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  • Shoekeeper


    I got the shoe finally after the impatient wait...they were gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!...I loved the unique woven lace up they have...I love the height but they didn't have any arch support!..I wear heels daily and the higher they are the closer to God!..the loose part around the ankle makes it hard to impossible to tighten that area of the shoe..the heel came off after wearing them for just 1hour!!!..what the heck??I ..went from my home to my car to the park bench where the picnic was and notice my heel was gone when I crossed my legs..oh how upset I was...I sent them back!!!!..I don't do damaged shoes...not this diva!!..there are soooo many other fabulous shoes to buy..I will invest my money and stilletto skills in another design..loved the concept of the design though.. but the lacing should have been made better!..the laces should have been laced over instead of under..but a very nice shoe regardless!...
  • Shoekeeper!


    These shoes are sooooooo sexy and high!.I LOVE THAT!!! black is my favorite color but I wish these we're made in white sooo bad!!!!..I would definitely order them as well!..I have 2 days till they get here and I am waiting impatiently!!!!!..I hav the perfect outfit ready from head to toe...Im a jewelry designer and will have on a designed piece that will compliment this badazz shoe!!!..I can walk in any size heel,with any arch as long as I have my jellins on by dr.scholl!.. I will be runway redi for the 4th of July!...I'm sooo anxious!..but extremely blessed to be the owner of this amazing shoe!..go me!, go me!,go me!..ahhaahaha..
  • Ronda


    This shoe is great!! From some of the reviews, i was expected them to be uncomfortable. They are tall wedges and may take a little practice if your not used to the height. I wear a size 11 & I probably could've gotten a 1/2 size bigger; my feet kept pushing threw the front. I still love em!
  • Tabitha

    cute but painful

    It took me a while to find the perfect pair of shoes. I was disappointed in these. Putting them on for 10 minuites walking gave me blisters on my heals and were not steady at all to walk in.I am usually wearing 5in heals keep in mind.
  • justine

    i love the smell of new shoes

    I was so excited to get these shoes, especially after they sold out in my size/color the first time around. I love how they work for spring/summer and can transition into fall/winter with cute tights or socks worn underneath (the loose ankle problem might even go away with socks/tights underneath). Other than that they do seem a little bit big, but I'm not complaining. :)
  • Irina

    FAV ones )

    They are great, as you see from the comments below and this is true. I may say perfect, the only thing is you must be pretty used to such a hight, they are not for walking all day long. Though, i will not take a star for that ) Colours in a picture and in reality differe a little. Grey colour is with a shade of pale pink and its even a plus.. I love them.
  • SuperMaiden6

    A very cute shoe! Practical? not so much

    First, I want to say that there is no doubt that these shoes are super cute. I mean, totally adorable! I fell in love with them the moment I saw them online and on the models in the Senso lookbook. Beautifully designed, lovely quality and again, did I say, SUPER CUTE!!!! The "problem" here is that I really need shoes to wear on a more "regular" basis BUT this is NOT a "workhorse" type of shoe. Sitting, standing, walking a little, and again, looking cute on a sunny day and they are THE BOMB! No rain because they would be TOTALLY ruined. Delicate "woven leather cutouts and sweet lace ups" stated in the description should have been my first clue. It is true that the lacing takes some adjusting to get it to stay securely on the foot. I will have to use a toe gel pad so my foot won't slip forward causing undo stress in the lacing as I walk. The soles do fit in the length and width. I'm a true 7 and these are sized correctly but they do seem a bit big/loose because they lace up to stay on, and it's hard to keep the sides taute due to the fact that by design they are loosely structured. I agree with Blaire about the color.(see review below) Live and in-person they are a soft pale warm grey putty color. When I opened the box, I thought they sent me the wrong color. I was expecting a "cool/bluish grey" as they appear to be here. BUT They are still cute though! All in all I will keep them and remain in my flip flops for the REAL World. These will remain, my "cute" summer shoes.
  • ashley


    love this shoe! at first i was a little intimidated with the height but forget that! i love this shoe! its easy to walk in and the platform makes it super super comfortable. im contemplating buying it in the gray!
  • Shena

    in Love

    I just got my sensos today! I am in love! they are super high! I must admit after reading the last review even I the 6in Walker got a little scared! but after getting them! I love them and I cant wait to turn heads! one would only be afraid if they arent used to walking in High shoes....
  • Leah


