Space Shoe Wood Wedge Sandal

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  • anonymous


    they run small. i'm a 6.5 so i bought the 7 in black and it fit perfectly. however, they felt so awkward to walk in. i'm 5'3 and very comfortable walking in high heels. like the other review had mentioned, the bottom is completely smooth so you will be prone to slip! i first tried them in my room on carpet and almost ate it. the leather straps are very soft but for what you pay for, having to take them to a cobbler to make adjustments (like to the sole for example) leaves a bad taste in my mouth. sadly, i was lusting over these for the last couple months and finally caved but i will be returning them. i still think they're cute as hell though.
  • Sarah

    My perfect nude sandal

    Like most of you looking at this shoe, it was lust at first sight so I won't bore you with rhapsodies! I ordered the 'white' in a size 10 which is my normal size except for 9.5 in sandals. Like other reviewers I found my regular larger size to be perfect, but if they were any smaller, my heal would be hanging off the back. If you are a whole size (e.g. 8) I would recommend going up a full size. As to the color, 'white' is definitely a misnomer. I would not call them 'cream' either as urban outfitters does though their pictures better represent the true color. It's actually a light beige. I originally preferred to have a true white sandal, but this is much better! I have pale skin, so this is a perfect nude. Additionally, it will transition better into fall than a white shoe. To address the issue of the foot bed, it IS padded and very comfortable for shorter length (or low intensity) wear. If I plan on being on my feet for awhile in these, I will grab some gel inserts for the ball of the foot. As for the sole, it is not as slippery as leather so you CAN walk in them w/o slipping if you are conscientious. They also scuff up a bit quickly which will give you some tread. For now I will stick some Sure Sole stickers to the bottom until I can get to a cobbler for... whatever he can do with a wood shoe. As a last note, the front curve of the shoe is not a problem as it is a smooth curve. I had another pair of shoes that had a similar design, but always caused me to lurch forward with every step... not so here!
  • Shoe


    I'll co-sign that check Maggie. I lust for these shoes, but a sista gots to pay da rent. $400 bucks and no traction at the bottom means taking a dangerous tumble, not to mention a little matter of the ball of your foot hurting because the shoe isn't padded on the inside. Nevertheless, "I for them"
  • Cyndal

    He'll pop the question in these shoes!! SEX-e!!

    PROS: It was love at first sight when I saw this phenomenal wood wedge. Looking at it's price tag bruised the ego a little but at that price, you can be certain you won't be seeing everyone else in your shoes. They arrived today. Ladies the wide leather straps are incredibly soft and made of fine quality leather. The inside of the straps are just as soft and smooth. This is good because so many strappy shoes made of raw leather on the inside, have a tendency to irritate my ankles after a while. It's a very sexy shoe and it looks nice on the foot. SIZING: They run VERY small. The base of the shoe is a tad narrow under the ball/toes, however there is no need to break in the top strap crossing the toe. The wide strap and fine leather give you plenty of room. I am a true 6.5 with medium width. This shoe does not come in a half size, so you will have to size up. I purchased a size 7. It's a great fit. Heal doesn't hang off but I swear It looks as if my big toe does, off to the side.... just a little LOL. I'm really funny about stuff like that. I'm almost tempted to send them back and get a size 8. My only apprehension... this is a very HIGH heal shoe. If the base of the shoe (size 8) were even a fraction too large, I'd be forced to adjust the top strap in an effort to feel more secure in a larger shoe, thus giving me less control over my feet. I think I'll stick with the size 7 (but remember I wear a size 6.5). CON: I paid too much money for the bottom sole not to have any traction. The sole is not made of leather. You will have to be super careful not to slip on just about any surface. Its made of a very smooth black shinny patten like surface that curls at the toe. If you could envision the bottom of a cheap pair of Payless pumps, you would be right on target. All in all... I'd rate this beautiful shoe an 8 out of a possible 10. I hope this review can help anyone who plans to make a future investment in this gorgeous wood wedge.
  • leon lee

  • Annie


    These are BEAUTIFUL. I ordered them in the black leather and they are absolutely off-the-hook gorgeous. The cut of the heel is such that you get an incredibly sleek and sexy line...You get the comfort of a platform (like the JC Snick) BUT with a much sleeker, sexier look - there is no "chunky" look to it at all. I know that they are a little pricier than many of the plats out there but they are worth every cent. I'm telling you: that heel that curves inward creates an incredibly beautiful line. Normally, with a platform, my leg looks longer but then the line of my leg is interrupted by the chunky platform - NOT SO with this sandal. My legs look long and sleek - and that long, sleek look extends right down to the tips of my toes!! If your budget will permit, then I highly recommend treating yourself to these beauties. With respect to the size: I am a true 9 in a shoe and usually an 8.5 in a sandal. Because these don't come in half-sizes I bought the 9 and they fit like a glove. Had I been able to get my hands on an 8.5 they would have been too small. These are unquestionably my fave footwear purchase for SS 2011...I am in shoe heaven:-)
  • Maggie

    want these sooo bad

    I really wish I could write a review saying how awesome these look and fit but I can't because I have not bought them yet. I was waiting for them to be available but when I saw the price sadness struck! Pretty please can we make the price point slightly more friendly for the fashion forward girl who is trying to make it in tough times?!!