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  • Devona


    Super cute cut the zipper digs into my Achilles and causes scabbing. I leave it down a bit. I was shot walking down melrose in these for a reality show. Everyone was SOULSTRUCK!!!
  • Tisha

    This is my favorite pair of summer sandals!

    I cannot express how much I love these shoes! I bought them last summer and I wore them with every short skirt, pair of shorts, midi skirt, skinny jean, you name it! Literally, every other girl would stop and ask about my shoes... I almost hated telling them because I wanted them all to myself! I got the 11 and they fit like a dream. I will say that they are a little high and tougher to walk in. I'm already 6'ft in flats so I was towering over everyone! Standing wasn't a problem but walking long distances proved to be. If you're standing/sitting while just looking cute, you'll love them. Just don't plan on running a marathon in them soon.
  • Rachel

    Super sexy but a little small

    I love this shoe! it is probably an inch higher than anything else i own but still comfortable and easy to walk in. The only problem is I have wide feet and its a little difficult to get them on but i am working on stretching them and they are getting easier!
  • Gracielad Peterson

    I like the shoes they are nice and comftable, they the latest style they have everything I wanted, for an excelent price.
  • Amber

    Suprisingly Amazing.

    I was in love with this shoe when it was first released, but was put off by the height and i thought that the chiffon upper wouldn't support my feet well enough. I bought them anyway, and they really are such a well made shoe. Despite being extremely high, they are really quite easy to walk in and would have no qualms wearing these out all night! Highly recommended!
  • harley


    everything about these rock!!! perfect on every level. very high, but so comfortable and easy to get around. easy to put on, like a sock! they are so beautiful, cool, edgy, AMAZING! highly recommend! also, was a great pleasure purchasing from solestruck, amazing customer service, and my shipment went out the day i placed my order, gotta love that! thanks solestruck! thanks senso!! xxxxxxx
  • Grace

    New heights

    AMAZING! In most heels I can stand a little higher on my toes.. not in these babies. My little self (5'4") ends up almost six foot tall, it's ridiculous! And the arch of my feet, my legs.. Wow If you're looking for a cute summer shoe to make you look tall and gorgeous, these are it!
  • Jess


    I bought this shoe in the grey and it is absolutely STUNNING. The heel is absolutely out there but makes your legs appear to go on for miles and the chiffon is super feminine. I had no trouble walking in them and found them to be quite comfortable despite wearing them all night. A must have for any collection
  • SuperMaiden6

    Alice Cooper would be proud! Snakeskin ROCKS!!

    These shoes are very beautiful but they are also very slanted/arched so be warned. Not for the inexperienced. (let's call it, "toe walking") BUT a fantastic, "look at me" shoe! Who can resist? I couldn't despite the warnings. I was worried that the snake would look plastic and fake, NOT SO! Real leather, slightly textured and refined - excellent quality! The pictures don't do these justice. The criss-cross drapey chiffon makes them feminine and elegant yet the shape, the snake and the stud detail are oh soooo rock and roll. Even more beautiful on the foot. I ordered a 7, I'm usually always a 7 and it fits perfectly! (NO wiggle room yet comfortable) If you're more a 7.5 order up because these are narrow in the toe box. (pinky toe could creep out but kept in check by the fabric as it runs along the sides.)The zipper is sticky but be gentle and it will get easier to open and zip up. With shoes this awesome you almost hate to wear them! Remember ladies: Beauty can be a little painful but what you will sacrifice in comfort you will gain in complements. HOT HOT HOT! ;)
  • zachrea

    true definition of pain is love

    As sexy as this shoe is i have to say it's not comfortable at all, which is suprising to me being that it has a wedge heel because of the comfort they trypically give.i have to admit i was a bit disapointed to find out how painful these shoes got after a few hours. Not to mention that the top of the back heel is so curved that it doesn't really allow me to get my heel all they way into the shoe which is weird. Oh but don't get get it twisted i made sure my heel got in as much as it could. Listen at the end of the day this shoe is beyond sexy and i could never part with it but the next time i wear these i'm going to have to down a handful of ibuprofen that's all :) So if you have wide feet like myself i would pass but if you have a high tolernce for pain then you should get 'em and make it work BIIIITCH!!!
  • K


    These look great in the photo, really really attractive and captures the eye. Was a different story when i recieved the snake skin and black ones, they were VERY VERY tall and big... to the point of being too tall. I have plenty of tall shoes, some including jeffrey campbells so i can walk in extreme platforms but these made me almsot twist my ankle just by trying them on when opeing the box! The material at the bottom was even coming off, they are not made very well. I ended up returning them. I am quite petite, so these may look really great on a very tall girl but!
  • Tasha


    I love these wedges, absolutely breath taking, I get compliments everytime I wear them! Buy some insoles for the balls of your feet and you'll be fine ladies! This heel does sit very high so you will definately need them but after that they're a breeze!!
  • Cherish

    Very nice shoes, but..

    When i first received these shoes, i was so excited. They look as gorgeous as in the picture, But once i tried them on, i couldnt walk for more than 20 steps. Not like all the previous comments about how comfortable they are, i think the heels are too high to walk on, and now i dont know what to do with them :(. They are too beautiful and pricey to be left on the shoes rack. So be aware of the high heels when u purchase them. If u are used to super high heels then u probably wouldnt have any problem with it.
  • dorotea

    veri high, veri comfortable
  • S.B.

    Perfect Shoe!

    I adore my Senso wedges! The only downfall is that I got blisters on the back of my heels from the leather rubbing. Never-the-less these are one of my favs! I will just put bandaids on my heels next time! ;)
  • Calla

    Beauty is pain.

    These shoes are very lovely and I can't fault them for that. I'm super glad to have them. You can't deny how sexy a 6.5" heel looks and the stretchy chiffon makes my legs appear endless. The base is covered in suede (just FYI if you live in a wet climate like me), but the back is leather. Zipper can be a little finicky, but easy enough. The only reason why I knocked a star off is because I have a massive blood blister on the back of my heel from walking around in these things for 6 hours. So, if you're wearing these, don't walk downhill, and try to sit down. Otherwise, SENSO OWNS MY SOUL.
  • dorotea pospihalj

    looks like a perfect shoe