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  • Anonymous

    These shoes are amazing to wear, amazing to look at and amazing quality. The review below was probably not taking goo care of them at all! I work in the city and I wear them EVERY weekend and I've had them since they first came out. They are STILL in top condition. Sexiest shoes and I just bought mermaid pink, and I'm going to sooon buy indigo!!
  • ruby-jean


    the most comfortable shoe EVER! feels better than walking in flats i'm in love. if you are a fan of the Lita and aren't afraid to take it one step further definitely try these puppies out!
  • Shanna

    Hail Hellbound!

    Looks amazing, feels even more so. The leather is TOP quality, no scuffing and feels perfectly velvety. Comfortable on the arch and hugs foot, I went up to a 7 from my normal 6.5 and it was perfect. Not too much heel thanks to the platform, easy to walk in and a lot of ankle support so no wobbly rolling ankle feeling. Three different lace colors, all look amazing. The hardware ( hooks and zippers ) feel sturdy and I have had no real issue with them so far. Only cons, takes a moment to put on or take off because of the foot hugging fit just unzipping isn't enough. The laces are a tad fragile, sometimes the hooks can fray at laces which is sad. I love my JC Litas but the Hellbounds are hard to be beat right now.
  • Chivahn

    LOVE the Pink Hellbounds!

    Love the pink Hellbounds. BUT YOU SHOULD KNOW - in the photo they look bubblegum pink. They're not. They're neon highlighter pink.
  • Laura w


    I'm DYING to buy these babies but am a little unsure about what size to buy . . . I wear a 6.5 in JC litas (which fit perfectly) so im not sure wether to go for a 6 or 7. With that being said i'd much rather spend some time breaking a pair in than having a loose fitting boot. Do you think I could get away with a 6? Help a gal out ladies? Needless to say I am IN LOVE with this boot and can't wait to get my greedy little hands on them!!
  • Nadia-Francina

    My favourite shoe!

    These are like the Jeffrey Campbell Lita on speed. Thicker, higher (at least, they feel it), edgier! They have the grip on the soles, making them feel a whole lot sturdier to walk in, which says a lot because the Lita's are already pretty easy to walk in, IMO. There are only two things I can say against them, first, I was worried the lace eyelets would come off, they haven't yet, but I have come online and found some reviews where people have said that theirs have. Second, this isn't even a big deal at all, they lace up and they have a side zip but, because these are made to hug the foot, you still have to unzip AND unlace to put them on/remove them. So you can't just leave them laced up and pull the zip to take them off... But, as a whole, an amazing shoe. I can wear them for a very long time and have walked fairly big distances in them without discomfort. My favourites!
  • Celeste

    Good looking, BAD QUALITY!!!

    I wore these shoes three times and four of the lace eye rivets have fallen off. I love the way these shoes look but the quality is really bad. From now on i'll NEVER CHEAT ON JEFFREY CAMPBELL AGAIN!
  • anonymous

    How comfortable you ask???

    If you are already sporting 3-4in heels, and walk great in them....these hellbounds will be a breeze! It feels like you're wearing a 2-3in heel but there's so much support in many different aspects. First off, it's a boot so it hugs your ankle, the heel is chunky, the ice-skate laces help customize fit, and last of all...the bottom is intensely ridged which helps combat unpaved sidewalks, hills, and slick areas. You'll just be up higher than normal, the only thing you have to learn/get used to is how much ATTENTION you'll be getting. Boys and girls will be making comments left and right. The only pain I get is very minimum and on the ball of my foot..probably because I walk too hard in them because I'm not used to the less diagonal dimensions...but this could be easily solved with small gel cushions. I hope that helps!
  • Kiara C.


    I have a question about how comfortable these shoes REALLY are. I know everyone has been saying they're gorgeous(I think so too), and how they are really comfortable. But I wanna know about the TRUE walkability(is that a word? lol) of them. I usually wear a 3-4 inch heel and that's manageable, but I've never worn a 6 inch. I've seen reviews that the front of the shoe is a little narrow...is this a big prob? Will I have to keep looking down as I walk? Am I gonna look like a newborn calf when I walk? Are they pretty stable once you get in some practice? I just wanna make sure before I plop down $245 for them.
  • Alice

    Better than Lita

    I've got to say after two times of walking in them, they are ACTUALLY much MORE comfortable than JC's Lita! (Well, after I have both shoes with cushions in them) I loved these and I'm considering to buy other two colours if I've got enough money! I don't know if this review will be posted or not, but for people out there who loves Lita, you've got to buy a pair of these!
  • Faith


