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  • Clare

    Buy at least a size up

    I'm glad I read the reviews about sizing before buying these-- I am normally a size 8.5-9, bought a size 10 of these, and they fit perfectly! They obviously needed a little breaking in but I love the style and have gotten a ton of compliments on these. I got the reflective grey color, and they look awesome under fluorescent and black lights. The height isn't ridiculous either, they're very wearable in many situations. I am very happy I bought these!
  • Ozzy

    Even with it fitting small, love them. Hoping they will stretch out a bit at the toes then they'd be perfect.
  • Ozzy

    Small like everyone says but super super cute. Gonna see if I can stretch them out just a bit because they are only a little too snug.
  • Jeff

    Despite the fact they're run so small, the shoes are incredibly beautiful. When it arrived I couldn't get them off my feet because I wanted to know if the small size would be an issue while I'm walking. Considering the consistence of the material maybe they'll get a little bit bigger once I wear them more often. If you're planing on buying those, you should definitely pick a whole size bigger than what you usually wear.
  • Sarah


    I bought these during the last day of the Pre-Black Friday sale. I really like the shoes and wanted to buy them, but was more than a little hesitant after reading the reviews. DEFINITELY size up. I took a risk and bought size 8 when I normally wear a 7. My toes touch the ends, and it isn't what I would normally consider comfortable, but it's bearably snug. This said, the shoe fits WIDE. Most definitely not narrow. I have a good gap on either side of my foot, but I can wear socks with them so it's not quite as bad as one might think. Another somewhat disappointing feature is the synthetic upper. The color is a not as pastel as the picture, but I don't mind, considering that when bright, photography studio lights are on, everything looks a bit bleached. What kind of disappointed me was the quality of the material. The pink holographic is a thin, crease-y, foam layer. I have to struggle to get my foot in the shoe, causing the fabric to creak and groan, so much so that I worry I will eventually rip it or tear the stitches, and when my foot is in i have an excess of wiggle room on the sides. Pros: I got a good deal on sale, they look cute, pretty lightweight, stay on well (considering the sizing) Cons: Sizes are seriously small, shoe is wide, the synthetic upper is not as high of quality as I would like it to be
  • Kelsee

    Riduculously small

    I love UNIF shoes but I'm getting really sick of their issues with sizing. I wish I had read the reviews before buying these during the pre-black friday sale. I'm normally a 6.5 so I sized up to a 7. They're so small its painful, I thought I could suck it up but they feel like they'll cause permanent damage to my toes. The fact that I would have to size up almost 2 whole sizes is so ridiculous. I have other UNIF shoes that fit perfectly at a size 6! I'm really sad, I guess I'm going to have to sell them since they were final sale.
  • Ash

    Ridiculous sizing.

    Brought this in an 11 and it was insanely tight fitting and the material had no give to it to make the fit any better. It could fit my friend who is a 8.5!!! That is way too big a size difference.
  • Carmelita

    Ugh. Shoes definitely run a WHOLE size small.. A 7 is pretty much a size 6. Now I have to retun the 7 and get an 8.
  • Allina

    Run about 2 sizes small

    Normally a 7.5, ordered a 9 and they still run about a half size small! However, contrary to what the site says, they fit wide (well, I have slim feet but not super narrow ones)!
  • Minnie

    fits at least 1size small!

    Definitely size up a size! I am normally a 8 and got a 9 and it fits perfectly and still touches my toes! quite comfy and stable