear well and fit true to size. Wear them every times I want to make a splash.
  • Lulabella Beard


    These are amazing! Mine aren't perfectly rainbow however they do have every colour on them. They are mostly Navy/Purple/Red At the front of the shoe and have a small area of Green/White/Yellow on the back and throughout the heel. Personally, I think mine are one of the best made of these shoes. Also someone stated that a pair is simarlarly matched which is incorrect, they are a mirror image of eachother. They aren't leather they are made of good quality material. Maybe like a canvas? I'm not sure but they are good as i've stepped in puddles (In cold, rainy England) and they have not marked. Also, Lita's run very true to size. I'm a 7.5 and got these in an 8 and they are a smidge too big but I also bought the white spiked Litas in a 7.5 and they were perfect. They only hitch I had was with the courier (nothing to do with Solestruck but if you live in England PLEASE READ) The VAT charges are UNREAL and completely ridiculous and I had to pay an EXTRA £80 for import duties so please bear this in mind for all UK buyers. These are tha bomb.
  • Jamie

    More rainbow, please.

    I wasn't one of the lucky people who got "perfectly rainbowed" shoes. Mine are far more red galaxy than anything which is kind of a bummer but they're still gorgeous pieces of artwork. Would love them to death had they been more evenly multi-colored like the real BM leggings are but guess you never know what you're going to get with rainbow fabric.
  • Glamourcide

    Out of this world!

    Confession: I was a Lita virgin when I got out of bed this morning. Then my Galaxy Litas were delivered to my door and they're truly beyond anything I could have imagined in my wildest dreams! The print placement on my pair is absolutely impeccable, the pastel patches aren't white at all but are a dreamy swirl of turquoise, lilac and orange, and the rest of the shoe is a mind-boggling rainbow from ankle to toe. These are so light (I was not expecting that!) on my feet and the platform is so comfortable, the real struggle is going to be having to take these beautiful shoes off! The only gripe (if one could call it that) that I have with JCxBM shoes, is that they're not available in half-sizes. I happen to fall dead in between an 8 and a 9, I personally went with a 9 in Litas as I found the 8 in Night Walks to be that little bit too narrow and pinchy - maybe I should have stuck with an 8 because I feel like I have so much room in these and could always have left the laces a little looser to accommodate. Regardless of that small issue, every BM and JC fan should have a pair of these taking pride of place in their wardrobe! 4.5/5 (only losing half a star for not being available in half-sizes!).
  • Bee

    Sick of Men Rock!!!

    When I saw these shoes I knew I HAD to HAVE them!! I love them even MORE now that they are staring at me... In LOVE is all I can say!!!
  • Jen

    Bone machine and cosmic

    I have the bone machine print, and absolutely love them! They are comfortable to wear all day, even though I rarely wear heels. I just ordered the cosmic ones...hope I get a nice-looking pair!
  • Maddie


    I got a pair from my best friend for my birthday and they are amazing! I don't ever want to take them off!
  • Anonymous

    He's perfect.

    My boyfriend just bought me these. The happiest person alive.
  • Aline

    Galaxy Litas

    Finally ordered these fantastic shoes, they walk like a dream eventhough people constantly ask how I don't break my ankles in them! supercomfortable and they are the best looking shoes I've ever owned.
  • Nadia


    Received this as a birthday gift and I must say the quality of the material and the sole is very comfortable. True to size.
  • Julia

    Delighted :))

    I have been dreaming of Litas for a while, now I bought 2 pairs and I am delighted in several ways: The shoes look fantastic and really fit well, I am usually wearing an 8.5 and chose the 9 on recommendation of CS and they work great, some socks will fit them to perfection on colder days. An 8 would definitely have been too small. I totally love the design and got super lucky, because I indeed read that the design will vary and actually hoped for it. I got them in deep and rather dark purple galaxy design and could not be happier. The leather lining and fabric upper are very soft on the foot. I will have to practice to not break my foot with the high platforms, but that should work fine because they are so comfy inside, almost like sneakers. My compliment to customer service - you guys rock :)) With express shipping these beauties made it to Germany in only 2 days!
  • Abby


    These shoes are perfect! They are incredibly comfortable and fit true to size. Mine are mostly purple, with rainbow colors at the back. I couldn't be happier.
  • Kenzie

    Best shoes EVER!!!

    Buy these shoes! So comfortable - even for a lady who does not wear heels or wedges too often. Colours are beautiful. Solestruck, shipping is super super fast, so easy to deal with. Will be buying many more pairs of these babies from Solestruck. So happy! Thanks!!
  • Anonymous

    Pictures don't do them justice!

    Just got mine today - I was a little worried because there'd been some people saying that they were all mostly orange/red and I was hoping for something more colourful... The ones I received are seriously rainbow - better than the image above even, it's all purple/blue/green/red and lines up well even. They look great. :) Couldn't be happier!
  • Anonymous


    These are AMAZIN!!! I got mostly green and blue ones and they are perfect! From the reviews I've seen online, it's a gamble what color your cosmic litas will be but if you are okay with that BY ALL MEANS BUY THEM!!! I honestly love them. Thanks solestruck!
  • anonymous

    I was waiting for these bad boys to get here, once I received them I was surprised!!! I got purple galaxy litas, I <3 purple!!! I'm usually a size 8 in litas, but these seems a bit bigger...other than that I loooove the color & everything!
  • anonymous

    Not cute.

    The color looks nothing like the picture. My shoes are all red and orange. Very unhappy. Now I have to return them and waste more money and time. Beware. Hopefully they give me a better pair.
  • anonymous

    Not cute.

    The color looks nothing like the picture. My shoes are all red and orange. Very unhappy. Now I have to return them and waste more money and time. Beware. Hopefully they give me a better pair.