    By far the best platform boots ever. They are ultra comfortable. I alwys get a thrill of when girls make a big deal of what im wearing especially shoes. I'm super short so with these I'm well over 6 foot. I ordered mine from dolls kill which is the cheapest place you can get them. I do recommend sizing down as I did and it fits perfectly. I got a 7.Even though the customs I paid was stupidly high (£60.87) i ordered the leopard ones too. These defo are the gothic sister of the Jeffrey Campbell Litas. These bad babies are defo the business?!!!!
  • bre


    hideous in person, tacky,poorly made not worth the price I don't know what I was thinking buy the JC litas instead unless you need something for halloween
  • Alice


    Size 10 is perfect for me for these badasses. I totally adore these and the moment I got them, I couldn't hold any longer after 9-10 days of waiting, I unboxed the shoebox like a crazy bull no joke. I tried them on instantly as I saw them. At first they look quite small to me, I even had doubts about whether they would fit me or not. The fit me well. Perhaps too well. At that time I was so happy about them, I rate them as a pair of 5 star shoes in my mind. However, after a day of wearing them, I've got to say...something wrong with the left shoe. The slope of the left shoe somehow felt quite different to the other one. The right one felt almost as if it's almost-all-flat platform shoe, the left one didn't feel the same as much...but it's not like that much difference, just a teeny bit difference. I think I'm gonna go and buy a nice cushion for the left shoe. What a burden! :/ So far I've only wore them out once like 8-9 hours, I will wear them again tmr perhaps. http://shinayu.tumblr.com/post/18126197624/ootd-ft-unif-hellbound
  • R A Bee

    Rockstar glory for average mortals

    Where to start with this incredible boot? The look is insane: part gaga glam rock, part sinister hiking boot, part haute couture. They are pretty monstrous and beautiful in person, but highly susceptible to gravity's insidious pull. The platform sole is a tad narrow and it's made of a soft rubber, so you really need to practice and get your walk down. But once you do, they are very comfortable, fit like gloves, and will give you celebrity attitude and altitude. The lace setup is funky because they just hook from the side, so if you loosen the laces, they will unravel completely if you are careless. The side zipper is useless when the shoe is fully laced, but if you undo the first four sets of hooks, you can pop your foot in and out. I do like the laces because they allow the boot to fit snugly, and that helps them walk better. A must-have boot for platform devotees!
  • oddjamiewgkta


    you guys need to come out with size 5 for this shoe, or restock or something!! i neeeed these!! too cute!!!!
  • S.C.

    Daring shoe, poorly made

    I bought these along with some other things at Karmaloop because I had a discount code, but as always, I come to Solestruck to leave reviews. This shoe is a more rugged, more intimidating, and less tired version of the Jeffrey Campbell Lita--similar slope of foot and comfort level. It's quite handsome yet awkward at the same time. They seem to have issues with quality control--my right shoe arrived completely skewed at an angle and I twisted my ankle badly the moment I stood up. (Again, I did NOT BUY THIS PAIR FROM SOLESTRUCK, they are not at fault for sending me a faulty shoe!) The leather stretched over the front platform was totally loose and saggy, not tight and glued down as on the other shoe. Disappointing, as now I have to wait for a return authorization, ship the box, and wait for it to be re-sent. I am receiving a second pair in crimson from Dolls Kill (Solestruck doesn't carry the crimson yet, but I suspect they soon will), so hopefully I can wear these soon.
  • Jessica A.


    Loving these! Not gonna lie I havent worn any sort of heels in ages and well Ive nearly fallen 2x in a day but I have yet to actually go down! They are a bit snug at first but the do loosen up quite a bit after a full days wear. Im an 8.5 and ordered the 9. I noticed they do scuff easily but it adds to the distressed look of the leather.
  • Laura


    Unif, thank you a million times over for this shoe. They look like satan's hooves and I mean that in the most excited way possible. You're a monster with them on, towering 6" above normal. Comfortable for a platform, but definitely not for the faint of heart. Comes with three varieties of laces, each of which holds their own personality. You are indeed hellbound with this shoe, but you'll enjoy the ride:) THANK YOU UNIF. GO BUY THESE SHOES.
  • Alisha


    Fits snug! Easy to walk in, Great quality! Love them :) Full review here: http://princesspinkglitter.blogspot.com/2012/01/unif-hellbound.html
  • Sandy

    Unif Hellbound... there are no words!

    well the second i saw these on facebook i googled them and found more photos... i could not breathe and had to have them right away! they were not available yet so i had everyone on call to let me know when they were up! well let me say these boots are more than i expected and i am a boot w---- ! jeffrey campbell is my bff but these... hate to say it... mr. campbell we gots some competition! gorgeous boot, ever so cool - the little zippers really do the trick and the extra colored laces they come with are adorable although i prob will not use them :) they fit true to size and are... gulp... cooler than litas - ok i said it - im sorry but they are lol. the bottom of the front platform is narrow so one twist and it's over so be careful. all in all i could not live without these. but please dont buy them as i want to be the only one in the world to have them :)