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  • brandon

    restock size 10 mens

    Jeffrey Campbell you need to get your brain off woman and more on queens and trannys and people who actually look the Part for your shoes I'm a size 10men's and a size 12 women's so stock up I'm rich and willing
  • Jonnie

    Restock Is Desperately Needed

    I Agree, Where's The Size 13? I Literally Have Been Dreaming Of These Shoes Since I First Saw Them.
  • Anonymous

    What's going on, really?

    The reviews for these shoes seem pretty great - Except for the most recent. I have contacted customer service twice in the past four months. The first time I was told that they would be in stock within a month or two. Three weeks ago I was told that they had "been re-ordered and should be in any day now." The status of these heavenly heels seem quite uncertain. Although customer service is doing their best - I don't believe they should be releasing hopeless information. I will, however, be purchasing a pair of the Lita Man whenever they come back in stock, but I am sincerely disappointed with the amount of time it has taken after being told to expect them at a sooner date.
  • Anonymous

    I never thought I'd see myself wearing heels until I got SEXY
  • JD

    omg! restock!

    ive been visiting this site just to see if my size has come in... pleace jc! make my dreams come true once and for all! restock to size 13 please!
  • Anonymous

    Please Restock!!

    I agree with James. Pre-order would be awesome! Please restock asap!
  • James

    High Demand

    Obvi these shoes are in high demand. Could you throw us a life line here and put them on pre-order or something? I just need some kind of confirmation that these will be in my life within the foreseeable future. Please, and thank you.
  • David


    I've been waiting for like, ever to see my size 13 show up on here, PLEASE get them in before i die. thanks.
  • Gemini


    Please restock these, like, yesterday! I really need the in my life please!!!
  • Damien


    It would be REALLY f*cking awesome if these were restocked at least once before im in a retirement home. I've waited like 2 years for litas in my size and these are never restocked, but somehow theres always a million other new styles of shoes being released. It's beyond annoying.
  • Leo

    Surprisingly awesome

    This is my first pair of heels. I wear shoes like Vans and Cydwoqs, with no heel elevation at all. Suddenly going from 5'8" to 6'1" is kind of a mind f--k. I agree that with the chunkiness, the squared-off toe and the boot-style lacing, the Litas have a masculine edge. With a trim black shirt and black jeans, they look great, even if they make my feet look very small. I'm wearing jeans about 4" too long, which makes the 5" heel stealthy but noticeable. I'm surprised how comfortable they are and how quickly I am getting used to them. The high heel actually feels kind of awesome. My toes are getting a little squished, but I'm used to shoes with lots of room in front. They are true to size, and maybe run a little big. I wear a 10.5 in Vans and the Men's 10 (Women's 12) in the Litas seems just right.
  • Jessica Lippin

    Lita Man

  • martin

    love love love the lita man!

    these are the sexiest shoes evah! they're really easy to wear too, and comfortable enough to wear all night long! the chunky platform balances out the heel perfectly, both in terms of looks and practicality. i got the black distressed style; the leather is beautifully soft and supple, and i'm sure it'll age well too; they look and feel like a realy well made pair of shoes. i usually wear a uk11/eu45, and chose to buy a lita man size 11 (the sole is labelled 45). the fit is a tiny bit snug, but on the other hand there's no slip around the heel, and my foot doesn't slide down either, so i'd say the sizing is probably just about perfect! shipping to the uk was fast and free; the only hold up was (no) thanks to uk customs :( all in all, the lita man is AWESOME! big, big, BIG thanks, the damned and solestruck! the only problem is that i want more now!
  • scott

    hott heels for men, at last

    Great looking shoes. Comfortable,fit true to size. Heels Feel like 3" with platform, easy to walk in or stand in. If you have confidence and style and are ready to join the trends seen on the runways, as a man, you Need some great high heeled shoes. These look very much masculine, and attract great attention. I wear these a LOT. Want as many styles for men as possible by JC with heels this height, or higher. Thanks for these shoes
  • Cherry

    Big Female Feet

    I am a size 11 women's and I almost got a size 11 Lita spike but something swayed my decision to this pair after a month long debate. I have a horrible history with shoes. I have wide feet, just like my father and my large size doesn't help either. I ordered these in size 9, they came to my house in Canada within a week. I LOVE THEM. I have only worn them inside the house for about an hour but being a heavier girl as well, I have never been a fan of high shoes let alone pretty ones. My feet have discouraged me from shoe shopping but THESE SHOES make me feel confident again. THey fit like a dream.
  • Danielle

    The Damned Is AWESOME !

    Ahhhhh , JC must of invaded my dreams creating this brand for us fashionistas that were made a little larger. My shoes just arrived and are on my feet as I type. They're AMAZING ! The distressed detailing is beautiful. I recommend to ALL.
  • sj

    hott hott hott

    Better than any shoes I have ever had. The high heel style but also with a great masculine fit and unisex look is amazing. Have wanted these for a long time. Thanks
  • sj

    better than I could have hoped

    This is one amazing looking shoe!!! If you have personal style, go for it. The heel is completely fantastic and the fit is great. True to size. I am really happy with these shoes and will be looking for more styles. A real confident man has no problem wearing these.
  • Brian


    Where are the larger sizes?
  • anonymous


    OMG guys those are just AMAZIN' I've been looking for heels for so long and specially because i'm a size 12 so it's not always pretty good looking and most of the time super expensive but those are just unbelievable ! cheap and pretty and so comfortable !!!! I'm just waiting for more choice !! !because trust me I want more and i'm probably not the only one !!!!!!