Pyr St Man

BY The Damned


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  • Lawrence

    Love these hot shoes!

    Thse shoes are totally hot --- especially for men. Just wish I could find some of the more unusual colors.
  • Anonymous


    i need these!
  • elana del ray


    amazing purchase. I was the center of compliments/attention wherever i went, and the shoes fit perfectly. Loved going to shows and concerts in them and even wore them to work. I highly advise not to walk outdoors in these shoes for extended time periods because i wore the heel down to a stub.Other than that, i was very satisfied and i'm buying my second pair as we speak!
  • Stephen


    No surprises. Spikes dont fall out, they don't rust, the shoe isn't heavy, etc. It fit SUPER snug at first, but as I wore them they've now become rather spacious. Perfect for clubbing, and accidentally slicing people's ankles open
  • Dae DAe


    OK, so this shoe is amazing. I get compliments from everyone everywhere. Black, white, gay or straight, everyone says this shoe is fierce! Of course everyone can not "rock" this shoe....a great sense of confidence and style is needed. When it is done right....this shoe is such a hit!
  • Henry

    This shoe is great. No unexpected surprises. I've worn them in the rain (probably not the best idea), ran in them on asphalt and danced in them at a trashy bar, and aside from pouring vodka soda on top, they remain clean and dirt doesn't accumulate between the spikes. Very satisfied. I typically run 10.5, but size 10 in these fit just fine.
  • Charleston Parks

    Conversation Piece

    I have the shoes in black and they are AWESOME! Of course they run small so I knew to order a 9. (I'm a true 8) Tried them on the day they came in and they fit like a glove. I'm pleased with everything about the shoe. Genius idea for them to make the insides of the shoe studded to reduce chance of scraping. Be prepared to be stopped and stared at in public if wearing these. People always ask, "Why do you wear or like those shoes?". My response is always a simple, "Because I knew people like you would ask questions."
  • Connor


    These shoes are so amazing - The only things that I dislike is that they don't fit true to size. I am a men's 13 and I ordered a 13, but they are small on me and they are a European 46, where as I am a 48. Also the leather is not of high quality and within one short trip to the grocery store I had a scuff on each shoe.
  • Tatum

    Amazing shoe... is now my favorite

    I love this shoe.. it is absolutely amazing... I own several pairs ofshoes..but honestly.. this has become my favorite.. I got a 10.. I probably need a 10.5.. the run a little small.. but they are still comfortable..and i know an 11 would be too big..I recommend these shoes for any man who wants to be cutting edge, and fashion forward
  • Ernesto meneses

    I don't know what to do?

    Ive never ordered anything online before . And when I received the shoe I was really into them . I tried them on . They were tight. ;/. I wore them once out to see if they would stretch. Nothing. I relize I've worn them once out so i can't return them for a bigger size ,One size up would be perfect. :( or can I ,. I'm really bummmmmmed. . Please get back to me on what to do. ?
  • Chris

    Its okay

    Well first I got the shoe in red,umm they look a lil messy to me,i feel like it could of been more put together,it feels like a rushed design,and I know this is a girly shoe but whats up with the pink box,am a boy,but i mean the shoe is awsome,but still feels like they didnt try to make the shoe at its best quality,overall solestruck customer service is great.Comfort level 1 - 10,its a 6,unif hellraisers,are way more comftable...its definately a buy, but i did expect more on the quality
  • b$

    Damned if you don't

    Great shoe overall, came to me with a few spikes already fractured off, but I did not want to deal with a return process, they are so cool, little arch support so I would recommend an insole, and they seemed to run a tad bit small. Overall a killer shoe, red socks and a skinny black suit complete the look
  • Ashley

    poke me again!

    I LOVE LOVE this shoe! The studs are a fierce! And they thought of everything seeing as how the inner studs are flat to avoid spike friction! I have the Red Silver ( the color is almost the exact orangy hue that is in the picture) They do fit a bit narrow so make sure if you are on the brink of a size you go up for a wider fit. I am usually a US10-11 (woman) and I bought a US 9 in this shoe and it fits amazingly!
  • anonymous

    this shit is hawt!
  • Leah B

    Runs True, super cute

    I'm secretly glad that these don't come in smaller sizes *laughs evilly*. oh wait... Anyway! I'm a women's size 12 and I ordered a men's 11. They fit great if not a LITTLE big. I can wear socks with these just fine. The shoes read 44 on the bottoms if that makes any difference.