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  • Lisa

    amazing shoe. I have the red from another site, but got the black bronze metallic from solestruck i loved them so much. Yes may be a "knock-off" but imho these are a much better looking shoe. Fit is perfect for me and great quality too.
  • (ina

    lobster claw

    I got the shoe in fit oddly and resembled lobster claws. I love lobster...just not on my feet.
  • Mollie

    Purchased Elsewhere But..

    Technically details first: As my size was sold out here I purchased an 8 (Euro 38) elsewhere. I am a solid 7.5 but like toe room, which this size gives me, but the heel is fairly loose (I could have probably taken a 37.5). I outfitted these with arch and ball of foot inserts for comfort. I notice that the inner sole is actually narrower than the bootie itself so the inner edge of my foot hangs slightly over it-- aesthetically fine but a bit uncomfortable. Now the fun part: I don't care if these are a "knock off" because I couldn't afford the "originals" anyhow. I love the color range and the craftsmanship is solid. The leather is nice and thick. Comfortable? No heel is to me... Gorgeous? Heck yes!
  • lil moma


    these are soo fly.I wore them only once, and you would not believe how many stopped me to ask me who made these shoes!!I have to put a foot cushion inside, to make it more comfortable. So what, its worth it.I dont want to commit shoe a cide
  • Mina

    Their cute but not comfortable at all.

    I guess it's just me but these were the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned. I can't even walk in these things for an hour without my feet wailing in pain. Sure their adorable but what's the point if they hurt so much, maybe I'm just not a heel person.
  • Carrie

    Senso Neve

    I waited a very long time for my size to come in, and it was well worth it. They are comfortable, wearable, and beautiful in all ways. wish there were more shoes like this "out there"
  • Angela Chan

    Senso Neve (Red)

    Like X 10000000000
  • mercie


    i should check out solestruck more often,i can't belive i miss this i want a size 8 but its sold out.hopefully they restock soon i really want it.
  • Robyn

    Fierce and Fabulous

    This shoe is comfortable and attractive. For me I felt it was a MUST HAVE in my wardrobe and as part of reaching my goal of being Fierce and Fabulous everyday. I still get compliments on them and I wore them a few days ago.
  • BJC


    I discovered this shoe in the AM paper on Zoe Kravitz and immediately fell in love...I felt a little worried bc they looked so great on her and usually ordering on-line can be a hit or miss...this was definitely a hit! Tehse may be my favorite shoes in my wardrobe and are surprsisingly super comfortable! Theyl ook exactly how they look on the site on my feet and they make me walk as if the city is my runway :O) Love em!
  • Courtney

    Fab fab boots!

    I love these bangin boots. I bought my usual sz 6 and they fit perfectly. My heels don't slide out, they're comfortable considering the height and look just like the picture. They were well worth the wait! I love them so much I almost want to recommend them to everyone but I don't want all my friends to have my boots!!
  • Eyestyle

    Senso Neve

    THISSS bootie is most definitely a statement shoe for your wardrobe!!!! Electric!!! Every foot step, their was a compliment!! I'm getting Red next!!!!
  • Fashionista

    Not so unique..

    This shoe is just a copy of the Acne Admire boot!
  • Krystle


    I was one of the people who pre-ordered these when they were first put up on the site. I couldn't take chance that they would be sold out! Anyway, after a longgggggg wait, they arrived at my doorsteps. I was ecstatic! they are pretty comfortable for heels. Really high, but the platform helps. I seriously get stares from people when I wear these, good or bad. :) There is something that is a bit funny with the fit of the heel part of the shoe when I first put the shoe, but I'm not sure what it is. But as time goes on, it's unnoticeable. Love these! And I am so happy with my purchase.
  • Natalie Kuzakova


    Excellent Shoes at an affordable price! Never went on high heel and platform, but this shoes so convenient that I do not feel any discomfort! I will recommend you to my friends:) Thank you so much!!
  • Jacquie

    Couldn't Get Any Better

    When people stop you on the street to admire your shoes, you know you're sporting some fabulous footwear. Comfortable, beautiful, desireable–if they could only tell me the winning lottery numbers...
  • Danie


    It's a beautiful boot! But as the other review said, it does fit VERY loose in the heel. I would compare it to walking in slip-ons. I'll definitely get something to fix that because it's worth it. But the boot itself is gorgeous and totally unique!
  • Denise


    I love how unique these are! These look great in the pic, but look even better being worn! I usually wear an 8.5, I ordered these in 9, they fit perfectly! The heels are wide & do slip when you take a step, but its not a problem at all, heel pads & thicker socks are an easy fix if it bothers you. These are really easy to walk in, very comfortable, & well made! I got a ton of questions & compliments the first night out in them! These look great with jeans worn over, or with skinny jeans worn inside...very versatile & VERY HOT!!!
  • Julie

    Totally exclusive to Solestruck! These run true to size in length, but they'll have a bit of a loose (wide) heel so try those back-of-heel grip pads. If between sizes, you usually want to order larger unless you have a narrow foot.
  • Bunnipunch

    The shoe for Fashion week

    If you want to look unique and be ahead of the fashion pack, NEVE is the key!