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  • Nadira

    Ode to Clive Barker...

    I've always had my eyes on the Hellraiser but never got it due to 1) reviews keep saying they're a half size large and I'm a US5 I don't know how I would manage and 2) I have JC Skulltinis and Martini Spike that keeps rubbing on my other ankle every time I walk and I imagined the Hellraiser would be more painful. These babies though goes up to the ankle so for someone like me who doesn't have excellent mind-feet coordination is great news! They do fit narrow but length wise I thought they are a couple/few millimeters longer which is easily sorted with thick socks. It's not snug for me around the ankle, quite contrary it's actually spacious. The front ankle side of the left shoe keeps digging in (I think manufacturing error as the right one is perfectly fine) but fixed promptly with those soft gel cushions for shoes. Also, I think the spikes are plastic not metal but does not compromise the beauty of it. I wore them all day and was perfectly fine indoors but I'm not a flatform gal so after a few hours outdoors with there it was a bit tough on the ankles for me but all in all still 5 stars!
  • :)


    I couldn't decided between the hell sea, and the hell seeker, but IM so GLAD I picked these, I didn't want to pay full price for these shoes I was too worried I wouldn't get enough wear out of them for the price, got them on sale but since received them there worth every lil cent, thank you sole stuck!, the shoes are just amazing, very comfortable, massive statement piece in my wardrobe - I could wear a garbage bag and no one would notice what Im wearing as there to busy looking at my shoes, I didn't notice any sizing issues, and didn't have any issues with getting shoe on and off like previous reviews. just in <3
  • Steph

    Love <3

    I was slightly worried about sizing as my foot is a little broader than most, but I went with my usual size and they are just perfect! They are extremely comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time with no problems whatsoever. As mentioned before, it does take a little effort to put the Hellseekers on but it really isn't a big deal. They are a really sturdy boot and are DEFINITELY worth the money. Plus, the spikes are amazing - sharp and shiny >:D
  • Candy Starrs


    Super fun! Can wear with most anything for an edgy look. Thought they might look a bit Frankenstein-ish but they don't - Just cute! I usually wear a Size 6 1/2 and got these in Size 6. Can't wear with a thicker sock sizing down but didn't plan to anyway. For me, they fit fairly snug around the ankle. They don't rub, but can be a bit of a challenge to get on, so I bought a shoe horn to make it easy :D Luv Luv Luv
  • Bee

    Unif is just perf

    These have a very very narrow opening, kind of hard to slip your foot into at first. Once you get them on they are very comfortable and super easy to walk in. They're super cute with leggings and a muscle t. I absolutely love unif, this is the 3rd pair of shoes I own from them and they are always great quality. Totally recommend these xo. I'd give them a 5 out of 5 but the shoe box was really dented and the shoes have very slight damage to the leather where it looks very slightly worn in areas, not a big deal.
  • Dave Tran

    I love these shoes I really do. But I extremely advise you guys to get a size up from what you usually are because they will fit quite tight. I'm usually a size 11 (8-9 mens) so a size 12 wouldve been great for me but unfortunately they only had an 11 which is pretty tight on my foot. It's also kind of hard to put on/ take off. Other than that they look stunning and amazing.