    Like many others, I waited for this shoe to be back in stock for months and I finally got the grey and the black pair the other day. I must say these shoes are gorgeous in both colors and are excellently made. You can tell by looking at them that they're of very high quality. The grey is the perfect go with everything color - not too light and not too dark. I love that these are so unique and would go really well with shorts and dresses. Now for the reason for the Ouch and three stars - these shoes are SO high you feel like you're teetering on a thightrope and VERY unconfortable. I am 5'3 so I'm no stranger to very tall shoes, but 6" is pushing it. Almost all of my heels are 4-5", but these are just too much. As a previous reviewer said, your foot goes in at an un natural angle because of the height of the shoe. I couldn't imagine having to do even minimal walking in these since my feet were already uncomfortable walking from my couch to my full length mirror just outside my bathroom. These shoes are too much money for me to be in agony while wearing them or risking a nasty fall!
  • Blaire

    I buy huge shoes all the time and these are the only ones I have trouble walking in. Very uncomfortable and doesn't seem to keep my feet sturdy .. Material stretches and moves around too much. I am returning these. They also look completely different in person (color)
  • JamieLeigh


    I just received these in the mail the other day. They are definitely the tallest I own, but easy to walk in if you're used to high platforms. I've worn them out a couple times to break them in. LOTS of looks. But why wouldn't you look, these shoes are amazing! The only problems I've encountered so far is that they are biting in the weird place on my ankle probably due to this being the most extreme angle my foot has been in thus far, but I'm sure once I break them I'll be fine. The other thing is YOU MUST DOUBLE KNOT, as the laces are made out of a slippery fabric. They became untied while I was walking and I definitely twisted my ankle a bit. I'm fine but my ego took a little blow haha! All in all beautiful and amazing shoe! LOVE THEM! OH PS. the shoe box is also amazing. Almost as much as the shoe. So pretty. Definitely a keeper!
  • Mónica

    amazing SENSO

    These shoes are amazing, bring Wilma's in electric blue and gold to me :)
  • Othea

    Senso RUZZY

    I wore these wedges during this past Allstar weekend in Los Angeles, and forgot that the shoes was 6 1/2 inches with a 1 3/4 platform...whew!!! Can I tell you I now know the ture meaning of AMAZON GODDESS!!! Very comfortable too! Can't wait to see what else SENSO has in store this Spring/Summer!!!
  • Cartier


    I love thses effin shoes! They give me amazing height (I'm 5'2 and look 5'9 with these babies on). The sizing is true to size and they are perfect width. I've gotten so many compliments on these! They look amazing, are super comfortable, and can be worn w anything. I'll be wearing these all Spring and Summer :)
  • Toya

    Love it!

    I adore this shoe, it fits true to size.Its too cold out to wear them but soon as the weather break Im sure I will turn heads!!!!
  • Melissa

    Dream wedge!!

    These are the coolest and sexiest wedges i have ever seen! I was so excited when they arrived today (just in time for the weekend!) and i can not wait to strut my stuff in these babies! They run true to size. I'm a size 8 and they fit me perfect. They are extremely high but surprisingly comfy, once you get the hang of walking in them!... Seriously the raddest wedges i have set my eyes on for a long time. Totally HOT! Thanks once again Solestruck! :) xo
  • Calla

    Ode to Senso.

    Another shoe that the picture led me to believe these might not work for me and yet, here I am with a pair. Very high wedge; quite frightening even though I'm used to Litas. I'm definitely just about on demi-pointe (or just the ball of my foot) in them due to the 4.75" height (Senso, you tease), but that really shoots the arch forward. These shoes will feature a great arch really nicely. The leather takes a little finagling to get it to align on the foot (the inside wants to be higher than the outside on mine) and the ankle IS loose (not just slightly). If you have narrow ankles, you may want to wear socks with these; no amount of tightening seems to affect the upper as it goes right across the ankle bone. I don't have tiny ankles and I'm still experiencing gapping. The sizing is true (I'm an 8.5; ordered a 9, fits perfect) and the laces are fuller than pictured with a great little metal ferrule on them (same as the Saure). I'm sure they'll be a go-to item... once I can get the walking thing down.