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  • erinn

    looks badass but...

    These are amazing looking but seriously, I got THE WORST blister ever when my sock slipped too far down in the shoe. & I had only walked across a long street (why I couldnt stop to pull up said sock) and it TORE up my heel so I walked the rest of the way barefoot. :( So Im not sure what else to say about them cause i know they need more breaking in but Im scared to wear them again.
  • Shaniquah


    I absolutely love it.
  • Skylure

    Love it, but needs a lot of breaking in

    I ordered this in a size 7 when i usually wear a 6.5, and although it fits (not with thick socks!) its just snug enough to have given me significant blisters on their first use. But they are becoming softer, and some leather lotion and a stretcher will definitely aid that. They are very narrow as well, good if you have high arches. I really love them, the perfect platform boot. Another thing is that the sole is quite squishy, like a platform flip flop. It was a bit alarming and bouncy (im used to rubber or wood), but now its actually very nice and they dont make you break your ankle on uneven ground like a hard platform would.
  • Rebecca

    Look nice but run really small!

    Nothing to criticize as far as the shoe's looks go - just a solid, chic platform boot for stomping around the city. However, it runs really small, not "slightly small"! I usually fit 6.5-7 perfectly, and I got an 8. My feet fit, but only just! The right side fits perfectly, but the left one is slightly tighter. I think it might loosen with a few wears, though, as the leather is quite stiff on the toe as typical of boots (it's quite soft and flexible on the ankles, though).
  • anonymous

    they're adorable

    I love these kicks. They're comfortable, but they run a lil small. I recommend a size up. Other than that, love them.
  • Kelly

    Too Narrow

    These shoes are too narrow. I bought a size 10 then realized they were to tight so I exchanged them for a size 11. The sized 11's were still to tight. I walked in these shoes for a few hours and was in terrible pain from them. When I took them off the shoes they had rubbed my heel so bad that a large piece of skin fell off and left a really huge red sore behind. Now I cant wear anything on my feet without experiencing enormous amounts of pain. I'm sore and walking around like I'm crippled in one leg. Its been 2 weeks and I'm constantly applying bandages and neosporin twice a day. Im so sad cause I love these shoes but they were made poorly.
  • Emm


    These are even more beautiful in person! However, they run small (lengthwise+they are on the narrow side). I normally wear 8.5-9 and the 9's were very tight. A 10 would have been a perfect fit, however I couldn't wait so I got them stretched by a shoemaker and it did the job!
  • dani d.

    announcing... these are rad!

    love these boots. i bought them because i needed a great every-day shoe for the fall/winter that wasn't as BORING as all the other boots out there. these will certainly do the trick! i was a little skeptical when i first got them because they felt really tight on my feet and they were so stiff-looking... and honestly seemed kind of cheep quality for the price. but after a few wears they've become really comfortable and with wear they're looking less frankenstein too. i especially love that although they have the platform and a creeper-look, they don't look clunky... they're actually pretty chic! i'm a perfect 7.5 and i bought the 8.
  • Pippi

    I was excited to get this shoe and it did show up timely, but unfortunately it runs small and does not fit. I would order up a size.