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  • rosalie

    i found them!!!

    PLEASE GET THESE BACK IN STOCK!!!! i always wanted them and when i went on dolls kill i couldent find the shoe coco was wearing in the cover photo on the website and HERE THEY ARE! AND THEY LOOK AMAZING! please tell me you guys are getting more in! <3
  • andie


    hi isellin i hope you see this... are you interested in sell them? if you are, let me know my email is
  • Deckerdoll

    Please Restock!

    I agree...please please restock in 7!! Does anyone know if they will be restocked anywhere anytime soon? I really want them for Halloween haha, but even if not for Halloween...well Christmas!
  • Anonymous

    not cute

    i love the satin and the square toe like a ballet shoe. thought they'd be cute etc. but these aren't regular flatforms. they are waaay bigger in real life than they look in the pictures. enormous. made my feet look like giant white squares. i have some pretty ridiculous shoes, and some that are higher than these, but these ones were just ridic. i asked my friend what she thought and she just busted out laughing. i returned them.
  • Paige


    I opened the box and it was love at first sight... Even more gorgeous in person! I'm a 5.5 in almost every shoe I own but I took the risk of ordering the 6 because I couldn't pass these pretty babies up. Lucky for me, the fit is quite narrow and adding just a tad bit of tissue at the toe makes these fit perfectly. JC, as always, never disappoints this gal!
  • Ingrid Pavic

    I love the ballet platform, it is very convenient and so incredibly beautiful. Check it out on my Facebook Site
  • anonymous


    please please please please please
  • lauryn

    Need these for my bride's maids!

    Someone else mentioned wanting to get married in these, and ever since seeing these and reading that I can't get these out of my mind. They would be the most amazing bride's maids shoes. I showed by bride's maids a picture, and they all thought it was a fabulous idea. (They think these are as cute as I do.) My problem is that my sister and two friends are all size 6.5 or smaller...which of course are the sizes that are sold out (in white). Argh!
  • Lisha

    Monster Ballet

    Huge! But so unique and pretty Full review on my blog:
  • Alix

    Weigh a TON but are soooo cute!

    These are by far the most outrageous shoes I have ever owned, but they are so cute and sexy and fun to wear. When I opened the box I was shocked by how heavy they are, but once on my feet they are perfect! I'm a size 7 and they fit great. I love the flatform, I love the height without the pain. What can I say, these are just totally amazing!
  • Samantha

    Incredible but uncomfortable

    I bought these during the March presale as a birthday gift and was pretty pleased when they arrived. My mom said that they were impractical and she was probably right. I could barely walk in them. I'm a size 8 and that's what I ordered and they fit just fine except the front part kept digging into my foot and it's pretty sturdy for satin. I knew that if wore them out I would get blisters and cuts on the front of both feet. Also they felt really unstable to me, and I wear a lot of heels and platforms. I ended up returning them.
  • rebecca stevenson

    love love love

    I've been waiting for it seems forever for these shoes to come out and was so lucky in managing to buy them . There so beatiful and comfy i orderd a size 8 and they fit a tiny bit big which was described i just need a insole and they'll be snug . The nly downfall abouy these shoes are that the ribbons tend to fall down and beause there silk i fear they may get mucky part from that love them !
  • Jenni

    Super cute!

    I really wanted these in pink and was majorly disappointed that I had to settle for while...and I am SO happy I did. They are soooo cute! I've already worn them three times...last night with a pale pink/blush HL short tulip skirt. OMG, the outfit was adorable. I sprayed mine with fabric protector practically the minute I received them. I have to be super careful to keep from crossing my feet or otherwise getting them dirty. I admit that's a pain...but so worth the effort. For the price, I love everything about these. The best part is that I can wear them for hours without getting sore feet.
  • Iselin


    Been waiting since the middle of March, when I bought these as a birthday present to myself. In the description it says they fits big, and my feet are pretty standard 6. Got them today, after waiting for months and paying over $200 for them with customs included, take them out of the box and they don't FIT! :( I managed to squeeze my foot into them, but it was so painful I could not even walk with them. Sigh. Typically bad luck. Still love the shoe, but unable to wear them.
  • Lisa

    Totally adorable!

    I have wanted to get married in these shoes from the moment I saw them, but I didn't think they would arrive in stock in time so I made different plans. I'm getting married in 13 days (yikes!), and I will be wearing a different pair of shoes down the aisle, but...when these arrived I decided I will wear these during my cake cutting/reception/dance. These will be so amazing. I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. I'm switching dresses for the reception into a (just) above the knee length (both dresses are Vera Wang). These JC platform ballets are "so me" and will be so adorable with my dress. My only disappointment is that the pink color sold out, which is really a more practical color when I'm not getting married. I would die for a pair in pink, as well. I may not really have much of a chance to where my white pair again after the wedding, but they sure will be fun for the evening. My fit TTS and I think the quality is excellent. They were exactly what I expected.
  • anonymous


    I thought these would be so cute. They are the worst shoe I've ever gotten from the website. Something about them is just plain ugly in person. They make your feet look humongous and are very unflattering. Returning mine and very disappointed.
  • madeline

    so amazing

    these are great! i bought mine off a different website after SS sold out in pink. the length is perfect in my normal size, i have wide feet so they feel very narrow for me around the front. the satin isn't perfect, as the pictures show there are some creases. the ribbon is fairly stiff, but sturdy (its two layers of the satin) and could be longer, but isn't fraying like the opening and the loop are after wearing them around the house for 20 minutes. i will take them to a bridal shoe shop or something to try to stretch them and protect the satin as scotch guard/normal shoe spray may be too harsh. they're super easy to walk in, pretty comfortable and overall amazing. took one star off due to the creases and fraying of the material. can't wait to stun in these.
  • Penelope

    Breath Taking...

    I've been waiting for MONTHS && they have finally arrived! These shoes are even more beautiful than I expected. I was surprised by how easy I am able to walk in them; they're just like a wedge. Very comfortable and sturdy. The only thing is I'll have to do some fidgeting with the ribbons, for they don't stay up as easily as I imagined. If you can, BUY A PAIR. You WILL NOT be let down. BRAVAA! JeffreyCampbell & Wildfox.
  • anonymous

    back in stock

  • Lisa

    Here comes the bride...

    OMG, these will make the most amazing bridal shoes. Vera Wang meets Jeffrey Campbell. I will be in pure bliss if I can just order a pair in my size (7). Please restock.