Swordfish Edwardian

BY John Fluevog


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  • Lisa

    Announce your presence

    Well, these shoes make a serious clomp, which draws even more attention to them. And they certainly hold up to scrutiny. The burgundy is a deep, rich color; the buckles and zip are operational; the shape of the toe cap is seriously pointy. Very comfortable and sharp. Oh how I wish I had more Fluevogs.
  • Marissa

    Maybe I'm Biased

    But I'm in loved and I just put them on. I bought a pair in black on sale during the cyber monday sale after missing out on a pair of the burgandy ones during last years sale ( regretssss. ) Anyways, these are super comfy and I can't wait to wear these out!
  • Lyndsey

    So Pleased!

    These are my first pair of John Fluevogs and they did not disappoint. I bought them on sale and feel so lucky to have gotten the deal I did. They are more than worth the full price. Thank you Solestruck! These boots are made of beautiful high quality leather. They are comfortable and stable. My favorite part about these boots is that the buckles and zipper are not just for looks. They are fully functional and required for donning and doffing. I purchased the two tone version and am looking forward to their role in my Fall wardrobe.
  • Alice

    Still want the burgundy ones so badly!

    I got these during the cyber monday sale and I have to say even my dad loves it! The sad thing is his feet are quite wide so he can hardly find shoes that suit him. I've been setting my eyes on those burgundy babies for like two months! and FINALLY solestruck got them on sale, technically the same shoes but ONLY the black ones. I was so devastated when that happened cos I really want the burgundy ones but at the same time I wouldn't spend that much on one pair of shoes since I'm still a student and I don't work...so I decided to bought the black ones which was the last pair during the monday sale (and now I see someone has returned a pair so mine wasn't the last then, well they were during the sale). My girlfriend liked them every time she stared at them during the day I wore them out on our monthly anniversary date. My dad liked them and he's basically an oxford shoe collector and he had so much compliments on these shoes on the design and the quality. Even though he's suspecting them to be the dupe of the new prada shoes...which I completely went against that idea cos I mean they may look like they are but two different styles for sure but slightly similar cos of the extra rim. Some photos on instagram: shinayuu/any questions: shinayu.tumblr.com