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United Nude began in 1999 when then-architecture student
Rem D. Koolhaas first sketched the iconic Mobius shoe.

Untrained in the art of shoemaking, Rem unknowingly
broke all the rules, immediately establishing a clear
vision for modern innovation. In 2003, Rem's ground-
breaking designs met traditional knowledge and con-
nections in 7th generation shoemaker Galahad Clark,
and a brand was launched.

Using his strong architectural background, Rem has
orchestrated a marriage between industrial design and
fashion resulting in playful but modern shoes that
double as mini-sculptures. Exploring all the possibilities
of movement, colors, and materials, United Nude designs
for the smart and sexy woman. A preference for carefully crafted redesign over reinvention has put United
Nude at the helm of 21st century fashion. The SS '13 collec-
tion is no exception, pushing a clear concept of modern
elegance through unique material combinations
and sculpting cutting edge heels.

  • 1999

    Rem D. Koolhaas first designs the
    Mobius shoe, an innovative design
    using one continuous strip to create
    the heel, sole and base of the shoe.
    The design was rejected by Miuccia
    Prada and Sergio Rossi, both of
    whom urged Koolhaas to pursue his
    own brand.
  • 2003

    After partnering with Galahad
    Clark, United Nude is launched
    as a brand featuring the Mobius
    as their first design.
  • 2009

    United Nude launches their
    flagship store in Amsterdam,
    designed by creative director
    Rem D. Koolhaas. Their unique
    store design is meant to show
    case each shoe individually on
    their trademark Wall of Light,
    the only true light source in an
    otherwise dark store.
  • 2010

    Joining forces with sculptural
    designer Iris Van Herpen, a seven
    season long collaboration launches
    in 2010, creating dramatic
    footwear to pair with Van Herpen's
    haute couture.
  • 2011

    Releases the "Lo Res" chair as a
    first step into the larger design
    world outside of fashion,
    building United Nude into more
    than a brand and into a larger
    pursuit of a minimalist aesthetic
  • 2012

    United Nude designs a shoe for
    infamous performance artist
    Lady Gaga, a 12" high stiletto
    boot featuring nude gold men
    scaling the foot. The shoe is a
    nod to the dramatic minimalism
    United Nude pursues in all
    aspects of the brand.


United Nude launches their SS '13 collection, a continuation
of their clear aesthetic but a push forward with bright
colors, sculptural heels, and modern silhouettes.

Spring Summer '13 Collection:

United Nude's SS '13 collection is a nod to their past work but a clear step forward. From leather and rubber
mixing to graffiti laser-cut heels, each shoe is pure art. Their uniquely sculpted figures are minimalist in aes-
thetic while still evoking just the right amount of drama. Undoubtedly classic and elegant, United Nude designs
for the sexy and smart modern woman aiming to bridge the gap between high fashion and street style.

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