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  • trendy shopper


    I love the look of the shoe! I have seen many comments that this wedge fit small....I feel the opposite. These are quite big on me. But I do LOVE them, so I will add an insole! I would say to order your true size for sure. Great price, great shoe!! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them!
  • Jess

    LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE but its runs a little small
  • Edwina

    Love 'em

    Fleuro is a perfect highlighter yellow. Not green if you really want green but super neon and very cute. Nice detail too. Fit totally true to size for me, bought an 8, fit like an 8.
  • Jess

    love the shoe! but not the color

    i was really in love with the fluero but it was always out of stock! so i settled for the yellow one. the next month solestruck sent me an email telling me that the fluero was in stock; i never wore the yellow ones so thank god i was still able to return it! my fluero ones will be arriving within a few days<3
  • Slavena

    My order

    I like them!
  • margauxoxo

    I <3 Agnes!

    Words cannot describe how much I love love love these shoes! Although they do seem pretty green to me unlike other reviews, they are still yellow enough to go with my neon Cambridge satchel! Slightly broader than normal fit so really glad I got a size 6 instead of my normal 6.5. Quite light for wedges as well, perfect for a lovers long weekend to tropical paradise under kaftans and bodycons *bliss* xoxo
  • Jennifer T

    Great from a far

    I got these shoes and they were exactly as pictured, and fit true to size. The colour was perfectly vibrant and just as pictured, but the construction was shoddy and I returned them because the material looked cheapish and some of the stitching was just terrible. Maybe it was just that one, but wish I had gotten a better pair!!
  • Jess

    In Love

    I'm in love with this shoe. I got both the turquoise and the pink and theyre fabulous. I'm a size ten, always, and got the size ten in these. Theyre snug, but I haven't had a problem with them. I had only one issue with my pink pair and that was the sole wasn't fully glued down at the back - easily fixed. In saying that they DO scuff and mark easily. Worth it for the WOW factor, everytime I wear them I hear someone say "look at her shoes..."
  • Jess

    In Love

    I bought this shoe in both the blue and the pink. I'm seriously thinking about getting the green, these shoes are just so awesome. I'm a size ten and these were a little snug, but I wouldn't have changed my size. They also mark and scuff easily. Having said that, I am in love, whenever I wear these shoes they really give an outfit a wow factor and you'll hear alot of people saying "look at her shoes..."
  • Tima

    Semi Fabulous

    So I bought these and while I love the height, and the color, the way they fit is super weird. I wear a size 10. I've worn a size 10 for almost four years now but after reading all the reviews I bought a size 12. There's a bit of wiggle room but my shoes also seemed stretched out as if someone already wore it. They look great on and I've gotten so many compliments but I just wish the sizing wasn't so odd.
  • A-Dizzle

    So Sad....

    Was SO excited to get my hands on these and when they arrived (after i regained vision from the BLINDING color- that's actually a compliment tho- i adore the color!!) i noticed TONS of imperfections- too many to keep them at full price. The areas where the upper was lasted is a complete mess and the wedge wrap has gathers in the leather where it should be relatively smooth. This particular pair also had spots and scuffs on them. The fit was ok- not the most comfortable, but certainly walkable. Maybe I'll rebuy them when they go on sale b/c the overall shape and color are a for sure draw- but as of this afternoon, they're going back!
  • As I Like It


    There were a few scuff marks which I didn't expect a new pair of shoes to have. Apart from that I don't mind the colour. They're a really hot pair of shoes. Also, I think they're not that small. I wear a 7. Ordered an 8, and it's a little big for me. :( But in the soles help.
  • Priscilla

    not as pictured

    I was so excited to order this shoe for its over-the-top neon color. When it arrived, it was no where NEAR the color that was pictured. It seemed more like a pale yellow than a neon green. I kept them anyway because I like the style. Please show the item we will actually get!!
  • Vs1princess

    Cute Shoe

    I've been waiting for these shoes since February and I finally got them in the mail today. Wasn't what I expected: - Cheaply made - Seams aren't well hidden - Shoe looked like it was worn - Scuffs and dents - Runs small Overall these shoes are hot and def.FAB....
  • Nicola


    These pumps are Fab!! The Turquoise is a snap dip and a twirl!!! Ovaaaa!!! They are a 10 in style but a 7 in the fit.
  • anonymous

    not impressed.

    they did not fit my narrow foot well and the neon color is definitely not as pictured. I was hoping for more of a green but these are really yellow. they are a bit too clunky (even for wedges) and they look a little too cheap for me. maybe they look better in the turquoise color.
  • anonymous

    pretty great

    I waited and waited for this shoe and got it just last week. I did not experience what the others did though, I am usually a 37 and ordered a 37 however, it fits me a little bit big...not sure I could go down to a 36 in this case though. I am obsessed with SENSO and I love these shoes, as for the Fleuro color, it is a bit on the yellowish side for sure, but still a great buy for the shoe obsessed's collection! :)
  • anonymous

    not sure ...

    Im usually a 38 and got the 39 ...its still a little too tight but a size up would be entirely too big! so Ima keep the 39. They are definitely neon but not the green neon I was expecting. I can see how the other reviewer would describe them as “highlighter yellow” and “cartoonish” as the toe part is very round. However, I think it’s a cute shoe overall and Ima keep it!
  • addicted

    Gorgeous shoe <3 ( i ordered the neon ones), i guess it runs half a size small size i normally wear a 7 1/2 and i ordered an 8 which fits perfectly. Can't wait to wear them :-)
  • Leah

    too small :(

    These run a size too small :( ordered 12s, tried them on. they pinch my toes :( The yellow looks like highlighter yellow, not very bright. they just look too cartoonish for my tastes